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Well, hello! It's Dolly, The Book Lady.

And I'm all comfy and cozy.

How about you? I'm going to read you a special story. It's called

Llama Llama Red Pajama.

And it's written by Anna Dewdney

and illustrated by Anna Dewdney.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Llama llama red pajama reads a story with his mama.

Mama kisses baby's hair.

Mama Llama goes downstairs.

Llama llama red pajama feels alone without his mama.

Baby Llama wants a drink. Mama's at the kitchen sink.

Llama llama red pajama calls down to his llama mama.

Mama says she'll be up soon.

Baby Llama hums a tune.

Llama llama red pajama waiting waiting for his mama.

Mama isn't coming yet. Baby Llama starts to fret.

Llama llama red pajama whimpers softly for his mama.

Mama Llama hears the phone. Baby Llama starts to moan.

Llama llama red pajama listens, quiet, for his mama.

What is Mama Llama doing? Baby Llama starts boo hoo-ing.

Llama llama red pajama hollers loudly for his mama.

Baby Llama stomps and pouts. Baby Llama jumps and shouts.

Llama llama red pajama in the dark without his mama. Eyes wide open,

covers drawn. What if Mama Llama's gone?

Llama llama red pajama weeping, wailing for his mama.

Will his mama ever come?

Mama Llama, Run Run Run!

Baby Llama, what a tizzy! Sometimes Mama's very busy.

Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama.

Little Llama, don't you know, Mama Llama loves you so?

Mama Llama's always near, even if she's not right here.

Llama llama red pajama gets two kisses from his mama, snuggles pillow soft and deep.

Baby Llama goes to sleep.

Isn't that a sweet story?


I think that Baby Llama's

Mama is always saying, "I'm here. I'm near. Close enough to hear you, when you call.

I'm here. Don't fear. Cause I'm the one who loves you, most of all."

So, you feel safe and go to sleep. Okay?

Anna Dewdney, would you come up here? And let everybody see you.

Well you got, just recently like 20 minutes ago,

got to meet our Dolly llama Mama.

Yes! And so I was wondering how that went and what you thought about

that and Dolly and Imagination Library and all these kind of parts of

Dollywood that are all rolled into one suite package?

It was very exciting.

She's been a hero of mine forever.

She's a wonderful, wonderful writer. And, Anna I just want you to know that, that

your books are the most favorite books in all of the Imagination


We want to thank you for your gifts.

So, I'm going to give you this mic and let you say something.

Thank you so much.

I am so happy to be here.

And so honored to be a part of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program.

Dolly Parton is just about everybody's hero. And every woman I know, in

particular, just admires her so much.

So, it was really fun for me personally to meet her, but I just so much

admire what she's doing.

I really think that giving books to children is, just about, the most

important thing you can do for, for children. Other than house them or

feed them. You know?

Giving children books is, is, is it.

How about a nice hand for Anna Dewdney?

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