Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to make a bookmark

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MELISA: What's the matter?

EMILY: Pff, I can't find the page!

MELISA: Hmm. Do you know what we could do?

EMILY: No. What?

MELISA: We could make a bookmark! What do you think?

EMILY: That's a great idea!

Melisa, what do we need?

MELISA: We need some coloured paper,


and some felt-tip pens.

OK, so the first thing to do is to fold one corner to make a triangle.

Perfect! Then cut off the extra paper.

EMILY: So now we've got a square!

MELISA: That's right! And now, the folding stage.

First turn it around so it's like a diamond shape. Now bring the bottom corner up and

fold it to make a triangle. Then, take the right-hand corner, bring it up and fold.

Repeat on the other side.

Open it back into a triangle and bring the top corner down and fold.

Then bring the flap over

and fold it under.

Repeat on the other side.

EMILY: Woah! Is it finished?

MELISA: Yes, you made it!

EMILY: MmmI think it's missing something!

MELISA: Really? What?

EMILY: Much better!

MELISA: Wow, it's scary!

EMILY: The bats for the horror stories book

MELISA: The alien for the science-fiction bookAnd the shark?

EMILY: For the pirates book!

MELISA: We hope you have fun making your own bookmarks!


MELISA: Remember! To make a bookmark: make a paper square

fold the square

decorate it.

That's it! Now you can use your bookmark.

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