Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oldest Pub in Ireland - Dublin's The Brazen Head (since 1198)

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So hello from Ireland. We are here in Dublin and it is lunchtime so we've tracked down

the oldest pub in the whole country. We are here at the Brazen Head which apparently dates

back to 1198. That's like what 900 hundred years or so that this place has been around.

But I mean obviously not the whole structure is authentic. It is probably just a few bricks

and stones. But anyways it is the oldest in the country and we're here for lunch.

So Sam is having his Guinness and I'm going for a nice pot of tea. Got to stay warm in

the city. teetotaller. Owe that burns. Oh my gosh. Hahaha. Wow. That is hot. Careful

over there. Be careful.

I've seriously been waiting for this for a long time. Of course I've tried Guinness before

but this is my first pint of Guinness in Ireland and I'm ecstatic because it is basically my

favorite beer in the whole world.


An extra special beer today. Oh, so fresh. So tasty. You know what, I could drink this

literally as a meal. It's that good.

So it is a cold day here in Dublin so I've gone for a cream of vegetable which isn't

a very typical Irish dish but I think it is going to keep me warm.




So you've gone for something a little bit more hearty. Yeah, like this burger is enormous.

It's one of the biggest looking burgers I've had in a while. Oh la lah.

And these fries. These are the thickest cut of fries. Look they're thicker than my finger.

I hope you're planning to share. Hahahaha. I don't know about that.

Time to try one of these bad boys.

It's hot.

Yeah, they're done really nicely. Really crispy on the inside and mushy in the middle.

Like that.

Ready to devour that monster burger of yours? Alright, this thing is so massive I'm barely

able to hold it here.

Wow. Can you chew and describe it at the same time? That was such a big bite.

So I got a bit of everything in that bite. Bacon, the meat, the vegetables and the lettuce

and the patty. That's a really good burger. It's thick, the meat is juicy and the cheese

is fresh and delicious.

Let's have a little bit of a travel update. What are we going to be doing over the next

few weeks?

So, over the next two weeks first we're going to be spending one week in Dublin just checking

out the city, visiting some of the main attractions, eating lots of Irish food and seeing what

that is all about.

And then our second week in Ireland we're actually parting ways. Sam and I will be doing

our own thing. I'm doing a girls road trip with my two sisters. You sound really happy

about that. Yes!

But yeah, I'm doing a girls road trip for a whole week and my sisters and two of my

friends are flying over from Canada. So this is just going to be the five of us. That will

be lots of fun and no boys allowed.

And I guess Sam, you're going to be hanging out here watching football. All by my lonesome

huh? Mmm hmmmm.

That's the plan.

So it is not all doom and gloom over here. Even though I'm by myself I'm planning a trip

up to Kerry and I'm going to be coming back to Dublin and I'm going to watch some Gaelic

football. I don't know a lot about the sport but they're having a really huge event happening

and I want to take it in.

Well that was a really neat bar. What kind of makes it unique, aside from it being the

oldest pub in all of Ireland of course, is that there is all of these different kinds

of rooms. You can eat outside, you can eat inside a bar and there is a second level up

top. And so we checked out most of it.

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