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Schubi: Very good!

Nick: Right, that one's going!

Schubi: Yes!

Nick: No!

Schubi: Yes!

Glck auf and welcome to this new video on the best club in the world's

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It's now time for another football challenge, this time with Markus Schubert

Schubi: Hi, Servus!

Nick: And we've set up two drills for you here

I'm intrigued to see who will win.

Schubi, are you ready?

Schubi: I'm ready!

Nick: Then let's go!

Schubi: Enjoy!

Schubi: Rock, paper, scissors.

Schubi: Yeah, you saw that I went for scissors before

Schubi: Erm, what do I do?

Schubi: I'll go in goal first.

Nick: Aaaaah.

Schubi: That's gone!

Nick: You had it covered, eh?

Schubi: Yeah.

McKennie: On fire!

Schubi: Gone.

Nick: Ah, that was poor.

Schubi: You warmed up yet?

Nick: Enough for you yeah.

Nick: Maaaan!

Nick: I've got one more.

Schubi: Zero!

Wagner: The finish was a real blockbuster

Schubi: Yes!

Nick: Yep.

Schubi: Ah, s***.

Nick: That's like one of your saves, isn't it?

Schubi: Why am I hitting it down the middle

Schubi: Aaaaah!

Schubi: That's all I needed though.

Nick: You did what you had to.

Schubi: Yep, exactly.

Schubi and Nick: That's not a bad start!

Schubi: Stay there!

Nick: I'll just hit yours now and then mine will stop.

Schubi: Try it.

Nick: Aha.

Schubi: Der ist natrlich nicht schlecht.

Nick: Aaaah.

Nick: I think mine's closer though.

Schubi: Yeah.

Nick: Ooooh.

Nick: This could be close.

Schubi: Oh no! That's.... Nick: I can't tell.

Nick: Nah, that was bad.

Nick: That was bad.

Schubi: Can I take it to the side as well?

I can, can't I?

Nick: Yeah, of course.

Nick: You just have to be behind the line

Nick: Time to get tactical.

Schubi: Aaaaaaah.

Schubi: Crap!

Nick: I'm just going to try everything I can now

Nick: Now to knock yours out of the way.

Wagner: It will be a close contest.

Schubi: Yours is closer, I'd say.

Nick: Mine's closer, yeah?

Schubi: Yep.

Schubi: Yep. Damn!

Schubi: Yeah, well we can't leave it as a draw can we?

Nick: Yeah okay we'll do another round of that then, yeah?

Schubi: Yeah.

Schubi: Another one of these?

Nick: Yeah I'd say so.

Schubi: Yes.

Nick: We can't end on a draw

Schubi: No no.

Nick: I'll start this time.

Schubi: Okay.

Nick: That wasn't good, but... it was a safety shot.

Nick: Oh Shit.

Schubi: Stop!

Nick: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

Schubi: Stay where you are!

Schubi: Stay where you are!

Schubi: Aaaah.

Nick: That one rolled off a little.

Schubi: Yep.

Nick: There!

Nick: Go on, a bit more. Ah s***!

Schubi: That's goooood!

Nick: That was good, s***.

Schubi: That was very good.

Schubi: Very good!

Nick: Okay, that one needs moving!

Nick: Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it!

Schubi: Yes!

Nick: No!

Schubi: Yes! Haha.

Schubi: Now it would be... That's another very good shot!

Nick: Extremely good!

Schubi: It's staying as well... Nick: ... bang on.

Schubi: Well, almost.

Nick: That was strong, that was strong.

Nick: Okay then.

Schubi: Your one lucky shot there.

Schubi: I'd cover up your balls as well.

Nick: Yeah, true.

Schubi: Because a mate of mine once got hit in the balls from behind.

Schubi: That was brutal.

Kahn: Like I said, we need to show some balls!

Schubi: May I?

Nick: Aaaaaah!

Schubi: Great hit!

Schubi: That wasn't full power though.

Nick: Yeah I noticed.

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