Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [한글자막] Ink Wars Strategy Ep 03 - Character Type (Part 1) 잉크워 게임공략 03. 캐릭터 종류

Difficulty: 0

We have picked Tako Hunto & Ika Ryan,

they are based on real-life celebrities Mark Hunt & Ryan Hart, both are Hero type characters.

Hero type is very beginner-friendly as it generously gives 1 extra stat point - compared with other Character Types

It offers a solid all-round play style with great Attack, Defence and Speed

Notice Tako Hunto has a special durable bubble in the centre of his Middle Ring

it's called a Roe Block and it takes 3 shots to pop. its placement also strategically stops damaging Bridge Link combos

Tako Trump is currently the only Villain type character in the game, and he sure does play like one too

Maximum attack in great speed villain type is good at mercilessly bombarding opponents

Although the Defence attribute is only average, Tako Trump has 2 Roe Blocks in his Middle Ring that makes up for the shortfall.

However, be aware that you cannot utilize the Rebound technique while these Roe Blocks are still in place

or else you will inflict damage on yourself!

here are six interesting characters in this type,

the Balance type is similar to Hero type, with a decent overall game

but slightly less in one of the three stats, thus forming 3 sub-types.

to be effective with the Balance type characters,

you must concentrate and play a solid game, while you may find some difficult match-ups in other Character Types,

you can take advantage of being the type with the fastest Super Metre fill rate,

and utilize your Super Metre wisely to secure victory!

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