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If I were a freshman in college...

Wow...that'd be a dream come true.

["Laptop Recommendations for New Academic Semester"]

Hey, subscribers! This is Hyejoon.

I have a good backing today.

I have these three with me so it feels like I'm shooting this video with other people.

Today, as you can see, I'll be doing a review on these products.

For those of you in school who are thinking about buying a new laptop for the upcoming semester...

...and those of you who would like a new laptop at work,

I'll be taking a look at the MacBook Air 2019 and 3rd-generation iPad Pro.

On my far left, I have my own laptop, which is the MacBook Pro 2016.

Without further ado, let's get started!

First of all, the CPU. It's Intel i5 Dual Core with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz.

The Air also has a T2 chip for reinforced secruity...

...and Intel UHD Graphics 617 as the graphic card.

A perfect setting for a simple game or video editing.

The iPad Pro has an A12X Bionic chip featuring a neural engine, and an M2 Coprocessor.

Now, the display of the MacBook Air.

A True Tone Retina Display with 2560X1600 resolution at up to 60Hz and the brightness of 400 nits.

The biggest forte would be the True Tone display, which is more comfortable on the eyes.

Moving on to the display of the iPad Pro 12.9.

A True Tone Liquid Retina Display with 2732X2048 resolution at up to 120Hz and the brightness of 600 nits.

Therefore, I felt that the iPad Pro had a much higher resolution than the MacBook Air.

It also features a True Tone display, making it comfortable on the eyes as well.

The aspect ratio of the display of the MacBook Air is 16:10 and that of the iPad Pro is 4:3.

So the margins are thinner on the MacBook Air when a YouTube video is played.

I prefer a video to fit the entire screen.

It's more comfortable to watch YouTube videos on the MacBook Air.

I've never used Touch ID before on a MacBook.

I found it very convenient.

It applies to all of your IDs and passwords saved on the web.

Absolutely convenient.

On the other hand, the iPad Pro can be unlocked by Face ID.

[More precise and stable keys]

There's one thing I shouldn't leave out when talking about the MacBook Air.

The upgraded Butterfly keyboard.

It's overall less noisy.

The key feel is not as good, though, which may be a drawback,

...but I didn't have any problems with inconvenience, frequent typos, etc.

The major weak point of the iPad Pro would be that you have to type directly on the screen.

Or, you have to buy the Smart Keyboard Folio.

Since it's an accessory you're adding to your iPad,'s smaller than the keyboard on the MacBook,

...resulting in more typos.

I think a lot of people will find it inconvenient.

After testing it for the past few days, felt as if I was typing on top of a velvet cloth that you use to cover your piano keys.

[You mean that the key feel wasn't so good, right?]

I can't say that it was the best thing in the world.

Also, the Trackpad has been upgraded as well for the MacBook Air.

It's called the Force Touch Trackpad.

It recognizes subtle differences in presses on the Trackpad.

[20% bigger] It's bigger now that the MacBook Air recognizes gestures that only MacBook Pro could do.

For the MacBook Air, there are two speakers on the sides of the keyboard.

And one speaker at the front.

The Air features a total of three speakers.

So these speakers will provide you with richer sounds than the previous model...

...but those on the iPad Pro do a much better job.

The iPad Pro has quad, or four, speakers.

They definitely executed more in-depth and richer sounds.

[Audio Test]

The MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt USB-C ports on the side.

If you plug in your charger, you end up with only one USB port.

So you may need a USB hub.

And you can use eGPU through Thunderbolt.

The iPad Pro has one USB-C port.

The battery lasts up to 12 hours for web surfing and 13 hours for video watching.

I could tell the difference for sure when comparing it with my MacBook Pro 2016.

The charger is a 30W USB-C power adapter.

It's smaller in size now so it's lighter and more portable.

The battery lasts up to 9 hours for web surfing and 10 hours for video watching.

It includes a 15W USB-C power adapter.

The basic MacBook Air comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD storage.

Of course, you can add more if you'd like.

But keep in mind that you will be charged 745,000 won more for 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage.

In other words, it will be 1,740,000 won (base model) plus 745,000 won.

When you add it all up, it can be more expensive than a base MacBook Pro model.

I wouldn't recommend that, though.

I'd recommend getting a MacBook Pro instead.

For the iPad Pro, the 64GB model costs 1,269,000 won.

The 256GB model, 1,469,000 won.

The 512GB model, 1,739,000 won.

The 1TB model, 2,009,000 won.

Keep the price in mind as well when you choose the memory storage.

This video isn't necessarily for high-spec laptop.

It's for those of you who need one for simple paperwork and video editing.

So we can't help but consider software programs.

When it comes to paperwork, I think iPad Pro is a better choice.

[*App: Good Note] Its matchless strong point is the Apple Pencil.

[*App: Notability] For me, I still find handwriting more comfortable.

You can actualize your handwriting on the iPad Pro, which comes in more handy for students.

A huge forte is that you can also use the Touchscreen feature as well.

When I used the MacBook Air after using the iPad Pro, I was unconsciously touching the screen to navigate.

The fact that the MacBook Air didn't have the Touchscreen feature kind of got on my nerve a little bit.

So I'd like to say that the iPad Pro is more suitable for paperwork and notetaking.

One of the things I consider most important is weight.

My MacBook Pro 2016 is too heavy so I automatically look for lighter laptops to carry around easily.

So, weight is one of the priorities on my checklist.

The MacBook Air weighs 1.25kg.

The iPad Pro weighs 633g.

But I think a separate keyboard is almost a necessity for the iPad Pro.

So you should take note of the weight of the keyboard as well, which is about 400g.

In total, it's about 2kg.

Now, you may think that these two devices weigh about the same.

But I could tell the difference of 200g.

So the lighter and more portable one is the iPad Pro.

I sometimes use the camera feature as well, especially Face Time.

So I compared the cameras as well.

The MacBook Air has a 720p Facetime HD camera.

It only has one front camera, of course.

For the iPad Pro, the back camera supports 4K.

It offers Portrait mode, thanks to the True Depth camera.

[Face Time on iPad Pro] Seoyoung!

What is it?


I'm making a video right now.

Don't hang up.

All right.

[Senior] Hold on.

- OMG - Don't hang up.

[MacBook Air] Hey!

Is there a difference in resolution between my previous call and this one?



Hyejoon, your face is taking up the whole screen now.

- My face is bigger now? - I think it's zoomed in too much.

Totally different.

In terms of the mouse, the pairing speed is about the same for the two devices.

The mouse speed, however, wasn't as fast even when it was set on high.

So I'd recommend using the Trackpad or Touchscreen with your hand.

Today, I compared the MacBook Air and iPad Pro.

If you're looking for a high-spec laptop, I'd recommend the MacBook Pro.

But for those of you who need one for notetaking, paperwork, and simple video editing,

...the MacBook Air or iPad Pro is a good option.

That's why I compared these two for this video.

If I were a freshman in college, I would choose the iPad Pro.

For those of you who want a laptop or a MacBook,

I'd recommend the model with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage.

Today, I compared these two devices on various criteria.

I hope this video will help you choose the product you need.

I'm doomed.


I got carried away talking with you that I hopped on the wrong subway.

Oh gosh. This is crazy.

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