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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LEARNING ENGLISH Q&A/ASK ENGLISH TEACHER IN FRANCE

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hello everyone welcome to my wife's room

everyone yes English teacher in France

it's life again here in France how's

everyone doing so right now guys is

actually 3:15 p.m. here in France and

yeah I hope you guys you don't have a

wonderful afternoon everyone that may

just check my camera it looks like okay

so I think it's good now your profile


how are you falling Ireland welcome to

my life stream how are you how are you

pulling Ireland

needs a chef for a second guys so yes

guys so yeah enlistee shrimp France is

the I live again everyone and in today's

live streaming as you can see in the

title this will be this will be all

about learning English Q&A everyone so

yeah it's Q&A if you have questions

about English please feel free to ask

everyone yes so ask English teacher in


Wally Ireland said yes I updated because

I grow a goatee is that your real photo

it's like it doesn't look like you Polly

Ireland it doesn't look like you to be

honest I think you look better without

any beard right I'm not sure if you

agree with me Paul in Ireland it's the

old me yeah yeah yeah yeah

I don't think it's you calling Ireland

you're kidding me right fall in there

love you are kidding me right now so yes

guys if you have any questions about

English please feel free to ask teacher

okay Pauline Ireland yes but a beard is

good in the cold weather in Ireland oh

yeah has it started to snow in your in

your country Paul has it start ha has it

started to actually snow I'm wondering

because here in France well it has been

cold it's very cold but it hasn't really

started you know it hasn't started to

snow but I've seen a lot of my friends

in their places for example in the u.s.

oh my god the snow has actually started

a little bit great vlogs welcome to my

life stream how are you Brook gray blobs

thank you so much for coming

yes guys sit today's live streaming guys

this is just really Q&A about learning

English if you guys have some questions

and things that you want to know you can

actually ask me if you have some

questions related to grandma or what

etcetera you can ask me oh that's great

it's great to see you prepara blogs I

have observed that you haven't been so

active on YT these days are you so busy

at work

Pauline Ireland not yet it is still

sunny but bitterly cold especially with

the windchill oh yeah here the weather

Paul is a it's very disappointing I mean

you know I want to go out and do

something but I can't even if it's cool

you can actually do something outside

but you know when it's ringing oh my god

when it grace I can't really go that

minute I don't like going out when it

rains you know the road is wet and you

need to carry umbrella with you

to where things and stuff like that so

it's really uncomfortable I mean I don't

like it I don't like going out when it's

actually you know rains

I love the rain

but not so much the cold you love the

ring did you hear that

Burke read blogs you love the rain

falling Ireland Wow you love the ring

how can it be possible I mean what's the

thing that you love about rain falling


Jimmy go hello welcome to my live stream

how are you Jimmy go how are you I love

walking in the rain yeah I know Jimmy go

when I watched your suddenly you're gone

that was so quick huh

it was a great content been hiding in

the camera so I didn't behind the camera

Jimmy go I love walking in the rain oh

that's the thing that you love well it

could be great to be honest it could be

great Paul in Ireland too you know don't

walk under the rain especially when

you're holding hands with your lover Wow

romantic isn't it there's eight in

America welcome to my extreme how are

you she she seems so happy guys nurse a

tan America she's laughing

Pauline Ireland if you see my latest

video you will see why okay I'm gonna

check it out later Paul in Ireland

because to be honest I haven't tracked

um your latest video Paul in Ireland

okay yes so I might just check it out


okay and receipt on booze and beliefs

aha okay thank you so much everyone

yes I think nurse ate in America just

did a quick live-streaming yes so well

anyway I guess that was a quick one

which is probably a good content for her

right was that um nurse ate in America

yes guys so anyway everyone for today

what is roomy the scenery I have here on

the Atlantic West Coast is spectacular

oh yeah I'm looking forward to seeing

that I hope you have shared the scenery

in that place where you are yes just a

quick part of us none

yes actually time is so fast everyone

you know I used to go live for like two

hours three hours or more I think that

the longest was four hours before I got

monetized but this day's got these days

guys when I go live and I actually do

you know I actually think that time is

so fast I feel like I don't have enough

when I go live every you understand what

I mean yes it's very fast so anyway guys

if you have some questions related to

English please do so

okay please ask please ask everyone I

will be willing to actually you know

answer your questions guys how about you

proceed Tampa's do you have English

subject in your school Christine campus

or do you study any special what class

related to English of Christine campus

nobody's talking right now uh-huh of

course okay Christine topless so in your

case as a student what can you say about

learning English foreseen Tempest hmm

what can you say about learning English

hello oh well semantics welcome to my

life stream how how's your day okay very

good question oh well by the way

everyone because this is learning

English Q&A everyone so of course always

remember when you ask a question guys

please do not forget to put w to put the

question mark okay yes I was the

Manistee sure how's your day my day has

been very good wholesome s except the

weather which is so freezing so hey

about learning English Christine topless

hello r2bees foreign family welcome to

my livestream Martha kitchen thank you

so much everyone for coming

I will cement everyone so I hope you

guys will be very active in the chatroom

right now because if you were here I'm

in yeah if you had been here yesterday

you know if you had been here yesterday

at my livestream

I actually announced that from today's

live-streaming lattissima is there with

this signal is actually giving levels to

people who are in the chat room so

whoever gets the highest level from

purchasing will everyone will get WH

from English teacher in France so yes

guys so that's how do it how I'm gonna


but with my livestream before Tia in

that way what the sumo is going to give

a level whoever the highest level will

get the WH okay yes yes for these Warren

family everyone has welcomed her she

just actually got back home I think it

was yesterday everyone and I'm so happy

that now she is feeling good right Ruby

sporran family not not least feeling

better because she's at home now write a

ruby spline family I was Jennifer thank

you so much for coming welcome i Bella's

Jennifer how are you our wealthiness

it looks like nobody wants to ask

question about English Christine town

boys what is Wow Christine Tempest you

did not answer the the question of

teacher Christine samples huh come I

receive samples what do you think about

learning English in your keys as a

student what can you say about it Ruby's

boring families that said families that

said still a bit in pain but I can do it

okay I was Jennifer I can see you later

because of the guards outside uh-huh

receive samples you're seeing laughing

right now big shout out to Marcus rish

an Appaloosa Jan thank you so much for


hello there how are you I will cement

okay so I think everybody here in the

chat room right now actually know each

other right so yes guys I hope we can

have some students or people who are

actually interested in learning English

or people who can have questions about

English guys so

yeah like that we will be able to wear I

will be able to answer questions if I


as much as I can I will okay yes no

problem say service formally please take

arrest seized ahem would they signal oh

that's great a nurse in America I am if

I have time later I can call you because

there but anyway you can explore my bit

if you if you have time there are

actually things that you need to set in

order for purchasing what to just do it

in the chat so but you also need to add

with the same winners eight in America

as your moderator before it can actually

appear in the chat room okay

hi David grocery welcome to my live

stream David Roger how are you so yes

guys be mcgrill journalist welcome

well David Roger you are not really made

okay you're not late how long have I

been like oh we've been live guys for

like 13 minutes now thank you so much

everyone for being here so they could

Road your how are you have you got any

question related to English

David Roger it's been a long time David

Broder and now you're back here with a

live stream a lot of the guys hi Ruby

you feel better now

welcome back yes guys thus welcome

Ruby's foreign family everyone and once

again I would like to announce to all of

you here and that would be sporran

family just got monetized maybe three

days ago guys she got monetized while

she was in the hospital everyone so yes

guys so that's how amazing you know

being a white decorator suddenly there's

a surprise when you are not feeling good

anyway that's just one thing the Federal

Reserve is a yes no problem verse 8 in


every rule hello t-shirt good night to

you I discipline yes okay thanks so much

wandering world have a wonderful evening

thank you so much yes guys so anyway if

you guys have questions please feel free

to ask okay and I would like to request

everyone to me from today guys Oh tea

sure really very strict yes guys I would

like to make everyone you know try to

ride only English how about that

yes writing only in English guys is it

possible yes it's possible but anyway if

you're not comfortable you can write of

any language that you like but I would

rather appreciate it if you write in

English yes yes thank you so much

wandering rural well then I want for

your thumbs up no question everyone um

you know who is that Christine temple

you haven't answered the question

receive campus you have not answered the

question Christine campus


I'm just using my cell phone okay that's

very good wandering world no problem are

you still in Philippines right now

wandering world are you still in

Philippines Racine Tampa said I'm shy at

the cafe no there's no need you know no

need to be shy

Kristine campus you need to be confident

you know specially in learning a foreign

language guys when you are learning a

foreign language specially English

everyone being shy doesn't help at all

okay in order to be you know learning a

certain language fast you actually need

to be confident because you know it

helps a lot

it really helps a lot Jane and they love

hello how are you Dean and they love

Jane and they blog are you okay let me

check J and they love do you actually

have a content let me see oh you have

okay Jane and blog guys is actually new

to YT so Jane and Dave vlog teachers

Bhatt is going to your it's going to

check your video okay you've got live

stream here only for less than two

minutes not interesting Z then they vlog

okay teachers but okay I'm gonna right

here hello everyone hello everyone hello

everyone so this is teacher guys

teachers BOTS

hello everyone don't hesitate to ask

questions about English okay

white family welcome to my livestream

how are you the white family vitami jane

and they've vlog where are you from jane

and a vlog jane and they've loved i

think your husband is a foreigner and

you are from philippines right

jane and a vlog so uh integers bought is

going to check your it's going to check

your livestream which is less than we

just less than two minutes actually

chain and a vlog okay

yes so chain and a vlog very short so

this is the english teacher in france

teachers but okay all right okay that's

it let's see who is in the chat work

right now the white family the white

family where are you from the white


let me check so guys i'm actually using

my phone right now for my live streaming

so yeah i'm just gonna check your

channel by using teachers but okay the

white family vlogs okay you have your

autumn walk not don't walk the white

family the white family where are you

now arguing Philippines or in another

country because your husband is pouring

you're right the white family great to

see you here thank you so much for being



okay let's check it here okay so I've

seen your awesome walk so I'll just

leave it running the white family and

Trish's motivational moment hello how

are you - it's just what to beat in a

moment how are you I was stressed you

take a rest for B so that you can have

your live streaming soon according to a

well Cygnus yes that is right oh well

that is right

UK oh the white family is in the UK

right now that's great so you are not in

Philippines so that means your husband

is British right Wow British so I guess

you have started speaking like British

now the white family

am I correct yes Jane Jane and a vlogger

hi everyone you are very welcome to like

family vlogs first the sensational

moment okay so actually guys all right

so we have their bit too soon

so I hope you guys will be very active

in the chat room because yes English


this is kind of what rule actually

starts today everyone say a boys t-shirt

in France every time she goes live

she actually has with discipline her

chatroom okay and what this table is

going to give level to everyone in the


okay yes so as an English teacher of

course I love to give a level to my

students so if you guys gonna get the

highest level I will actually choose for

people who will get the highest level in

the chatroom according to Buddhism oh

okay but the same is going to give

levels to you guys so if you get the

highest level for people who get the

highest level are actually going to get

three WH from English teacher in France

say what do you think about it mm-hmm

yes guy said that's it

every time I go live that's gonna be the

rule okay yes I know you are very

welcome okay

the wife family vlog said I love the way

you talk very posh very posh okay thank

you so much the white family vlog though

anyway guys so yeah

this live streaming is actually about

learning English Q&A okay so if you guys

have questions about learning english

please don't hesitate to ask English

teacher in France

everyone yes guys who was that level in

the chat room I think what this emo

hasn't given any level to the people in

the chatroom right zesty food hello good

afternoon here in France I see food good

morning to you Tricia's motivational

moment is laughing out loud why Tricia

why are you laughing Tricia huh how are

you is that the food so yes guys because

you know I also want to help my

co-creators yes not just you know when I

go live I I don't want to just focus in

English I also want people to have fun

enjoy and

I also want to you know help those

creators to actually need some more you

know WH question three shows

motivational moment you are so funny

English really am i funny Trisha

motivational moment oh I think that

sounds the positive right Trish this

motivational moment yes guys being a

t-shirt sometimes you need to be funny

everyone but not funny all the time

because you might look ridiculous you

know but you know you need to have the

humor okay being humorous is actually

one of the characters which an English

t-shirt should have I don't know if you

agree with me but yes this is my opinion

that people would said I am good great

to hear that Trish does motivational


yes it's positive okay great to hear

that Trish this motivational moment so

how's everything how's everything going

at Trish's observational moment I always

see you go live your shows motivational

moment but when you go live I am outside

or I am in bed or not doing something so

I just really you know I just really

drop by every time I have a chance okay

One Ring Road goodnight teacher and to

all yes good night

one ring Earl thank you so much for

dropping by

Trisha said it's going pretty good so


oh great to you that Trish's

motivational moment nari go bleak hello

how are you nari goalie dice neri goalie

is actually from Germany okay yes it's

fun Germany and we I think um the wife

family it's finished okay the white

family October walk is finished the

white family your autumn walk is

finished so teacher is bought okay

teachers but has watched your autumn

walk okay

nary Gulf Lake is also here the Jean and

they've loved

but already finished watching your less

than two minutes live streaming uh-huh

so let's check the seafood guys what he

has what he know what she had so

actually of course she has a lot of food

in her channel but you know I want to

know if there is something new about her

channel it's really interesting you know

how you write the name something like

that that's the food you should actually

teach me how to do that in the future is

that it would you know that you're

writing like it's really a real you're

writing but I think it's application or

something like that okay so you know you

haven't got a new video this is just one

page celebration I'm already seeing that

no new video yet okay

that's the food guys is actually if I if

my memory is right

she is from Pakistan right zesty food

she's from Pakistan guys and she

actually shows some recipes in her

channel you are very welcome nari garlic

no problem nurse ate in America thank

you so much everyone for being here so I

hope you guys can actually be very

active yes no problem nurse aide in

America active in the chatroom guys so

what the single can give you the level

the highest level everyone yes so anyway

nobody has given any question related to

English it sounds like everybody shy to

ask don't be shy everyone in learning

English we should never be shy everyone

never be shy see me go thank you so much

sorry guys give me a second

um david broder said oh it means to say

very it means to say everyone should be

silent right david broder david ruler

cannot ask the question David Rohl sure

about English I know that you told your

guys this actually America and of course

he is the native speaker so he actually

doesn't need to learn English but you

know I am very pleased I am so happy

that you know he always spends time here

at my live streaming and I think he can

actually help me answer answer you know

answer questions in case you have some

questions about learning English I'm

pretty sure as a native speaker David

Roger can also share his thoughts about

you know learning English the white

family thank you teacher you are very

welcome to white pham teacher Russel

teacher Russell is here everyone that's

welcome another teacher yes guys teacher

Russell hello beautiful teacher hello

hello beautiful teacher as well as well

as well you are also beautiful pristine

why are you fluent 212 English teacher

uh-huh maybe you have to say why you

have to say Christine why are you fluent

act speaking English all right so you

have to ask that way why are you fluent

act speaking English okay why am i full

and at speaking English that's a very

good question

Christine samples well receive tacos

being a teacher being an English teacher

we need to be actually a model to our

students yes so this one of the

qualifications in order to become an

English teacher but how did I actually

how did I actually you know become

fluent at speaking English well the best

answer to that's actually practice you

know practice makes perfect and expose

yourself to a

speaking people thus the these are the

two things that I always recommend to my

students everyone you know always

practice and expose yourself expose

yourself to English speakers and any

material where you can act which can

actually give you a chance to speak

English for example you watch English

movies and try to follow how they speak

you know and you can read books reading

books can actually improve your

vocabulary Bank everyone yes teacher

Rockville I wanna sleep early tonight so

sleepy because of last night

oh my god yes you have to go to sleep

teacher Russell thank you so much for

dropping by anyway

you are very very welcome precinct up

with no problem Christine chuckles okay

being a student it is normal to actually

make mistakes okay yes so who's got a

level here Oh Christine Thomas got level

one now Christine Tom class and teacher

Russell got level one okay so I hope

someone is going to get the highest

level will ever get the highest level

everyone from what system all will

actually get WH from English teacher in

France okay so I hope you guys will be

very active in the tap room because

Buddhism is there and but this thing is

going to give you level everyone so

whoever gets the highest level ten

minutes before the end of my string

everyone for people

I'm gonna give you WH question hello

Imelda Imelda Perez welcome to my life's

dream Imelda Paris so you know that per

se sure but is going to check you out

okay Milda Paris this is seeker okay

this is teachers but she's going to

check you out in all the Paris I think

let me check if she has content I think

he you are connected to English teacher

in France yeah

already but features but wants to check

what's your new thing Oh two hours ago

you have your easy swim projects to sell

at craft fair

uh-huh so let's check this out okay guys

so you know that Paris is already many


Wow congratulations imelda Paris thank

you for coming so I'll just leave it

open another Paris and Nancy for life

hello everyone hello Nancy for life how

are you by Vanessa for life you are in

America as well right Nancy for life

where are you from we have been

connected I know but you know I've met a

lot of people at the live streaming

Nancy for life and to be honest I easily

forget especially if you are not often

here at my live streaming I easily

forget where you are from because you

know we've met a lot of different people

yes not Nancy for life where are you

from Disher Russell a great teacher use

English every day so true that's the

only way in order to become fluent at

using the English language everyone

practice makes perfect

that means to say when you say practice

practice does it mean only reading by


practice mean opening your mouth you

open your mouth using English yes that's

the best way everyone Jane and they vlog

hello okay peanut in Sweden hello what

happy night in Sweden how are you my

dear subpoena you sweatin guys is

actually from Sweden as well gorge is

the Filipina and she's in Sweden now um

Jane hi ok so everyone is greeting

greeting to each other

WH question hehe yeah mr. Russell WH you

know what I mean if you're her creator

you really know what WH is right yes why

girl ah thank you so much for coming so

teacher Bob is going to check mark right

law guys record love is also already won

everyone and also an airy Golf Lake Mary

goalie is wetting money ties yes so

let's check out let me see it's finished

okay not yet

oh it's a this is a premier email de

Paris okay

now David Rogers said I want level five

only over only ever got four wow that's


favorite Bolger I hope lattissima is

going to give you level five

today David Roger so that means to say

you need to be more active in the chat

room right now

David rotor yes David Roger

um okay great for blogs let's see but

nary globally I already saw her mean one

so this robot is going to check progress

blog okay quick vlog has winter New

England okay all right teacher bought

guys is the English written Frances

assistant okay

he sure has assistant now interesting


okay in Oh Mary Florida but no and did

her streaming why Mary floor and Vietnam

one green wine excuse me for a second

everyone Oh easy swing project oh this

very skillful Imelda Paris and Parker up

Slough wearing sleeveless while you know

outside with us no interesting don't you

feel cold cracker blocks all right let

me check the chat room right now B night

in Sweden okay Imelda Perez ed I'm here

to improve my English

that's very good amount of Paris and I

hope you will be very you know you will

be very how can I say you will be very

interested in asking questions about

learning English Imelda parents Tricia's

motivational moment listening while

working oh my god you are amazing

Trish's motivational moment no problem

please actually focus and working Tricia

ok Tricia the white family loves the

sure blah teachers but everyone that's

my assistant ok teacher has assistant

yes guys he sure has assistant grease

and an attorney hello hello crease and

Emmas really how are you we have a lot

of friends here guys so we're actually

ready money ties we have Mariga lake

Imelda Perez Krishna's motivational

correct right vlogs nurse ate in America

Chris and Anna's journey oh my god guys

most of the people here are actually you

know monetize already hello Jennifer

abalos no problem big shout out to you

David Rohde you said I find what this

symbol is a disruption Wow what I David

Rogers it's not a distraction at all

David Roger because you know sometimes

maybe like I will miss some of the

people's messages and I won't be able to

welcome them all well for now not really

a lot that's why I asked what this thing

would to welcome everyone who comes yes

David Broder Marcus rish is driving

because she's dropping kids at school

thank you so much Marcus rich Chris and

I was really hello welcome to my wife's

room Chris and Anna's journey guys

another monetize friend of ours be nice

for the listing well hand wash my

clothes op9 in Sweden

do you actually wash your clothes by

hand that's very good because actually

guys if you know when you wash clothes

I'm wondering which you prefer guys

using the machine or with your hands

because actually guys when it comes to

all of having having our laundry very

clean I prefer using hand you know but

with the machine is not really perfect

and it also actually damages our clothes

I mean you know stretches and stuff like

that you know that Paris shout out to

all we can speak more than one language

yes and all the Paris can you speak any

other languages except English of course

your Filipina yes and your husband is

foreigner and meld up Paris micro melded

Paris is the one in the UK oh no no in

the UK is the white family market


where are you not lovely Paris and all

the Paris

is actually oh it's finished you were

easy sewing projects Imelda Paris is


winter in New England not yet finished

okay so in all the Peres these mean ie

sweating can speak Swedish before she

can speak English you can speak Filipino

and yours truly everyone can speak

English of course because I'm an English

teacher and I can speak Filipino as well

and a little bit of French

everyone yes I speak French a little

because I have to okay I didn't learn

French because I love it I learn French

because I have to david broder takes

away attention from the chat when all I

want to do is true with appropriate then

interesting David well I've got two

books here

David wrote drive that teacher is bought

and I also have with two similar ok yes

be naive sweating I can speak Messiah

mandarine I know that and a little bit a

rabbit seriously benighted sweating you

speak a lot of languages Wow

this very skillful of you so Mel de

Paris is level one now okay let me

describe your levels before I forget

because maybe but this summer it's not

going to give a number level only level

one imelda Paris yes Mel de Paris and

you also have let me check well got

level here level level one we also have


Nessie for live TV got level one uh no

not madness for Marty best teacher

Russell did you Russell

and we also have pristine campus we're

seeing topless got level one from booty

single and Ellis got a level one I think

it's really okay alright so now what is

level one it's a very big question in

Mel de Paris level one about the Paris

it's just your level on you know how

active you are in the chat room yes and

if you become more active in the chat

room lattissima is actually going to

give you more level and whoever gets the

highest level today for people everyone

they are going to get wh from English

teacher in France Marcus rich said I'm

level zero thank you so much Mary gobbly

teachers but is going to watch one of

your videos never public as well there

we go click uh-huh uh what a real okay

I've already seen this but teachers but

not yet there we go like so teachers

what is going to check your white

Christmas why Christmas

so yes guys if you have questions about

learning english please don't hesitate

to ask okay please don't go Wow here we

go Blake

okay winter almost finished even where

we now oh goody like booty David Roger

as mere haaziq hello welcome to my

livestream as near Hans day as near

God's sake um what do you think about

speaking English or learning English as

mere Mazak I think I'm not sure correct

me if I'm wrong I think you are from a

country I'm not sure are you from a

country which is actually

english-speaking country as mere honzik

Genevieve and Lehrer blogs

oh no problem Genevieve a Lehrer blogs

so maybe the bell icon has been trained

off Genevieve a lyric vlog so you just

need to actually check it out okay

thank you so much Genevieve enira blogs

Jimmy go receive Tom was said English is

difficult to learn English English is

difficult to learn teacher also receive

samples in asking the question you

should say is English is English

difficult to learn Oh

is English difficult to learn teachers

uploaded a video on how to ask a

question is English difficult or teacher

so it should be this way

Christine tempest okay that's a very

good question

Christine Campus receive town but it's

asking is English difficult to learn

teacher well Christine time closes

nothing is easy to learn everything is

actually you know challenging I don't

want to use the word difficult I always

tell my students never say something is

difficult never say English is difficult

while English is challenging you know

because especially for us English is a

foreign language so of course it's a

challenging thing for us to learn that

language but if you always practice

routine and if you always think positive

you always have the positive attitude

towards learning English

nothing will be difficult okay it will

become easy because you enjoy it you

love it you are positive with it so it

will become easy Christine so don't

worry - so welcome to my livestream fans

oh by the way guys by the way fans

though is the content consumer he is

from Germany so have you got any

question about learning English fans oh

because that's gonna be our streaming

today bow so thanks for coming fine so

how are you sir hey did you finish for

janelda and BPM rat family English is

our life

I've English it's our life what do you

mean but do you mean imelda and amaura

baby family be nice read it said for me

for me teacher I prefer English instead

of Swedish aha ok of course I think

because for us Filipinos actually

English is our second language so I

guess it's easier for you to learn

English compared to learning you know

Swedish right benign sweating

David Moser said W each as if I need


yes guys you know what they've been told

your advice is from the US he is also a

Content consumer he is very supportive

everyone he doesn't need whe nothing he

just said he just likes supporting

people you know this is a great deep

david broder really I'm so proud of you

WH as if I need some but if I get active

and lucky someone else might get lucky

yes guys you know sometimes david broder

if he gets you know if he gets the

reward from teacher he actually donates

it to some people in the tavern

so yes David wrote must fully do every

warned we don't know nobody knows you

know yes Genevieve a lira blocks to an

ante sure because I have to prepare for


no problem Genevieve and lira blocks

fine so go tseebo how it's hanging hello

shiny men welcome to my live stream

hello teacher and everyone I'm late why

but the cinema hasn't called me

oh I think mr. Simo is having a break

right now I'm not so sure but I'm pretty

sure very soon but the thing is going to

welcome you all everyone for those

people who haven't been welcomed by you

know but the single don't worry this

image is there checking your levels

everyone yes guys already know yes guys

already know Melda shine even hello

t-shirt and everyone I'm late yes you

are late shiny men but shiny men but

it's not a problem

we have been live for 15 minutes now so

I'm not sure if people have many

questions related to English this is

learning English Q and a ask English

teacher in France if you have questions

about learning English if you have some

concerns about some sentences or Grand

Park problems or stuff like that

please don't hesitate to ask you sure ok

so if you have more questions or if you

can ask a lot of questions today I will

extend for one hour more but if not I

might not extend for one hour more so it

depends on you guys okay

be naive sweating is here just you to

say hi since they gotta go back to work

Oh fast and you are still up rude that's

amazing thank you so much for dropping

by thighs Oh shine even into my thighs

Oh should I even enjoy from funds Oh

okay David Bulger pees on booties ooh

hello don't beat me welcome to my

livestream how are you my dear it'll be

me guys so you know Julie me is also an

English teacher everyone she's an

English teacher in Spain so yes we have

people here who can help me answer your

questions when it comes to learning

English everyone so we have to be me and

David Roger and probably shine Ayman as

well can help or it can answer your

questions guys in case you have you know

a shine amen

take fans oh and all any hope left for

WH aha

teacher Russell just finished watching

my face t-shirt Oh have a great one

teacher Rosso no problem thank you so

much for dropping by be nice weapon is

good to see mo teacher be not you

sweatin guys what this implies not a

crater okay but this table is my

employee employee okay we have these

three spots and put this in wall they

are my employees dies okay so yeah okay


ah shiny men said hello dear okay

teacher Russell and okay everyone is

greeting to each other John James world

hey Joseph week hello lesson getting

jammed from school oh yeah I underst

world because actually Marcus rich doing

the same thing

thank you so much for dropping by

dungeons world sometimes real guys is

actually from the UK already monetized

everyone yes

you'll be maze monetize we have a lot of

friends here who are monetized we have

color makers shadow all yes color make

me shine oh hello teacher and everyone

here yes color makers China welcome


so you'll be made God level 1 Wow not

all have the actually levels will be me

got level 1 okay

David Rogers said don't ask even if he

doesn't see grammar all that important

yes David Broder so maybe in another

aspect you know of learning English

David Rohl sure can help us answer your

questions you know but yeah it sounds us

right you do wow thank you so much sons

it's world hmm

teacher Russell goodnight guys let it go

bet gonna go to bed good night yes ha hi

amen good night shine amen hello caller

makers shut unless you bring some color

here so cloudy here shiny there

seriously oh my god do you think my life

screaming is actually giving you a

cloudy day I mean it's like ooh mama

hello welcome to my life's dream you

meet Santa Muffet how are you shiny my

co-teacher Russell yes should be me say

hello to everyone times this word is

laughing out laughs why are you laughing

my dear adjunctive swirl I missed you

thanks so much for coming

dungeons rural so yes guys we've got a

lot of friends here in the chat room

especially those who are in blue and not

in blue some of those as well you know

they are already many times guys we have

Justin's world

Jovie me we also have

nurse e in America we also have color

make your channel we also have shiny men

is a wedding monetized everyone we also

have yes you'll be me we also have

Imelda Paris we also have Mary golf lick


yes Mary garlic we also have finds elf

answer is already many times is getting

everyone yeah money time here yes we

also have church that situational moment

we also have Chris and Anna's journey

yes guys in Craig Craig vlogs we also

have bread bread was everyone so many

monetized friends are here I'm wondering

why they are here without asking any

question related to learning English

come on you should ask everyone um those

were uh try Neiman said you're kind of

Asante sure yes I must be a son

SHINee many know so there shouldn't be

any cloudy moment in this chat room

right now shine amen

something's wrong with sunny and brought

here all here it's very cloudy

it's very clock baby here right now and

it has actually been raining and I hated

you know David Broder said can I go this

is the principle yes David roser you

might need to visit the principal a

shiny one what color I bring

mint funds Oh is built off gold yeah I

didn't know your money time's up doctors

wrote me just want to city your pretty

face laughing out loud yes thank you so

much everyone for coming here to see my

pretty face yes guys but you know I

really have some people there who can

ask questions about learning English

that would be great but anyway it's doin

a so you can ask any questions you like

everyone Wow let's welcome everyone to

we sick family it's been a long time

without you my friend welcome the Wilson

family how are you

the Winston family how are you over here

I think the Winston family guys is also

already won it sighs we have a lot of

money ties friends now my gosh you can

imagine how happy they are for sure you

know let's check out this Bruce Lee of

the Winston family


okay real white Christmas of nary is on

ok real white Christmas of nary is on an

Elvis Presley okay

guys the Winston family is also already

one it ties yes

Elvis Presley pictures but is watching

you're Elvis Presley Elvis Presley of

the Winston family yes the Winston

family said I'm good how are you I'm

very good the Winston family special to

seeing you here at my livestream it's

been a long time the Winston family you

know yeah but I always see you going

live to be honest I mean family but just

don't leave a message I always see you

going live this way I know that your

wedding monetized hmm

shiny men please holy Mary Shannon

please sunshine and white with a touch

of medium yellow maybe a touch of medium

gold see you later

Johnson's world thank you so much give

AHA to London features of K otherwise

and family thanks I appreciate that you

are very welcome the Winston family

Chris and Anna's journey niggas almost

free Santana's journey yes it's been a

while yes so she has been a while right

yes no but it's okay we don't really

need to be present at our friends live

streaming all the time because we have

different you know we have different

time zone we have different lifestyles

so we just catch everybody whenever we


yes but anyway we still have you know

pre-recorded videos which can actually

keep us you know connected and keep in

touch but yeah it's also nice to

actually visit our friends live

streaming you know once in a while yeah

I thank you so much Genevieve and Lera

lives Robin oh oh my god why is this

increase in Ezra Nia Lera hi okay yes I

said that's really no questions about

any little questions

mmm-hmm and for my next live streaming I

will actually have another activity I

hope you guys gonna love it but I'm

to tell you during my next live

streaming culinary career channel said

AHA that a collar like mix with pearl

yellow gold and shadow white and

transparent blue and also silver meth

silver met bright shiny men

wow you're talking about colors

interesting on Kristin Anna's really


yes guys prison and oh yes guys Chris

and Anna's rune is also money test

well guys um I'm so happy like most

people here are actually you know

monetized already yes most of the people

and very soon for those people who are

not yet I'm pretty sure you will be yes

so just keep it going

yeah and yeah O'Connor makers channel

that sounds perfect to me yeah so let me

drink some water guys see sure also

needs water

yeah Vice Ganda hello ever

hello everyone by Gunder right

possessing who says sorry tea sure

you're doing some morning chores and

listening to you no problems SP food

thank you so much for being here this

with no problem I hope you're gonna have

your wonderful morning and uh great

breakfast over there what are you having

for breakfast that's this would the

Winston family time and patience

everyone will get there so true the

Winston family I have seen the Weston

family you know um Goliath before she

got money twice she went alive many

times like me before but see how he is

you know this is uh push it push push

push more bystander hello everyone in

your house and you

so time I know this is color matron


guys welcome by Sven - line amen

Vice Ganda is a very famous entertainer

actress and an actor and young artist

insula pians shiny men yes by gonna miss

Presley almost finished okay four

minutes more winter in England is


okay Vice Ganda is color make your

channel first story and I make yours I

don't like me to life got bad the well

named one yes my friend is very famous

and Philippi shine even can you imagine

I have someone in the chat room he's

very famous and philippe's yes Vice

Ganda is very popular in Philippines

everyone you should check on the

internet if you're wondering boom I said

that is you can see the photo yes she's

very beautiful and very good entertainer

and artist you know actress actor should

I say actor actress or actress actress

ah you'll be may is laughing why are you

laughing my dears you'll be may be not

you sweating hi Mike ah it's good you

have time to visit here he sure did

watch every day oh so Vice Ganda has to

learn English my son is going to say do

you do you watch every day t-shirt okay

that's it okay

hello actress not actor

be sure yes vice and that is an actress

everyone you see teacher has a mistake

because I'm very confused

you'll see in her beauty I don't worry

hello I want to leave you running on

computer acted no no problem the Lucid

family thank you so much for dropping by

have a great day at love have a great

day you know doing some work

thank you so much the Winston family and

Elvis Presley is finished the Winston


yes and now Anna Marie questio welcome

to my live stream on a marae question

have you got any question about learning

English on every contract this is a Q&A

with teachers so you have questions

please ask them ok ah color maker but

level one from booty signal ok color


Wow not all people gets level oh my gosh

not all people actually get the level

what this thing looks like very choosy

huh no problem the wixen family show him

inside Wow

caller never one nice you can progress

this yes I name it arrived earlier than

color by Cristiano what shiny man hasn't

got any level Frank with this thing oh

my gosh Vice Ganda said I mean did

watched every day my noon time so it

should show time ah so maybe you need to


d because everyday so you have to say

guys always remember when you talk about

every day every day when it's about the

habitual or repeated action you actually

need to use the present simple verb not

the past form because if you say did

that means only in the past okay but

you're talking about every day so you

have to say do you watch my no one my

would show every day is that yeah every

day yes it should be this way okay do

you watch my new show every day teacher

yes there's the question of Vice Ganda

of course by Cinda I used to watch when

I was in full piece by sugandha but you

know ha I'm here in France right now I

don't have a Filipino TV program so

sometimes I watch your show but I do it

through YouTube vice goodness so I hope

you don't mind

I still watch your noon show but just by

YouTube you know videos Vice Ganda is it

good enough or you're not satisfied with

that shiny miss said hello dear Anna

Marie Crenshaw I was done when you

greeted me today oh yeah yes thank you

so much everyone for your thumbs up Wow

18 people has given me 18 people have

given me a thumbs up that's very

yeah there are still 15 people watching

right now you so much everyone

so yes guys they feel questions please

don't hesitate to ask


no way what are talking about so uh I

guess I'm gonna go live not tomorrow

maybe on Friday

oh I'm not sure because actually in

Friday I wouldn't be going to work

because I will be going to mess on my

gosh line email

to mix and my husband cannot drive for

me how can I go to Mass everyone I need

to go to max a shine Amen because I need

to attend a seminar this is a 700 for

teachers English teachers yes I'm going

to attend a seminar for English teacher

so yeah

David Roger it's a shame you ain't God

yeah they were illiterate

it's not it's not a problem in that

night but it's easier to be so really I

actually thought of you know nightbot

but I didn't have a chance to check it

out and I find it easier to have booty

single Wow David Roger you've got your

level one

David rosary got level one guys it's

very good David Broder huh

I am gonna check out of night box but

I'm not so sure

hello Bella Anna Oh Bella Anna is that

the real theme of an Americana I don't

think so

I think the real name is anna-marie Khan

Shah right so yes guys maybe teacher is

going to live another one hour well

teacher one hour more yeah guys I hope I

can actually get more questions from our

visitors today especially those who are

learning English and aiming to learn

English they can ask questions about it

then I will be willing to answer in some

people in the chatroom can also help me

answer column AQ channel said Vice Ganda

who uh huh so maybe you have to say who

has invited you here I've invited you to

visit to visit English teacher in France

blah blah blah okay yeah so that should

be the right question who has invited or

who invited to make it

but we invited okay who invited okay

nary colleague thank you so much Larry

bubbly your white Christmas is finished

by teachers by teachers bought watch it

and English teacher in France also watch

it there we go like thanks so much for

being there all the time Mary gobbly

from Germany

I'm zone Aires oblique is also from

Germany and finally is from Germany

marigold shine even said t-shirt it's my

choice to call her Bella

it matches okay okay okay okay no

problem shine amen

if you love to call her Bella Anna or

Annabella sequa Bella and I yes then did

you know enjoy calling her Bella Anna

yes guys yeah nobody is going to ask me

question al teacher it seems like eating

guys do you know this sweet not why not

tween us delicious huh I love this

nobody's asked the question while we are

talking and while I'm waiting for you

questions make egg my my saliva mm-hmm

feature is eating um what who invites is

that what invite teachers but is not

working well teachers but you're not

working well huh

it should be women guys who invite it

okay david broder said when i got level

four it was for threatening nine but

with my miss oh my god baby rotor did

you do it oh and that's so good

um hello nature simplistic beautiful

toddler fee horse oh my god

teacher Bob guys it's not working well

no it should be correct Vegas almost

natura simplistic movie photography how

are you my dear how is your okay I'm

gonna talk to you later bye Instagram

shiny man teacher who is this guy in the

tulips what is he talking about

aha shiny men

that is teachers watch line even by the

way everyone let me let me show you

something I'm gonna drop a link everyone

okay mmm-hmm Oh Mary Laura is live again

I thought she stopped it

sorry guys

teachers watch tiny men is a teacher's

assistant okay where am I now

sad to say shine amen

Injuns world channel has been closed I

closed it shine Amen because of her CPR

thing shine demon so angel has a new

channel because of her CPR she got a lot

of CPR everyone so yeah anyway I just

decided to close it and she has a new

channel and that's this one I'm gonna

show you guys

how can I do that should be this one oh

all right I can't even


hey I'm gonna put the link here in the

chat room you can check it out yeah this

is angels new channel shiny men in this

world does not exist anymore okay

I already checked the channel uh-huh


Darlene Audrey Audrey Audrey or odd Ryan

or drain hello Darlene Audrey and

welcome hello teacher one one foot

travels a little how are you no problem

we're up amore and

shiny man said YouTube is acting very

random and inconsistent way about CPR

and various rules yes I heard about it

shiny man so uh well you know these are

actually Robles or these are automatic

things that work with YouTube so I think

YouTube is going to review many channels

later to actually do something about

those channels that he or they have you

know suspended and stuffs like that

violations or stuff like that so yeah

but I don't know really

so it's terrible be nice wedding

no problem cysteine is melon please

enjoy the king

okay no problem you are welcome Chinamen

but this in won't okay oh good this

thing was given a level two one one foot

travel Wow when one foot travel lucky

you are

CPR David Broder is actually a copyright

okay pepper right claim copyright let

the CPR theme no see Paris defense so

we've spent family thank you so much for

being there 101 foot travel 101 foot

trouble got a level from with a single

hello 101 nice to see you hello there I

will be back later just to just a word I

want to probably say hello to 50 so you

have to dive have you got any questions

or more questions your nice reading CPR

is tougher right David Road you okay

many of us will be night in sledding

you've got level

peni in Sweden so actually guys we

Filipinos we like using acronyms or some

short class of some routes so yeah

we always say we say instead of saying

copyright to a saint PR no dude that's

how it is shiny man how's your day wow

it looks like nobody is going to get

high high level two today for the

highest level sorry guys this a second

not if I have the heart attack

yes baby because your understand what

you're saying yes it's true you know we

also do the CPR thing when someone is

having a hard time breathing we're

having a heart attack yes I know that

why this thing will always okay you have

to ask like this shine even okay why

does wood this emo would you see more

always say blah blah blah okay yes

don't forget the question why it's an

expression shining minute maybe you can

ask a with realtor David Roger what's

the meaning of jeans.the David Roger

what is I'm just I'm just older maker

channel I'm just what you're not able to

finish your message I'm just

yes jeez

when do we use that expression everyone

jeans of course I think many of us here

know when we use this expression right


or David Bulger anyone in this chat

right now can actually share I'm just

having I'm just having a cup of coffee

right now

teach your walk perfect sentence call

her make every channel this is a

wonderful sentence what distinguish

should give you level two but I can't

decide for the level color make your

channel mmm coffee yes during the cold

weather guys my god coffee is necessary

no not only coffee but you know

something you want something hot

something hot something warm

yes it's very necessary in cold weather

where you not people they're makers I


so guys yes feature now is actually you

know munching something I hope you don't

mind if you want to eat something go

grab some food or anything to eat

without actually spending time with the

teacher okay shiny miss ed did you learn

some French slang words or curse words

Oh beer we shine amen

ba ba boo Chinaman double quoted us on


Quincy Chaplin tuam into a V night in

sweating is laughing where you laughing

can I use winning because of something

warm in cold weather

uh-huh nature's simplistic beauty

photography no problem thank you so much

Dave of nature's David Mulder can we tie

a rope I'm with Susie moose and beat it

like pinata

nobody the ruler we cannot because what

this demo is hard to control

no just kidding yeah those are I think

I've learned three shiny means three by

the way shiny men I'm not sure if when

you came you're able to see Ruby Ruby is

a bit okay now she's back home so I hope

she can go live again when she feels

perfect but right I'm now not yet really


yeah but she's home now she's relaxing

and right now she's actually listening

to us you know yeah I saw her in Elvis I

saw her in an LS oh yeah shine Eamonn

yes I think that was in West Side Japan

yeah she started this morning she

started you know visiting friends live

streaming today hello Ruby Oh shiny man

is very happy to see you Ruby but we

hope to see you tonight as well or these

foreign family


sorry guys oh my god excuse me



don't worry guys I'm checking something


what happened here so yes guys before

I'm gonna end the show tonight

I'm actually not tonight but today I'm

actually gonna give some rules you know

how to learn English there are some

learn there are some rules that you can

actually use to learn English guys

you know David voters said so Robbie got

hurt yeah David Roger Ruby's foreign

family has finally made money ties david

broder you know and you must be happy

because you've been there supporting her

as well right David Ruger just got her

dollar sign


well guys I'm on my way to having 2k oh

my god

- Kade that I hope I'm gonna have to pay

viewers as well do we get WH right now

yes shiny man you can get if you want

but you haven't got any level there's an

event from Sigma I don't know why mmm

yes I'm going to I'm going to share to

you you know some how could I say some

rules or learning tips on speaking

English well of course I'm not those

perfect while I'm a teacher but you know

nobody's perfect

so they're actually six that I would

like to learn I would like to learn no I

would like to share too you know and

I'll be reading it to you everyone okay

so these are guys so there are there are

some rules guys in order to speak

English you know I'm gonna share it to


Neri gully thank you so much says there

we go look not lately but yeah I'm happy

for her yes David Roger yeah because uh

actually David Bulger she hasn't been

live for like four days now because she

was in the hospital for three days David

butcher I'm happy really yes I'm sure

David rolled Ruby when family can hear

you because she is at the background

right now she is just resting because

she still has a little pain in her


yeah thank you so much Larry lovely

Jimmy go thank you so much so yes guys

there are actually six rules okay there

are six rules in order to speak English

you know in order to become good at

English yeah Mike so yes guys um there

are actually some things that you need

to know when it comes to of becoming

good at speaking English okay so knowing

how to speak English you know as you can

see here I'm not sure if you can read it

one language sets you in a corridor for

life but two languages open every door

along the way you know so in other words

you know knowing how to speak English

actually opens doors and changes your

life you know because you see every door

along the way so wherever you go there's

always a door for you if you know more

than one language if you know two or

more than two languages there's always a

door for you along the way so you see so

you know knowing how to speak English oh

my god was that knowing how to speak

English opens doors and changes your

life so how can you learn and become

confident in speaking English so there

are some rules everyone which are very

usefully oh my god Danny Briere thank

you so much big shout out to Nettie

Grier thank you so much for coming

guys maybe green guys is another friend

of ours

she's already many times as well thank

you so much Neddy Grier this very kind

of you know where we know shiny men said

thank you so much ready Greer big shout

out to you lady queer guys is all

demonetised she also goes lives and

times um hello hello

maybe Greer you surprised me huh a shiny

man is saying something which I shine a

man said okay here here arey

okay I'm okay did you did you learn some

friends laugh Kay Soria and lust guys

okay we need a career or your surprised

me hon thank you so much Nettie Grier it

was a good topic you had here some weeks

ago please enlighten me to the rules aha

yes why not so yeah yeah I also talked

about how to become you know how to

become very good at English how to

improve your English skill not really

weeks ago shine even I think it was

months ago shine amen

yes you know I shared some tips on how

to be good at English and how to improve

your English skill yes but this time

guys I'm going to show you how to

actually become confident and become

good at you know using the English

language how to speak English how to

become good at speaking English you know

so there are some six rules guys okay

I'm going to share it to you okay the

first one is I'm not sure if you know

this okay

first one is

shiny men said one was about the

interest of learning English oh yeah

that last few weeks ago that's right i

think that that of topic was about what

was it

it wasn't really a topic shiny men but

someone just shared it in the middle of

the discussion because we were talking

about you know learning english yes yeah

not learning english but learning the

foreign language I think yes and

somebody share that if you have the

interest in learning if you want to

learn a certain language don't learn a

certain language because you have to but

you learn a certain language because you

are interested in that and you love

doing that we love learning that foreign

language right that agree or what do you

think yet done so yeah the benefits

mm-hmm yeah so I think it's just in the

middle of this discussion someone shared

about it shine human very good memory

shine Amen that's a great job yes that's

actually the first one guys the first

the first rule is I'm not sure if you

know this this one this is the first

rule yes I remember that teacher all

great zombie naives weddin look at

number one guys it's number one the

first rule is actually kiss you know

what kiss is

what is this kids guys what is kiss I

think meri flowers said that yes marry

plumber said that be night in sweat in

this right because we were talking about

learning a language and it's hard for me

you know learning French language here I

mean for me ever really have the

interest but I have to learn so it's

kind of hard it's really hmm carmakers

said actually teacher I hate English

language but I like American people

laughing out loud

mmm that's great but you know I'll put

our make your channel sorry guys

tres eating you know what fuller make

your channel when you hate something but

because you like someone I think the

word heat will somewhat change

I'll give you if you agree with me yeah

I think the word heat is gonna change

color me crash I know you will start to

get interested in something because you

like really love someone

do you agree with me well anyway talk

about the rules guys the rules in

actually you know practicing how to

speak English is the first one is kiss

when you say kiss what does it mean

anyone who knows what kiss is we have 23

minutes more guys before the show ends

hmm nobody wants to answer

I'm sorry guys Panetta Greer Nitti glare

has a new things about I this is a shout

out turkey caregiver okay

Nettie Greer friend shout out

Greer 2019 okay nobody has given me the


what does kiss me oh yeah very good

shiny man very good yes is Betty Greer

we're actually watching your friend

shout out now I mean this is teachers

boy watching it because yeah I haven't

seen this one

I've seen your live stream yesterday but

this one I haven't seen this friend shut

up so yes very good job sign amen

Kimi's keep it simple

yes keep it simple everyone you know

when you say keep it simple you when you

communicate everyone you can actually

start by using simple expressions basic

sentences for example when you go to

even if they are just simple guys even

if the things that you are saying are

simple it's a lot e a great start to

practice speaking English you know when

you go to coffee shop when you go to a

restaurant or when you go to a certain

shop or rush or stores like that or

maybe a shop well you can use basic

expressions you can use basic sentences

in expressing yourself you know but this

is a great start in order to become very

good at speaking English do you do

with me or do you agree with that idea

or what hello to everyone from MIT I

went BC not my phone huh Wow very nice

your bad Chinese oh my god

yes nice you know this is kiss you keep

it simple you keep it simple wherever

you go you know you can actually speak

English whatever whatever the situation

is or wherever the place is as long as

you have a chance to actually use

English you have to keep it simple just

express whatever simple things you have

in your mic that's the first rule in

order to actually you know speak English

yeah that's the first rule and let me

check the chat room right now okay my

good what's happen here not what

happened what's happening I didn't know

what happened to my what's wrong with

the world mama I don't know what

happened to this thing okay alright

there you are

they wrote your teacher okay be nice

weapon yes thank you so much benighted

sweating for dropping by RL time Munna

yes benighted sweating guys it's

actually learning Swedish she's still

learning Swedish she continues learning

Swedish she can own excuse me gosh she

can already speak Swedish but she's

still learning it for you know fluency

so you know learning is an endless

process finally mend even wrote in law I

google it life be like ah oh my god

venus award goes to you welcome life be

like how are you I'm Jennifer Avila

stinky summer scent for apples it's ok

Jennifer abalos ok you don't need to be

take easy over there it's ok you can go

visit your friends and if ever you want

to to talk with us again you can come

back it's ok Jennifer Avila's be nice

weather that's right teacher I use that

yes keep it simple

shine even said hello to Jennifer ok yes


so yeah that's really how are you like

being like calm but I guess like be like

hub is actually in Sri Lanka everyone

she's a Filipina who is in Sri Lanka

just working there let's eat everyone so

yes this is the first one so what do you

think is the second rule everyone

what's the second rule I wondered I

wanted to how can I say I want to make a

video about this but I don't know if I

have time to make a video that so I just

want to share it here on this life

screaming yes so what is the second rule

everyone first as kiss means keep it


wherever you go equal to restaurants

coffee shop or shops or wherever you

have a chance to speak English dis

express whatever you have whatever you

know even if your sentences or your

expressions are very simple just keep it

simple Express what you have okay

because this is the way to actually you

know go up grow and go up yes improve

your skill you check the chat room right

now okay that's it I think okay

David Roger don't put your food in your

mouth uh-huh

let's see me and David Rohde your huh

okay so no men

okay all Neidig we're almost finished

beautiful flowers needing beer huh okay

so anyway the second rule everyone this

is to actually what what is the second

rule what is it okay this one I'm not

sure if you agree with me here okay this

is number two oh my god

number two forget your your language so

yes guys you need to forget your

language I'm good teacher thank you yes

you are very welcome like we like TV

like me like how I'm sorry

mmm-hmm yes that's Oh teachers but

everyone got level too

oh my god that's the first time put this

evil has given has given level two so

anyway guys yes the second Google guys

is actually to forget your first

language okay this is forgot your first

language oh my god teacher as a mistake

okay forget your first language when you

say forget your first language forget

the first room no it's not the second

rule David Rogers the second rule is

forget your first language you know why

everyone because when you actually still

have your first language every time you

try to practice you know speaking

English it is hard for you to think in

English so I always tell my students

everyone if you really want to improve

fast if you really want to speak English

you know uhm more fluently

enough in you know in a one in a fast

way or quickly then

you have to think only in English do not

think in your own language practice

thinking using the language which you

are trying to learn if you're learning

English of course this is learning

English our topic

so if you're learning English you

actually need to think in English never

use the translation thing I mean many of

my students actually they think in their

own language and they translate it into

English and that makes it harder yes it

is hard to learn the English language if

you do the translating thing yes oh

forget your lunch

you have to try your best to think only

in English yes do you agree with me


mother machree channel said I forgot to

drink my coffee while watching you

teacher now it's cold

oh my god father make your channel are

you blaming me that you forgot to write

your coffee I'm also drinking something

here a color make your channel my mirror

a mirror mirror on the wall huh oh there

I'm there I am I'm you can see mine you

can see me there over there Wow mirror

mirror of the one if you guys see me oh

that's interesting huh oh oh there you


yeah that's me everyone color paper

towel is laughing so yes guys that's the

second rule shiny men where is silence

everyone the chat room Araneae oh why

are you guys silent Markus is bluffing a

lot oh you guys are laughing at me ha

because I'm looking at my reflection

uh-huh so yes dad that's it


what is that mirror in the glass oh this

is mirror this is actually eight cover

this is the cover of mine tumbler

everyone that's the cover and while

drinking and I want to check my lipstick

I can check the mirror watching tiny

t-shirt in the mirror yes you see what

Ricky or eating something after drinking

you see delicious and I want to check if

my lipstick

has been removed or something like that

I can check myself in this mirror mmm

it's still beautiful lips

well me and teacher but now needs to get

three yeah Oh David was drink up - let

me check did book a single give two to

David Roger no oh yeah - these your

and even know your gut - Wow David

Rohde your gut - that should be me left

faint oh my god color make your channel

ha ha I agree teacher what do you agree

with color make rechannel do you agree

that I am still beautiful be sure you've

got some lipstick on your teeth

no it's impossible shiny man you see yes

guys this mirror is also very useful

you know after you actually drink

something you know you can check if the

lipstick has been removed yeah and of

course if the lipstick has been removed

you can add more lipstick and after that

we do like that but you have to check

your teeth everyone yes you know you

have some lipstick on your teeth as well

so there you go


oh my this kitchen how can you destroy

being naughty Marcus gets or not teacher

you're smart yes I can't be a teacher if

I am not smart if I wasn't smart if I

weren't smart shiny man I wouldn't be a

teacher what do you think yes guys

I think you can see it now it's color

pink ha ha ha

beat everyone zesty food is laughing

that's a good idea

oh really that's great Leslie foods at

least I have shared to hear the great

idea of mine so if you guys you know

want to check your lips all the time

while eating or about drinking something

should buy this kind that seafood is

nothing uh

color maker I agree that you are

gorgeous not beautiful Wow gorgeous it's

a water gorgeous actually has higher

degree at that beautiful one thing is so

much color because channel should be me

haha so funny teacher all zoo be made

pink color is your favorite color

yes you'll be me I told you pink color

is my fake this is my favorite color

no you see my this is my card thing I

think I have shown you this when I had

my video about what's in my school bag

yes I have this one I put my cards here

and stuff like that

it's okay see ya oh my god beat race

going to show all the paint now yeah

and David Rohl sure I always wanted

another teacher shiny Betty sure a

scholar about the color of your mom oh

isn't it ping call their maker channel

it's pink isn't it yes pink and I got my

paint eyeglasses everyone Wow which is

better which is more beautiful huh

without glasses or or with glasses

mm-hmm shiny meant a vague avec Lynette

oh so Lynette shiny men yes guys I love

pink but not the dark pink okay just the


everyone uh where we know uh hi favorite

food welcome guys flavored food is also

a teacher everyone she's actually from

Pakistan am I correct library food

I think we're a food and zesty food they

are from the same country without on my

best memory would be out okay

okay without oh my god without without

is very beautiful okay every move now


oh my god I should throw these

eyeglasses because I don't look

beautiful with with glasses oh my god

it's terrible

so flavory food everyone i think the

same country as zesty food

yeah flavored food also there are some

food in her channel yeah videos about

food and she's also teacher guys she is

a math teacher

okay so flavored food have you got a

question today for which is about

learning english huh have you got any

question before we proceed to the third

rule so I have mentioned two rules much

is to actually keep it simple okay you

communicate with people in a simple way

that's a good start and second is forget

your first language okay so then this

way you can actually become good at

English because you know you can speak

English in that way and the third one

was the third one flavor food you are

beautiful Wow

thank you so much flavored food Wow

without oh my god should be me huh


sorry guys I have a sudden important

message here okay

David holder said I disagree you look

more oh my god teacher is not beautiful

anymore but teacher is naughty huh how

can it be possible

uh-huh color make your channel set

without color pink your life teacher

becomes red oh my god well I've got how

many stops do I have which color is red

I think I only have one I have one blue


call her make your channel the color is

red so yeah my life this time is full of

pink favorite food if you want to learn

language you have to think in that

language that's true that's actually

what I just mentioned before you can

flavor food the second rule is to forget

your for first language okay you need to

think in English if you are learning

English if you want to speak English if

you want to be good at speaking English

just thinking English your first

studying English to speak in English or

think in English if you are studying

French just think in French avoid

translating your ideas in your mind

translate from your own language to the

language that you are learning which is

not good because it's not easy to do

that you know and that makes it more

difficult you know that makes it you

know take more time so you should just

think Oh Marxist kitchen got level one

now Marcos kitchen your not zero anymore

emeritus okay okay that's it so that's

the second rule guys so let's proceed to

the third one okay the third one is very

common let me write it here

Marcus is laughing Marcus rich the third

one is of course I want to mention this

many times what do you think

okay the third one is practice speaking

of course that's the only way the only

way to speak is to speak how can you how

can you be good at speaking if you don't

speak you need to practice speaking yes

okay you need to practice speaking

that's the third rule okay the only way

to become good at speaking is to

practice speaking the only way to speak

is to speak levy and what I mean

everyone yes everyone practice practice

whenever you can if it's possible every

day you do it I'm talking about English

okay forget about my case because I'm

learning French and the ads is still

hard but anyway I'm gonna learn French

again you know sooner or later I'm still

looking for a schedule that fits my time

teeth upper China

hello welcome to the lifestream teeth

upper China no problem teeth of our

Channel um flavory fool it's said to

learn a language you need vocabulary

collection yes yes that's also another

tip in order to be good at the certain

language you need to actually enrich

your vocabulary bank of course if you

don't have vocabulary how can you

express yourself you see but of course

when you learn the vocabulary it should

only be if you just have to think in

English okay if you are learning English

anyway we're talking about learning

English here okay

yes jeez no points to get up with same

event until now

you got no point no no levels like a man

you have to not they shine amen

you have to do something up to talk

about about our topic shining man in

order to test the level David Rogers

said I'm now trying for number three but

what did we is falling asleep oh my god

yeah this emo guy sometimes needs some

rest okay so please understand okay I

say yeah yes actually it's true David

Roger but they see more I mean if you

good night but it's actually faster than

with this evening you know yeah but what

the seems very active in welcoming

people but right now I didn't know what


okay yes guys so that's the third one

okay practice speaking if you want to be

good at speaking the language that

you're learning

frankly speaking the only way to speak

is to speak yes guys do you agree any

reaction opposite ideas violent reaction

I hope not

yes no more opinion everyone so that's

just a third one huh okay let's proceed

to the fourth one okay then the next one

is very easy everyone shininess a David

you can do it probably easier than fans

though laughing out loud go on make your

channel said how can I speak well when

boys cannot speak teacher laughing out

loud oh that's another story color make

your channel because you know if you

don't have any boys that's coming out

there's a problem with your speech and

that means you have something special

that you need to undergo corner maker is

channel you need to know that there are

some people who actually have speech you

know speech

rumbling so in that case that's gonna be

you know but this thing aw you just an O

color makers channel you are now in

level two polar make your channel colder

make rechannel is level to know Wow

congratulations thank you so much newbie

me thank you so much have a wonderful

time to be me see you later see you

later see you laters would be me all

right yes

okay the fourth rule everyone this is

actually about you know listening okay

yes if you practice speaking if there is

practice speaking you also practice


you have to listen listen means you know

not listening to people who speak your

your first language you have to listen

to people who are actually native I mean

native speakers that means to say you

expose yourself to people to speak

English yes you need to listen to

materials which are in English because

in that way you are listening it doesn't

mean you are just improving your

listening but you were speaking as well

because when you listen for example

movies or some programs TV programs you

can actually follow their pronunciation

and that way you can improve your

pronunciation as well you get what I


yes so listen is also very important

listen thing you should meeting off my

mouth oh my god David Rhodes Oh a night

button teacher spots and we also have

fans oh these are actually content

consumers everyone they are not creators

okay yes guys color micro channel is

laughing not allowed here Oh a shiny

minutes color make rachana is not

allowed here wow this interesting huh

shiny met David concert go on so flavor

food said I think you need to create an

environment for that particular language


flavor food that's exactly what I was

saying you know expose yourself to

people or to places where the language

is spoken if you're learning English

then expose yourself to English and

native English speakers go to places

where people speak English yes for

example you go to shops equal to over

ever you

you wherever you go as long as there is

no english-speaking environment that

would be a great thing in order to

actually speak English so that is the

fourth rule in using English in speaking

English okay shy name is a teacher not

for bragging but I wrote listen as

number two oh yeah really shine amen

that's very good yes

listening is very important shine even

this is a great job shine even you're

able to guess the the rules or one of

the rules for speaking you know for

becoming good at speaking yes shine even

listen we need to listen everyone listen

to English