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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ron Davis - Unlocking the Power of Dyslexia

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When he was a boy Ron Davis taught himself the alphabet

by modeling letters out of mud.

Whenever Ron tried to reason letters on it

they just wouldn't hold still.

They turned upside down

reversed into mirror images


and then appeared again in different places.

Teachers and classmates called him retarded.

I wanted to be like everybody else.

So ....

I tried and i tried and i tried

and the only thing that i could do

is I could fake it.

My problem is that not only didn't i think with the sounds of words

I didn't speak very well.


I either didn't speak at all

or when i tried to speak it was so

shameful for me

that i was just very quiet.

I just stayed very quiet.

As a child

Ron Davis was labeled

a Kanner's baby,

a term used in reference to the work of Dr Leo Kanner, a pioneer in the study

of what we call autism today.

Ron Davis also had


an inborn perceptual talent

possessed by about twenty percent of the world's population.

This talent made Ron Davis highly imaginative and creative.

It also interfered with his learning to read

As an adult Ron Davis became a successful engineer

artist and businessman

in spite of the fact that he was functionally illiterate.

Ron was thirty eight years old when he discovered how to turn off the

disorientation that made normal reading impossible. Unlocking the power of

dyslexia means learning to control disorientation, the visual and auditory

confusion experienced by all dyslexics.

What I initially discovered

was how to turn off disorientation

and I had been trying to read

for as long as i could remember

and struggling and not able to do that. But when I turned off the disorientation

I could see

the words clearly.

The words on the bottom of the page were just as big as the ones on the top.

There were spaces between the words, there were spaces between the letters, so you

didn't have to try to figure out where one word and in the next will be began.

I learned how to turn that off. I went to a library and I read a book from cover to


in one day.

Now I never dreamed of the ability to read a whole book

much less to it in one day. For me that kind of a dream would

have been a nightmare.

I never prayed for the ability to read a whole book.

I didn't think that was a kind of prayer that God would answer.

So on that day

one day in my life, I had an experience that was beyond my ability

to dream and beyond my ability to pray,

and as a result of that experience something happened.

It was the first day of my life that I consider myself to be real whole human


I wasn't a mistake that god made, or I was a mistake that some doctor made by

pinching my brain

and ruining it.

I was a real

human being.

The Description of Ron Davis - Unlocking the Power of Dyslexia