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Bladesmiths, welcome to our strength test.

Another fan favorite, the log chop.

What I'm gonna do is take each of your blades

and perform 10 strikes on this chunk of wood.

This is going to test the strength of your edge

and the overall construction of your knife itself.

Rich, you're up first.

You ready?

I am.

Let's have some fun.

RICH: I intentionally made my knife heavy,

so it would get through the chopping test well.

[chopping sounds]

[rock music]

About an inch and 3/8 there.


Good job.

Thank you.

JUDGE: This did very well cutting into that log.

The one thing, that handle--

it was very uncomfortable.

It was really putting pressure on my fingers

there, trying to hold onto it.

But it cut very well.

The edge is still razor sharp.

It's nicely done.

Thank you.

Kelly you're up next.

You ready?

I'm as ready as I'm gonna get.

Good enough, then.

[chopping sounds]

[rock music]

JUDGE: Made it down about an inch and a quarter, Kelly.


Your edge held up great.

It's nice and sharp.

Right now I feel like I'm in the battle of the giant handles,


It's very rounded, so those last few strikes,

I was trying not to have the blade twist in my hand.

But your edge held up, so good job.


What you think, Dave?

You ready?

Yep, go for it.

[chopping sounds]

[rock music]

JUDGE: Went down an inch and a half.

Good job.

DAVE: Thank you.

JUDGE: Cut very well.

It was actually very comfortable in the hand.

No rollovers, no shiny spots.

Very nice job.

Thank you.

Now I'm going to pass you off to Doug for the sharpness test.

To test your blade's sharpness,

I will cut through the ham three times.

If it's held its edge and is sharp, it should cut cleanly.

Rich, you're up first.

You ready?

I am.

[dramatic music playing]

DOUG: Well, Rich, the grip was a little bit big and blocky.

The weight of the weapon is a little bit heavy.

But then again, it cuts cleanly without even

having to use power.

It's a very sharp edge right there.

This, sir, will cut.

Thank you.

Kelly, you're next.

Are you ready?


DOUG: Let's do this.

[dramatic music playing]

Well, Kelly, it glided nicely and sliced across the meat.

The issue I have here is a little bit on your handle.

The area that you have your bolsters on,

it really digs into my finger.

Overall, though, it's got a nice feel to it, and it is sharp.

This will cut.

Dave, you're up next.

Are you ready?

Yes sir.

[dramatic music playing]

Well, Dave, the balance on this blade,

though, it is light and fast.

And, as you can see, it lacerates clearly.

Your handle construction is smooth.

It feels good in the hand.

But your decorated piece over here?

If you were a left-handed practitioner,

it could be a little bit of an issue for that.

Overall, it will cut.

Good job.

Thank you.

HOST: Bladesmiths, your weapons have been tested,

and the judges have evaluated your work.

It's time for one of you to leave the forge.

Kelly, your blade did not make the cut.

JUDGE: Kelly, you did a great job on your blade,

but the real problem was those bolsters.

The bottoms were so sharp that if I

hadn't been wearing a glove, it would've

really cut into my hand.

And if a handle's going to hurt the user,

then it's not really a functional weapon.

HOST: Kelly, you have to surrender your weapon

and leave the forge.

To be up against the clock and to put on a handle

that I'm happy with is clearly not my strong suit.

But I got to compete with some really great guys--

and see that time clock again.


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