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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NOAH CHEATED AGAIN?! Twin Telepathy Cake Challenge | SuperHero Kids Challenges

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- Hey guys I'm Hope.

- I'm Noah.

- I'm Eden.

- And that's our little sister Haven.

- And we're the Super Hero Kids!

- And today, we're gonna be playing

twin telepathy cake challenge!

- Oh yeah!


(upbeat music)

- We've played this before but with pizza or cookie pizza.

- Pizza!

- So now we're playing with cake.

Let's get started.

So rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first.

So Noah and Eden.

- Whoa!

(suspenseful music)

Dang it!

- Okay, we go first.

So we're gonna pick which cake mix we want.

Our options are: Funfetti, chocolate

and strawberry.

- Are they all not Funfetti?

- This is our option.


- I feel like Haven's gonna look at the funfetti now

since they talked about it.

- Ready?

- Ready?

Set, go.


Let's bake our cakes!

(loud laughing)

- Ow.

- You take one side and I'll take the edge.

- [Hope] Are you supposed to put the baking mix

in the bowls 'cause we don't have ours.

(engine revving)

- [Zane] Hang on.

- Okay we're gonna put this in our bowls.

- [Eden] Haven's like, just scoop it.


- We'll open it together.

- [Haven] I wanna mix it.

- It's gonna do that all over my white shirt.

Noah you're stealing it, let me.

We're fighting over this.

(loud laughing)

- You guys dump yours in first.

- Okay, okay!

That's good brother.

- You gotta do it all.

- We don't?

- You do!

- Oh.

(loud laughing)

- What you doing over here?

(loud laughing)

- Our turn.

- We already dumped half of it now we're gonna

finish off the...

(loud laughing)

- Look at that!

- It looks like dirt.

- [Haven] Okay that's enough, that's enough.

- Like you.


- [Haven] That's enough, that's enough!

(loud laughing) (loud shouting)

- Okay, round two.

And this time they're gonna pick and we have to guess.

Our options are water,

eggs or oil.

- We only get to pick one of the ingredients

that are all supposed to be in it?

(loud laughing)


- So obviously all of these have to be in the cake

so what we're gonna have to guess is which one

they were going to put in first.


- Okay did y'all pick?

- [Noah] Did you pick?

- Yes, we're ready.

- [Hope] Yes, okay.

We're gonna pick this, this?

Okay we're picking this, ready, set, go.

- Haha!

- Darno.

- Do we add all of it?


- [Zane] Noah's so confused.

- Wait, wait!

- Wait!

- Now wait no we don't mix it.

- What're you doing, what're you doing, what're you...

- Wait do you put water and oil into the cake?

- Yeah?

- Yes.

- That's too much of liquid.

(loud laughing)

(gentle music)

- Why, oh no!

It was so hard at first.

Ew it's so hard.

I'm not good at this.

- Be careful.

- [Noah] Why you peeling it like an orange?

- I'm washing the egg off.


- [Zane] Oo.

- It's cake batter.


Now it's our turn, Noah goes first.

Okay okay.

Ew, there's a big fat shell!

- There is?

- [Eden] What?

- Oh no, that's just the batter.

- Oh my gosh. Hope.

(loud laughing)

- I can crack the eggs better than you.

- [Zane] How did you get literally nothing

but the shell in?

- [Hope] I don't know.

There's some outer shell thing happenin'.

- It's squishy.

- And then, ready?

- [Zane] Squeeze it!

(loud laughing)

(light music)

(loud laughing)

Hope, it's in your hair!

- [Eden] I saw that, the corner of my eye.

- The yellow yolk is going down my white shirt.

- [Eden] We can wash it.


- [Noah] It's our turn.

- [Zane] You're stirring the bowl, not the batter.

- Okay next round.

Okay, it is now time for round three

and our options are cereal options.

So Cocoa Krispies, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops.

- We are going to pick.

- [Zane] Okay, what do Eden and Haven think?

- Um,

They could, I don't know why they'd do Fruit,

let's go with Fruit Loops.

- [Haven] Yeah.

- [Hope] Okay ready, set, go.

- Ah!

- They're great!

- [Eden] I don't eat cereal.

- This bird is...

(loud laughing)

bird is...

(loud laughing)

- [Zane] Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- The bird is boring, it says natural fruit flavors.

(loud laughing)


- That box really liked chocolate cake batter!

(loud laughing)

Hide those.

- [Haven] Stir it, stir it, gotta get it out.

- Round four.

(hands clapping)

Our options are

Skittles, M&M'S,

or Reese's Pieces.

- We're picking?

- And it's their turn to pick.


- Okay we're ready.


Three, two, one.


- Reese's!

- Skittles!

- [Zane] Wah, wah, wah.

- [Hope] This is gonna be a nasty cake.

- I told you you should've...

- [Zane] What, chocolate and skittles goes together so well!

(loud laughing)

- [Zane] Alright, Eden and Haven's turn.

- Ready Haven?

Oh my gosh, she went for it!

This girl's wild.

(loud laughing)

- Now we gotta bake our cakes,

bake the cake.

- Three, two, one.

(hands clapping)

- Whoa here it is!

- Look at our cake.

- There's our cakes.

- So we're gonna just dive right in, oh my gosh.

(loud laughing)

- Ew, all the Reese's are out of the cake.

- [Zane] They look like baked beans.

It's out already.

- Okay my turn.

- [Haven] I need a napkin.

- Come out!

Ew no it split in half!

- Okay this is nasty, I can't look at that.

- All the skittles are melted at the bottom!

- Ew!

(loud laughing) - [Zane] Ew.

- Okay guys, I have an idea for round five is frostings

so I'm going to frost my cake back together.

Let's bring in the frosting.


They're right here.

(loud laughing)

Okay, so it is our turn now to pick our frosting.

- And we're guessing what they're planning.

- Whoa!

- Are we guessing?

- Yeah sure.

- Okay this is ours options.

- I...

[Zane] Alright, what do you guys think they picked?

- Three, two.

- [Zane] Alright.

- [Hope] One.

(loud shouting) Ah.


- Okay we're gonna put our cake on the plate

and we're gonna frost it together.

- It's upside down.

(gasping) Satisfying!

- [Noah] Oh!

- [Hope] It's so nice.

(loud laughing)

Okay, we're gonna do a chill coat

that keeps all the crumbs together.

I watch baking shows guys, come on I know how this works.

And then we're going to do another layer that is

the final layer that makes it real pretty looking.

If we have enough buttercream.

- I don't know how professionals do this.

- Guys my secret identity, I do cake shows.

- Oh my gosh that looks disgusting.

- [Hope] It looks heavenly like the sea.

- [Eden] It looks like cookie monster.

Okay guys.


It's not satisfying.

- [Hope] Is yours not satisfying?

Let me see. - [Noah] Can I see?

- At least we got one good Funfetti thing.

- [Haven] Well that's okay.

- Noah, you're getting in my way, go over there.

- Hope!

- Brother-sister love.

- More like hate.

- This is not a way to work it out.

This just makes it worse.

- [Haven] This is just ruining it.

- Haven, 'cause you're not, you're stabbing it!

- [Haven] No I'm not!

- You have to spread it.

- See we are better at this part.

(chomping noise)

- [Zane] Wait, let's see.

(loud laughing)

- [Eden] Hey guys, what's going on over here?

- [Hope] We're just making our perfect cake.

Look how good this looks.

Are you kidding me?

- [Eden] It looks like an ocean.

- Round six is some delicious treats.

We have either gummy worms, gummy bears or sprinkles.

It's y'alls turn to pick.

- Okay guys, we've made our choice.

- [Zane] Oo, you're really sure about...

- Noah!

- I didn't look!

- Yes you did.

- I looked at your cake.

- I'm going to pick.

- [Zane] Why?

- They'll go with our theme.

I think they picked these.

- [Zane] Alright, everyone hold it up, ready, three, two...

- Darno!

- The gummy bears taste like soap.

- [Zane] You did not listen to my countdown.

(loud laughing)

- Here we go guys, here we go.

Okay I'm done.

Round number seven.

Is they're gonna pick it.

It's some more delicious treats.

Some ginormous marshmallows.

- Oh, fluffy balls.

They're 'lil fluffy balls.

- Some fruit slices and then the best cotton candy.

- Cotton candy.

- Bruh.

- We get to pick.

- Let's do these.

- Okay we'll do them.

- [Zane] Alright.

- They definitely didn't pick these,

nobody in their right mind would pick these, ugh.


we have a pink

Valentine's cake going on here.

So I think we're gonna stick with the theme.

- Three, two, one.


- This is gonna be our coral.

- [Zane] Coral.

- Is coral pink?

(loud laughing)

What planet do we live on?

- Yes, coral is pink.

There's such color as coral.

- Chubby bunny.

I can't even chew.

- Eat it.

- [Zane] You can do it I believe in you, do it!

(loud laughing)

- My turn!

(loud laughing)

- [Zane] Wait, Hope can't even do one!

(loud laughing)

- Okay, moving on.

- Chubby bunny.

- Okay guys, this is the final round of

the twin telepathy cake challenge.

And so, here are our options,

there's lots of different cakes.

So we have some Valentine Ding Dongs.

- [Noah] A cake on a cake.

- [Hope] Some of these cake sticks.

- [Noah] Valentine Ding Dongs.


And some more, I think these are actually

Valentine Twinkies or something like that.

So, okay y'all pick.

- Okay time for us to pick, this was a hard choice.

This was a hard choice. - [Hope] Okay.

But we were between these,

- They were between these, I know that.

- And we're gonna pick this one.

- [Noah] Some Ding Dongs.


- Okay, by the clues that I have heard from them

through this whole game, they're going for

a Valentine's pink theme.

So I was thinking, and I was like, Valentine's pink thing,

obviously these.

But then I realized these aren't pink.

- They're Ding Dongs.

- These are, so I think they're going for these.

- Three, two, one.

- [Zane] Oh!

- Hey oh.

- [Zane] Wah, wah, wah. - What do those taste like?

Are these Twinkies?

Like that.

- Using the cream.

- What are you doing?

- Putting cream on my cake.

- [Noah] Okay.

- It reminds me of those cotton candy things.


- Okay, now it's time for the cake reveal.

Ready guys?

Three, two, one.

(happy music)

Ba dum!

- Yours looks beautiful, I guess.

- Yours is so flat.

- Yeah, at least ours is properly iced.

- Yeah look at that.

- So is ours!

- No its not, I can see brown and brown and brown

and brown and brown and brown everywhere.

- [Eden] No you can't.

- [Hope] Yeah I still can.

(sad music)

Okay guys comment down below which cake was your favorite

from the twin telepathy cake challenge.

Mine is the sea blast.

- Ours is cotton candy towers.

- So yeah, definitely comment down below

and also click right here if you

wanna see one of our other twin telepathy videos.

And yeah that's it, love you guys.

- Bye!

- Bye.

- Bye!

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