Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sweeney Todd (3/8) Movie CLIP - Shaving Contest (2007) HD

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Now, signorini, signori.

We mix-a the lather.

But first-a you gather around, signorini, signori.

You looking a man who have had-a the glory to shave-a the Pope!

Mr. Sweeney, whoever I beg-a you pardon.

You'll probably say it was only a cardinal.


It was-a the Pope!

To shave-a the face.

To cut-a the hair.

Require the grace.

Require the flair.

For if-a you slip You nick the skin

You clip-a the chin You rip-a the lip a bit

Beyond-a repair.

To shave-a the face.

Or even a part.

Without it-a smart.

Require the heart.

Not just-a the flash.

It take-a panache.

It take-a the passion for the art.

To shave-a the face.

To trim-a the beard.

To make-a the bristle.

Clean-a the whistle.

This is from early infancy the talent give to me

by God.

It take-a the skill.

It take-a the brains.

It take-a the will.

To take-a the pains.

It take-a the pace.

It take-a the grace.

The winner is Todd!

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