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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why i bought...Nobels ODR-1 Natural overdrive pedal

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So why am i doing a video on a pedal that's been around for over 25

years plus it's probably the most famous

overdrive pedal you may not have heard of ...well it's because if I could only

choose one overdrive pedal to play through this will be it.

Many great players and session players use overdrive as part of their signal

chain it's an important and historical tone... the sound of the amp just starting

to break up it's nothing like it ...there are so many OverDrive's in the market

today and many more to come, so which one would you choose well that's going to

depend on the sound you're looking for do you need a mid hump when playing lead

over a band or a natural sounding overdrive that sounds like the amp at

the edge of breakup do you want a clean boost to drive the amp or you prefer a

more digital sound ...really?... do you?

So in this video I'm going to be looking at the Nobles

ODR-1 natural overdrive introduced initially in 1993 has gone through many

variants over the years but the circuit has subsequently stayed largely the same

all bar 5% tolerances of individual components and has been used and still

used by many natural session players and many other great artists including Gary

Moore, Brian Adams, Guthrie Trapp, Tim Pierce,

Carl Verheyen and countless other amazing players you get the idea... this

isn't a sponsored video though I bought or should I say discover this pedal

myself I think I'm just a massive convert the ODR-1 falls somewhere

between a typical tube screamer and a clean boost although it's certainly not

a tube screamer but just because you'll know what that

sounds like, because this pedal was developed entirely in-house at Nobles

and has its own sound it's a natural and smooth overdrive that works great on

everything it doesn't affect the EQ of your original tone and keeps all the

frequencies you love but just adds a beautiful amp breakup tone and with

buffered bypass as opposed to true bypass there's actually a ton of

versatility inside this black and green pedal.

It has three knobs, level drive and spectrum

yep that's a tone knob but it affects your signal in a very specific way when

the spectrum control is set five or lower it seems to slightly enhance the

mid-range whilst between five and ten it boosts the treble and bass frequencies

it's designed in Germany and built in China this is one of those pedals that

you either know or you're done but believe me when you discover it you'll

never look back and it's not expensive either with prices at around $100 or $80

for the mini and of course even cheaper if you buy used, don't let the price fool

you though this is a seriously good overdrive.

Some players have mentioned it can be a little boomy,

which is why Nobles have just introduced the OTR one the bicycle switch and

glow-in-the-dark knobs it can take 9 or 18 volts for even more

Headroom plus they have a mini version of it available as well I know this

sounds like an advert for it but it isn't this pedal a few years ago and

I'll always use it it's been on my board ever since, have you heard of this pedal?

what do you think of it let me know... below plus what other overdrives should I

be looking at? I mean it's a ton of them out there right ?...thanks for watching

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