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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Home DIY Tutorial - My Pantry Makeover

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- Hey everyone Kayley here.

I am back with some more DIYs

and this time they are all home

organization slash decoration.

I have a pantry that has glass cabinet doors.

I don't know who thought that was a good idea

because you can see everything,

but now it's forcing me to not only be organized,

but make it pretty.

So this is the before, and it is the most

beforiest before you've ever seen.

It is a mess.

So I had to fix it, and I'm gonna show you guys three DIYs

that I am going to use to make this thing more

organized and more beautiful.

Hello and welcome to my insanely messy pantry.

Obviously the first thing I had to do

was take everything out of there.

So I removed everything and then sprayed down

the shelves and wiped them down.

So for the top shelf I just tackled my massive tea

collection this was mostly empty boxes at this point

that were just piled high.

So I went through, cleaned out a lot of those boxes

and then for the boxes where I still had tea,

I organized it into this really pretty tea container

from World Market.

And then I decided to take the cereal boxes out.

I put the cereal into clear plastic boxes

that keep it better, and that was it for the top shelf.

And that's all I did for those.

So let's move on to the actual DIY elements shall we?

(vigorous music)

I started by popping out all of the shelves from my pantry.

I got very lucky that these just came right out so

I could just do the back in one fell swoop.

I used some wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co.,

and I basically just stuck that to the wall.

I used these things called Zots, which are double-sided

little adhesive tabs that you usually use for scrap booking,

but I used them to stick this Rifle Paper Co.

wrapping paper to the back of my pantry wall,

and then all I had to do was put the shelves back in

and I was immediately obsessed with how this looks.

I love the extra color.

I love the girliness of the florals.

It just made me super duper happy.

Now let's move on to my spice rack DIY.

I decided to kind of make make my own spice jars

so that all of my jars could look the same.

I started with plain glass jars and then I grabbed a sharpie

paint pen in an extra fine tip, and I wrote the name

of the spices on each of the bottles.

Now, the great thing about this paint pen, is that

if it comes out wrong you can just wipe

it off immediately, and within like five minutes

it just comes off right away.

So if you spelled something wrong, if your handwriting

didn't look good, wipe it off, you're good to go.

Now after the paint sets, you can still remove

it with hot water and soap.

I like that about it because you can always be changing out

my spice rack and I'm not fully committed.

But if you wanted to be fully spice you just have

to use a clear sealer on top of it.

And then for my bigger jars I did the same thing,

but with a fine point because it was a little bigger

and matched the size of the jars better.

Once that was done, I just popped in a spice rack

and lined everything up.

I love how this turned out because it's uniform,

it's alphabetized so I can actually find my spices now,

and it just makes me feel more excited to cook.

(upbeat music)

And finally it's time for basket makeover because these

wicker baskets are not good for holding food.

If you spill food in there you can't get it all out.

So then you get bugs and germs, it's bad.

So I replaced them with these plastic ones

from the Container Store.

They're actually a little bigger too so that helps.

So I just sorted everything into the new baskets,

but I don't want the system to fall apart like it did

last time because I didn't label anything.

I forgot which baskets were for which,

so this time I'm making pretty labels for each

of the baskets.

I started out with these frames that I got from

the Dollar Store.

These are for like place cards or something like that.

I just went ahead and removed everything that was inside

of them so get ride of the glass.

Get rid of the backing.

Get rid of those funny little pictures that come with it,

and that way you just have the frame.

And now I'm jut gonna paint them.

So first I primed it to get it all ready and then I used

gold spray paint to make these gold.

And obviously you could do whatever color fits you

and your color scheme.

Once the frames were dry I went ahead

and printed out my labels.

I had to cut them down to size,

and then put them back in just like you open

in a picture frame with the glass and the backing

and everything.

And then I just popped the little kickstand off the of

the frame because I figured that would get in the way

of gluing it to the basket later.

Once your frames are all ready just grab your hot glue gun,

coat the back of this in a little bit of hot glue

and stick it to the basket.

I found that I hold it for a few seconds before it kind

of pulled into place, but once it did these were

done and ready to go.

I think the basket organizing system is really helpful

because you don't have to have everything perfectly in

place, but it is more organized and easy to find this way,

especially now that things are labeled.

I'm not going to be putting them back into

the wrong baskets anymore.

And that is my pantry make over.

I cannot get over how different it looks.

It looks so much more organized and so much more beautiful.

It makes me smile now.

And that's the whole reason to really like get creative

and try new things is to bring more happiness

into your home.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Try this out in your closets,

or your medicine cabinets, or whatever.

You can use these little jars for, I don't know,

q-tips and bobby pins.

You can use the baskets for your clothes.

Just get excited, try it out.

See if you like it.

That's it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it.

Be sure to check back Saturday for my next tutorial,

and I'll see you then.



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