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- Hi guys! Welcome back to

- (all together) The Adventure Family!

- And we are the Adventure!

- Woo!

- And today we're going to play

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek with a new twist.

So we're playing with

- The Ohana Adventure


- [Mom] And

- Shot of the Yeagers


- How this works is that anybody in

The Ohana Adventure or Shot of the Yeagers family

could be the neighbor.

We won't know, the neighbor is in disguise.

The only way that we'll know is to see

if there's a little neighbor figurine in their hand.

They will pass this along, so it can switch.

Neighbor will switch from player to player.

They have to constantly be roaming the house.

The rest of us are going to try to sneak in the house,

retrieve three blue flags without getting tagged

by a random neighbor that we don't know who it is.

- Yeah, we don't even know who the neighbor is.

This is gonna be pretty difficult.

- This is going to be really hard because

upstairs and downstairs has no escape.

We will have to hide.

- Oh yeah we have to. Oh no!

- Oh boy.

- So, so, wait.

So, you're saying that

one neighbor could start with this.

They could pass it to somebody else.

- [Host] Exactly.

- And then that becomes the new neighbor

and we have no idea, when we thought it was one person

and now it's now another person?

- So, basically, we just have to be cautious of everybody.

- Alrighty guys, let's see how this goes,

see if we can beat the neighbor

and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

Will we beat the neighbor?

- Beat the neighbor!

- Okay here we go.

So, the Ohana Adventure has two flags

- Shot of the Yeagers has one.

- I get to have one.

- Me too.

- Me three.

- Whoa!

- We wanna hide them in plain sight.

So, where do you guys gonna hide 'em?

Anywhere in the house.

Ready, like this.

Okay, in plain sight.

- Number one is here.

- [Host] Okay, what's your strategy, Wyatt?

- I'm gonna stick it in a plant bowl.

- [Host] Okay.

Okay, careful.


- [Host] It's gotta be in plain sight, I gotta see it.

So put it right in front.

There you go.

Good, good one.

Okay, come on.

Let's go.

- They're never gonna find it.

- [Host] Okay.

- Okay, Parker didn't want to hide the flag

so, guess Dad's in charge.

Now I'm just gonna find just the right place.

So, I'm in the basement.

There's no way out of the basement.

So, I'm gonna put the flag somewhere where

even to find it we'll have them cornered.

Good luck Adventurers.

- Alright, so this is a totally new way to play this game.

So, there's like 16 people in there.

So, we gotta really keep our eyes open.

So, I think we should have somebody go in

and we go in in single file or we go in twos.

Maybe we go in pairs of twos.

What do you guys think?

- I'm going in, I'm freezing.

- Yeah, I think, wait, so, oh, this is gonna be hard.

There's so many people in there.

- [Host] You guys have no idea, Jake, hi.

Guys, I think that we need to stick together

and not scatter because if they tag one of us we're out.

- Yeah.

- [Host] So that means don't go running, Ty.

You gotta stay with the family.

You have to stay with the family.

- Okay.

- [Mom] So, single file.

Let's try single file the first time.

We're probably gonna get caught then we'll just

- Shall we hold hands?

- No.

- Like a train?

- [Mom] No, then we won't be able to escape.

- Yeah, let's just go single file.

- Well, if you absolutely have to scatter, then do it.

- Just get--

- Or hide very well.

- Eevy brought us a blanket


- [Host] Now you guys don't have to freeze.

- Because we're freezing.

(swords clash)

- [Mom] Are you guys ready?

- They're ready.

- [Dad] Okay, so, we know she

- Welcome to our house!

- Oh, hi!

- Hi, are you guys new here?

- Yeah!


Wow! Very very friendly, very friendly neighbors.

- Come on, come on in.

- Hey guys.

- We're having pizza.

- [Mom] Hi!

Oh, you are?

Good I'm hungry.

- Defend myself.

- Look at their hands,

'cause somebody's holding the neighbor.

- [Mom] It's in the hands guys.

Who's leading the way?

Wait, he's the neighbor!

He's the neighbor!

- He's here. - Right here in plain sight.

- [Mom] No, he's right here.

Get him!


- [Mom] Run, run run!

(they scream)

- Wyatt!


- [Mom] Did we get tagged?

- [Dad] No, no, he's not the neighbor.

- No, he's not!

- [Mom] My gosh!


- They're following me!

- This is so hard.

- No, he just pulled a water bottle out of his pocket.

- [Mom] Are you kidding me?

- They're cheating!

- Are you kidding me?

You're sneaky.

Ah, it's right there!

I saw it!


- I saw it.

She's holding a peach in one hand

and then the neighbor.

- I found one.

It's on top of the mantel.

It's the flag on mantel.

- [Mom] Grab it and run out the garage.

He doesn't have it.

He doesn't have it.


You guys are scary!

- [Boy] She's already grabbed it.


- [Mom] No!

- They've got me!

- [Mom] You got tagged already?

- Oh, yeah 'cause they could pass it!

It was right on top of the (groans)

- Alright, we gotta try that one more time.

(swords clash)

- That was so hard,

because they all pretended to be the neighbor.

- And I forgot that they can pass!

- They're all in there eating dinner.

Shall we all try to take a piece of pizza?

- No.

- But I have an idea.

I have an idea.

Why don't we act like we did before

where we're all like freaking out like

oh, what, are they the neighbor?

Are they the neighbor?

And meanwhile we'll be distract to them.

Ty runs from room to room, upstairs, downstairs

- Yes!

- Grabs the flag

- Hides when he needs to.

- No, Ty, no, Ty

- Ty is tribute.

- Don't have Ty run but have him kind of just like he's

- He sneaks and goes through 'cause Ty's little and fast.

- He's sneaky.

- No one notices him.

- And he'll be like

- 'Cause Ty just sat down and started eating pizza

and like nobody noticed him.

He just blended in.

- So all of us kind of freak out a little bit

and Ty will go get the flags.

- I want pizza.

- [Mom] Ty, you're gonna get the flags?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Mom] Okay, you know the plan?

Okay, guys let's go.

- We can go in.

- I don't like this.

- I don't like this either.

- [Mom] Oh my goodness.


- It's so scary.

- Wait.

- Wait.


- Wait.

- [Mom] He has it.

- [Dad] Why is there so many people in this room?

- [Mom] Why is there so many people in this room?

Could you search the bedroom?

- [Sister] He's in the closet.

- [Mom] What?

Why is he in the closet?


- It's Stephen.


- [Dad] It's right here.


Watch the hands.

- [Mom] I'm watching the stairs.

Grab it.

Grab the flag.

Let's get it outside.


Go! Go!

- [Sister] I don't know who's in

- [Mom] Okay, so, let's put one flag out here.

Are you the neighbors?

- [Sister] These neighbors are a little weird.

We got one flag.

That was weird because I have no idea

who the neighbor is still.

- Wait.

- [Sister] What's that?

He has it.

He has it!


- Why are you in my house?

- [Mom] He has it.

- Wait, were we outside or not?

- [Mom] No, we were not outside.

We got caught in the door.

- We were at the door though.

- [Mom] No!

Guys that did not work.

This is the hardest Hello Neighbor game, ever.

- Alright, third time's a charm?

- Let's go upstairs.

- Should we try it third time?

We gotta go back out.

- We better get Ty.

- [Mom] Is Ty still upstairs?

- Ty is still in the house.

- Okay, we need Ty.

- We're gonna start.

So, we're gonna start upstairs this time.

(swords clash)

- [Mom] Wait.

- [Sister] We're not starting yet.

Oh, he's started.

- [Man] He's glitching.

That means he's not a neighbor.

- [Mom] He's glitching (laughs)

- [Sister] Yeah.

This can't be the real door neighbor.

- [Mom] What?

- [Sister] He's glitching.

- [Girl] Glitchy neighbor.



- [Mom] Monster.

- He got glitched.

- [Mom] Let's go guys.

- We're starting the next round.

- [Dad] This will be the safe room.

- Right, this is the safe room, you guys.

So, if you either make it outside or

enter in this room to be safe from the trap?

- [Mom] I don't know.

Does this work?

We should have had a room that was safe in every level.

- We should have.

- [Mom] We should have designated a safe room.

- Is there a safe room outside

or is this the safe room level?

- They don't know that.

- This is the third time

We're gonna win it this time.

We're good league.

- Someone's knocking on the door.

- So, here's the strategy.

Ty and I will run all the way to the basement.

You two take the middle floor.

Mom and Jake

- No, I wanna stay up here.

- Will take the top floor.

- So, normally, we don't split up as a team.

Normally, we stick together.

But this game's so hard, we have to split.

It's the only way to win.

- Neighbor!

- [Dad] Close the door.

- [Woman] Who's in my house?


- [Mom] Rachel's the neighbor, guys.


- She's an intense neighbor.

- (imitates) Who's in my house?

- Remember, she could have passed it off

to somebody else now.

- Oh no.

- Nice to have visitors.


- [Dad] Ty! Ty! We gotta go downstairs.

- [Mom] This is our safe room.

We declare it.


- [Mom] What are you doing?

I don't trust you.




- [Mom] Oh no!

This is creepy.

- Okay, we found one. Yes!

Okay, here, here, here.

Okay, you be careful.

Let's head outside, let's go.

- We thought we saw five.

- [Boy] Okay, we're coming.

- [Dad] Go to the garage.

Go to the garage if we have to.

The garage is the safe zone.


- Wait.

Hold on.

I don't trust...

- [Mom] Go, girls, go! Go! Go!

- There's nothing on the top floor.

- [Mom] I'll stay up here and guard.

- [Dad] Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!


- [Dad] So close!

- Go up! Go up! Go up! Go up! Go up!

Yeah, keep going up!

Keep going.

- My goodness, we have two flags.

We need one left, you guys.

We're so close!




- He just went downstairs.

- [Mom] Oh my gosh, downstairs?

Don't go that way.

- [Girl] Go back.

Behind me.

- [Mom] My gosh.

We need one more.

- Find it.

- Oh my goodness.

That's certainly here.

- [Dad] Neighbors!

- [Mom] Neighbors! Neighbors!


Okay, I'm hiding.

I'm hiding.

I hope they don't know I'm in here.

Oh no! He's right there.

I can see him.


- [Man] Who's in my house?

Who's in my house?


What are you doing in my house?

What are you doing in here?

- We need one more.

We're so close!

- [Mom] Is he downstairs or upstairs?

- I don't know but I'm like...

It's so confusing.

This is so confusing.

- [Mom] Just hide.

Oh my gosh!


Shhhh. We're not clear yet.


I've been hiding in here and he doesn't know.

He doesn't come in here, so just be quiet.

Let's go back out.

- Third try. Let's go.



- This is crazy.

Oh no, guys.

- [Girl] Where are they?

- We just need one flag.

They hid the last one so good.

- [Girl] We're hiding in the closet.

Audrey searched all the levels so far.

We haven't found any flags.

We've searched all the levels.

- [Mom] Is it outside already?

- I don't know.

I don't know.

- [Mom] She's here.

That's creepy.

That's creepy guys.

- Okay, I think the neighbor just saw me run upstairs,

which is scary.

We gotta hurry.

We gotta hurry, gotta find this flag.

Where could it be?

Where am I?

I've never been in this room before.

Okay, I have a bad feeling

that we are going to get...

See, that was our starting point.

- Wait!

- What? Did you find it?

- [Boy] Here it is!


- [Dad] Jake! Sweet!

Here! Here! Here! Here!

Watch for the neighbor.

Watch for the neighbor.


Jake, we should get into the garage.

Here's the garage.

Oh God!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go!

This is our safe room.

We could be getting ambushed.

Little guy, here we go.

- Wait!

- [Dad] Go to the garage.

Go to the garage, go to the garage.

Scary neighbors.

Jake, garage!


We were so close!

The exit was right there.


- [Mom] Jake, what happened?

They tagged me.

- [Mom] On the last flag, was it?

- Yeah.

- That was intense.

- [Girl] Yeah, I got like,

I got a little bit of my fun too.

- Alright guys, they got us.

That was pretty good.

That was a hard game and really cool twist.

Let us know if you like that twist.

Make sure to check out the Ohana Adventure

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We'll see y'all next time, bye!

- Bye, let's go get some pizza now.

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