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[Electronic music]

[Chloe Alexandra Thompson] Digital art is such a huge, world-wide, global thing.

And Amplify is doing a really amazing job

in these spaces it inhabits.

But as long as there's gender disparity anywhere,

I feel like we need to keep doing this.

[Nelly-Eve Rajotte] Is this a women-friendly space?

We're close. We're making progress

But I think there's lots of work left to be done.

There are systemic differences

that are anchored in the established methods.

But I think with Amplify,

It helps women to occupy their own space.

[Kaleema] My experience with Amplify has been truly wonderful.

I'm so happy and full of inspiration.

I was able to be here the whole week of the festival.

So I got to see a lot of shows

participate in many discussions and masterclasses.

And fortunately the shows

that most interested, amazed

and inspired me were by the women in Amplify.

That was wonderful.

[Analucía Roeder] It definitely has been empowering for me,

having an institution that values your work

definitely makes you be, "Okay, yeah, I'm not..."

There's something I'm doing well, so let's keep on doing it.

So that's pretty amazing.

[Libby Heaney] This week has been fantastic,

It's been really nice to be brought into this network of women,

all doing absolutely incredible things,

and most of the women here are making work

that is quite different to mine, because I don't work with sound.

And I find it super inspiring to see and listen to this,

but also having discussions, I've learned so much from them.

Maybe they've learned some bits about AI

and the things that I do as well

so I think that that exchange is so important.

[Kaleema] Amplify has inspired me so much at this particular moment.

I'm in a real transitional moment

finishing my second album.

And many of the talks and masterclasses

that I went to, and the shows that I saw

gave me new ideas to bring back to my studio in Buenos Aires.

They gave me another perspective

so that I can try new things.

And that really means so much to me.

I'm so happy it happened at this exact moment,

as I'm in the middle of a creative composition process.

[Chloe Alexandra Thompson] The initiatives of the website

and all of these database-based networking

and/or opening these realms of communication

that we can have with each other, because we're all dealing

with similar circumstances within technology, digital arts,

performance and being able to have an outlet to just ask a question.

Like, "What is this? How do I address this?"

One of us might have just done that two days before.

[Analucía Roeder] I don't know, like I want to mix even more softwares.

So I know that she uses Touch Designer

and this other girl uses Unreal

and maybe I should try Unreal.

I work in Unity, but maybe I should try using Unreal.

So that's pretty cool because

you start mixing stuff

and I think that's pretty digital, mixing things.

[Nelly-Eve Rajotte] My experience with Amplify,

it's just brand-new, only since the festival began,

but I found that it brought new life

to my participation.

This is how we work,

and the discussion that I had with the other girls,

the other women who are here at the festival,

it fosters a feeling of belonging.

[Kaleema] I think the next step is for us to dare to use more technologies.

Even if we don't know what we're doing at first.

Men don't understand better than women

things like engineering or how to use cables or software.

I think we have a kind of fear.

And it's not necessary.

We can do it. It's easy.

We have to want it. We have to be inspired.

We have to be consistent and determined.

[Libby Heaney] The more awareness there is of inequalities,

then the more other people, including men,

accept these types of discussions

and assist in empowering women in these spaces.

[Nelly-Eve Rajotte] The next generation!

I think that for young women who want to make music,

this will help them

not to be afraid of applying to festivals.

[Chloe Alexandra Thompson] Ampli-five more years of it?


[Electronic Music]

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