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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Avery Visits ? Horseback Riding & Exploring the Creek !!!

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- Addy's buddy Avery is in town visiting us from Phoenix,

and we are here today at the place where Addy

does her horseback riding lessons,

and the girls are going to do a lesson together.

(country music)

So, Addy this is Chef, right?

- Yep.

- That's who you're gonna ride,

and Avery who are you riding?

- Midnight.

- And that is who Addy usually rides

so you get to meet Addy's buddy today.

- Yeah, little miss perfect


- Little miss perfect, is that what you call her?

There's Midnight.

You've probably seen Avery before

in a lot of our Tic Tac Toy videos.

She has appeared in probably like 10 or 15 of them.

She's Addy's best friend back in Phoenix

when we lived there and we're so excited to have her here

in Nashville with us.

We're gonna film another video actually with her tomorrow,

so you'll have to be watching

on Tic Tac Toy for a video featuring Avery

in probably a week or so.

Hey Chef.

(country music)

- So like you can get off some, like, hairs

or you can get off, like, some of the dirt

cause, like, as you can see when I do this,

she has lots of dust.

- Lots of dust flies off.

Addy's knowledge always amazes me

because I did not grow up around horses,

I don't know the terminology,

so it's pretty cool to see her take on something

and just be so knowledgeable for a, for a nine year old

about something that I know nothing about.

It's pretty inspiring, pretty interesting to watch.

And Avery is over here brushing Midnight.

How you doing Avery?

- Good.

- [Lucy] Are you a little bit nervous at all?

- Um a little bit

'cause the horse is pretty big

- [Lucy] (giggling)

- But last time when I rode the horses

with you guys, it was bigger.

- But you did well.

Yeah but last time Avery was visiting us in Nashville,

she went horseback riding with Addy again.

We were at a different barn

at that time though and had different horses.

So it's a new experience for her this time.

But Midnight, Addy loves Midnight,

so Avery's gonna be in good hands today.

(upbeat music)

Addy had kind of a crazy experience on Midnight

about a month ago.

- Yep.

- And I saw it and it kinda terrified me.

So you were riding Midnight around little corral

or not sure what you call it. And what happened?

- I fell off.

- How'd it happen though?

- Well, I was trotting but then she went too fast

- Midnight started speeding up.

- Yeah, so then I held onto her.

I tried to stop her so I held onto her neck,

and I slid off the side and then she stopped.

- Yeah, she like had her arms around the neck

and slid down so she was like hanging in front of the horse

around its neck. And Midnight stopped, we love Midnight,

Midnight's a sweetie, took good care of her,

and stopped and let her get off,

but it was a little frightening to watch, I must say,

cause I was sitting there on the side watching it,

my eyes are getting bigger and there's nothing I can do

but sit and watch my daughter fall off a horse.

But we're good right?

- Yeah.

- No injuries, she got right back up and did it again.

- Yep.

(country music)

- Chef, c'mon.

- [Lucy] What are you trying to put on Chef?

- The bit.

- [Lucy] What does the bit do?

- Well it's kind of like a steering wheel.

- [Lucy] A steering wheel?

You girls have a good time!

(upbeat music)

- Maya and I find lots of fun games to do

while Addy's taking horseback riding lessons

and the one today is hide-and-seek

with her puppy stuffed animal.

I hid it pretty well up in the tree,

she couldn't find it.

(country music)

- [Lucy] Mommy to the rescue!

Go Addy, go girl!

Can you make a horse noise?

- (snorts)

- [Lucy] (laughs)

- (snorts)

- [Lucy] What is it Maya?

- Found a ladybug.

- Ooh.

You got it girl. (laughs)

Little ladybug.

The place where Addy takes her horseback riding lessons

is about a half hour from our home.

It's a little bit of a trek to get here every week,

but when I'm here I just enjoy it so much

because it's beautiful, there's so much greenery,

there's horses, there's fresh air, and it's just a chance

to kind of unplug and relax and just escape

from all the busyness of life.

Run, Maya, run!

Run, Maya, run!

- [Black Shirt woman] Thirty point seven eight seconds.

- [Lucy] (laughs) That was fast.

- [Black Shirt woman] Do you think you can go faster?

- Oh here comes Miss Avery, she's getting ready

to go around the rails right now.

Good job Avery, you like Midnight?

She's a sweetie.

You girls did awesome, good job!

Alright, you girls go for your trail walk.

- [Black Shirt woman] Have fun!

- [Lucy] Have fun!

(rock music)

- Chef seemed a little bit more like stubborn

than Midnight is.

Was she a little bit, or he?

- Yep. Yep.

- [Lucy] What'd he do?

- Well, he kept pulling his head down like he is right now.

- [Lucy] Chef!

Does that make it hard to ride him?

- Yep.

- You did a good job,

even though he was a little bit stubborn for you.

(upbeat music)

- Well after horseback riding,

we decided to head to the creek.

The girls are already kind of dirty and messy,

and we're trying to get across this big creek path

to a little path over here,

and we have some nervous girls with us.

Are you guys nervous?

- There's so many rocks!

- I'm so cold!

- We're getting a little deeper than I thought.

It did just kind of rain recently,

so the creek


is a little bit deeper than I told them it would be.

- (screams)

But it's only gonna get to our waist, maybe.

But if we get over here, it's really cool!


- [Lucy] You guys are doing great!

- How are you not cold?

- Yeah, I think we need to do a picture moment.

Come see it over here and let's get pictures.

It's gorgeous here, we've had a pretty,

very pretty day.

It's June here in Tennessee and we've had beautiful,

beautiful weather lately, I'm so glad.

(upbeat music)

Big smiles!

Is it getting deep?

You girls are getting kind of deep.

- This water is, like, green!

- [Lucy] (laughs)

- And scary!

- It's like gorgeous, once you get up there,

but it's like freezing!

- Okay


Oh it's getting deep here!

It's deep here!

Oh my gosh!


Yes, creeks are not something you have

or play in in Arizona, so this is very new to them.

It's relatively new to us,

but we're breaking them in to Tennessee.

You guys are almost there!

- Are there any alligators?

- No, there's no alligators here goofball!

We made it to the fun part though. Here's the little trail,

and this is where we're going to explore girls!

(adventure music)

- [Lucy] Isn't it pretty back here?

- Yeah.

- We've walked through this path a few times in the past.

We've never, like, made it to the end though,

and I don't know where it ends.

I don't know if we'll make it today, but I feel like it has

to end like somewhere.

I don't want to say end necessarily,

but end up in another body of water.

So we'll see how far we make it today.

(rushing water)

- Anybody thirsty?

Look, a drinking fountain right here.

- [Avery] Yum!

- [Lucy] Want some Avery?

- Yeah, sure.

- [Lucy] Addy, you thirsty?

- Is this actually clean - [Lucy] Right there!

I'm sure it is, spring water.


- Delicious!

- [Lucy] No I wouldn't really drink it.

- Addy jk'd me

- [Lucy] She jk'd you?

- Yeah, that means joking.

And she said that there's a water snake.

- [Lucy] Oh there's no water snakes!

Addy-roo, did you say there was a water snake?

- What?

- [Lucy] There's no water snakes

- Yeah there is, we just saw one slithering

through the water mom.

- I have not seen a water snake.

I don't think we have anything to worry about.

- [Avery] Look it.

- [Lucy] Are minnows in there? Oooh.

We have come to know a lot of different bugs

and animals here.

We actually had a frog in our yard, a few days ago.

And it was kind of cool, I'd never seen like

a frog like outside of like a science lab

or whatever.

Right in our front yard, just hopping around.

Every time we come to the creek, this tree has been here.

And I always feel like it's on the verge of like falling

on someone's head and it kind of terrifies me.

I'm going to show it to you guys.

Don't stand under it girls!

Addy, get out from underneath that tree!

Look at this!

It is just like hanging there from that little tiny bit.

So girls, do not play underneath that.

That is scary, look at that, isn't that scary?

And we've come here a few times over the last year,

and it's still here and I keep expecting it

to be like fallen down next time I come by.

All right I made it through.

Now we just have to make it through on the way back too.

It's actually really dry up here, look at this.

It's practically dry land.

- Oh my gosh, there's a snake hole!

- [Lucy] A snake hole?

- [Addy] Mom look!

- [Lucy] That could be a snake hole, I don't know.

- Oh it is! It is!

- [Lucy] Do you see one?

Do you see one?

Is it really a crab?

- [Black Shirt woman] A crab skeleton.

Hold on, don't move the water.

- [Lucy] Kay, no splashing.

Oh there is something there.


Oh yeah

- [Black Shirt woman] It was living at some point.

- [Addy] Oh my gosh

That's creepy!

- I don't know what that is, it's not quite a crab.

I don't know what that is.

So I don't think we've ever been this far down the creek.

It's very still, like stagnant water almost now.

It's not running anymore.

I think these like crab-like skeletons

are freaking me out a little bit.

Ooh this one, I don't know what these are.

- This one is so much bigger.

- [Avery] I feel like something's eating these.

- [Lucy] I don't know what that is.

It's not pretty looking though.

- [Addy] Nope.

- [Black Shirt woman] Is it the same?

- Yeah. Wanna come peek, Maya?

There's nothing in this creek that can like harm you.

Look, I don't know what it is, it's right there though.

- (screams)

- [Lucy] Oh Maya, you stop it!

- Ewww, ewww!

- [Lucy] (laughs)

We're back out to the creek area, the big creek.

You're practically underwater!

- Ahh! Oh my gosh!

- [Lucy] And there's a tree that fell down

right in the middle of the creek out here,

so the kids are sitting on it and enjoying it.

Kind of nice, a little canoe out here.

Row the boat, Maya!

I feel like you could canoe down here

if it got a little bit deeper.

Like a good current flowing.

So, Avery, what do you think of the creek?

- I like when the water's clear so you can like, see things.

- [Lucy] It's pretty clear here.

- [Avery] Yeah.

- Oh no, we lost a flip-flop!


What did you find?

Is that a seashell?

- Yeah.

- [Lucy] I guess a river-shell I should say.

- Yeah, there it is.

- [Lucy] Oh, did you drop it?

- No, that was a rock.

- [Lucy] Can I see it?

Ooh that is.

Is the current strong?


Arm here, Maya!

- [Lucy] You silly goose.

It's not scary, you goofball

- I know but I could slip!

- [Lucy] (laughs) You're not going to slip.

- It's really slippery right here.

- [Lucy] It's moving fast and it's very shallow.

No one's going anywhere.

(fun music)

- [Lucy] I missed this!

You slipped and fell in the water didn't you?

- Yep.

- [Lucy] You're soaking wet.

(fun music)

- [Lucy] That's a good one Maya.

Does it actually open and close?

How neat, what'd you get Avery?

- Um, I got a bunch. - [Lucy] Shells too?

So neat.

I love 'em.

Well, we've had a busy day of outdoor fun

between horseback riding and playing in the creek

and I think we're going to go home and relax now.

Thank you for watching.

Be sure to subscribe to Tic Tac Toy

and Tic Tac Toy Family and we'll see you next time.


(funky music)

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