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Hey guys its Lauren welcome my channel or welcome back to my channel today I'm

sharing my thoughts on bunch and they make up launches that are coming out

this month um there's been a lot of releases lately and I think a lot of

people are saying that releases have slowed down but in my opinion I don't

know if we just had a little bit of a break there and I completely forgot how

fast we makeup industry produces product but I feel like product has been coming

out like crazy so there's a ton for me to talk about in today's video I have my

notes ready I pretty much always use notes whenever I'm doing these videos

and that's because I have so much I want to share I love giving my opinions on

the products and you guys seem to really like hearing my perspective on it

sometimes I'm just totally doing an eye over a product and I'm like I'm totally

gonna get that and then sometimes I'm just roasting these products to fill and

it's really just I just want to be as open and honest with you about the

products and my opinions on them and I love hearing your thoughts and it the

comment section down below so I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on products

that I talk about or just new products that I may not have touched on in

today's video along with that I do mention you know when you can get the

products how much you can get them for just a bunch of general information if

you are interested in that and any of the products that are already available

I will have linked and they description box down below I do want to say that I

have started using affiliate links recently so I've been trying to kind of

just mention that verbally and a few of my recent videos just because it's a

newer thing for me and any of the links that do have a little asterisk inside

them those are the links that are affiliate links so if you decide to go

through one of those links to purchase a product I do make a small Commission and

no extra cost to you but I like to be you know upfront about that because

there is money involved and you guys have the drill with that but I do want

to say a lot of the pictures actually all the pictures that I'm using in

today's video of these new launches new come from three different Instagram

accounts I like to always give credit to them even though I do use their little

logo and each of the pictures so you'll know where they're coming from but I

just like to you know shout them out because I think they're great resources

for learning about makeup launches before they come out I'll have the links

to their instagrams in the description box down below but the three are

accounts that I'm using today are dupe that trim mean one and hop hired on

makeup so if you would like to check out any of those accounts they'll be in the

description box I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and let's go ahead

and get into it so the first few products I'm going to talk about are

both from venti the first one is the what I do a makeup refreshing setting

spray and this retails for $30 so I believe it's pretty comfortable with the

remedy all nighter the Smashbox primer water I

believe those are around $30 as well I'm not sure how much product is in this

like as far as like ounces go but this is a hydrating mist and it's supposed to

be used to prime your makeup set your makeup and or refresh your makeup so you

can use it one of those ways or all three of those ways I really like this

is that this is supposed to be like a hydrating mist because you don't see a

lot of those you see a lot of them that are just really trying to set your

makeup and it's often not very comfortable and I know I feel like the

community's really leaning towards more refreshing products dewy products and

also I think this name what it do is just really cute I think that pindy is

just so innovative with their names this is already available at Sephora on their

website so if you don't check it out I will have that link down below will be

an affiliate link but it will be down below the next launch from fifty is an

extension of their gloss balm shade range and they have I believe up the

price from eighteen to nineteen dollars none that big of a difference what I did

one a minute they are coming out with three named shades these are first off

the one that intrigues me the most is a last Lipper this is one we've never seen

before it's just a clear lip gloss and personally I love my glossy a lip gloss

so I don't think I'll be purchasing this because I already have a clear lip gloss

and I like the formula up but if I was in the market I think this would be a

good one because I do love the FMT gloss balm formula and then the other two new

shades we have seen before in like a mini sized and some holiday collections

the first one is sweet mouth which is a shimmery pink shade and then we also

have hot chocolate and that is like I believe a soft shimmery like brown shade

not to injuried in that one even though I think it would look really good on to

a deeper complexion um the sweet mouth I'm kind of intrigued in

but I don't see myself being that one up either these are already available at

stores website so if you want to check them out they'll be linked down below

affiliate link down below just to give some really quick context on the next

launch that I'm gonna be talking about um nor veena and Anastacio Beverly Hills

like as the brand have been getting a lot of kickback recently I've done a

whole video on this so if you want to check it out I have it linked in the

description box down below but norm vina who is the creative director I believe

or DCEO one of the two if not both also the daughter of Anastasio Beverly Hills

the founder of the brand she has kind of taken over become the face of the brand

and she has created a sub-brand within an

associate Beverly Hills and near the end of 2019 she just came out with a ton of

products like I shoulda pallets under the noir be nun name and it was on there

it was not taken very well by the beauty community I feel like a lot of people

found problem with that it just felt like way too many launches and I

definitely agree with that and so at the beginning of the year

Anastacio Beverly Hills who said we have a brand and a saucy ahtur novena who

tweeted this I'll try and find the tweet and insert on the screen but they kind

of talked about how they weren't going to be coming out with very many I should

help this year how they really only had to under like the Anastacio brand and to

two or three under you know nor Venus subsection of the brand that they were

gonna come out with but they were to come out with one Anastacio palette this

year and they now just release the nor vina mini Pro pigment palette and volume

three this is like a cherry inspired palette which it does look pretty cool

and I have to admit the shades are definitely more unique I think this is

something we haven't really seen and I think the timing of it was really great

because I feel like if someone were to use these shades now would be the time I

feel like they're just like perfect for you know the earlier part of spring

which is approaching even though it does not feel like it outside it is

approaching and this is already available on sports website if you want

to check it out but this prolly I believe is $29 so I feel like the

price does align pretty well with you know what you're getting me nine

different shades in there I like the theme of the palette I like that it's a

little bit different and you know I don't hate on that I just some kind of

confused because it's like they've already come out with one palette under

be an associate Beverly Hills line and now they come out with another under

novenas line and it's like it is just now February do you I don't really know

if they're gonna actually like keep their word on only having a few more

launches of palettes this year next up we've got palette promit dominique

cosmetics and this one i am really excited about it really intrigues me and

there's a few pallets that i'm talking about today that i've not been drawn

towards palettes in a while but some of these color schemes are really calling

my name this one is the dominant cosmetics latte to you palette which

retails for $42 thus palette is really cool because two dollars from each

purchase does go to you at st. Jude's Research Hospital which I mean it's

great I don't know how long or if it's an indefinite amount of time that

they're going to be you know donating the money to st. Jude's

I hope that it's indefinite like I hope they continue to do it but

I'm not really sure this shade or this palette comes with ten different like

metallic matte and shimmer shades and I don't know I really like how it looks

like more of a neutral palette however it does have a few pops of color which

I've been trying to get more into and I think during this spring and summer is a

time where I do become I don't know I'm a little bit more open at two colors so

this is actually art available if you want to check it out next up we have

some blushes from Mac these are the glow play blushes there are thirty dollars in

there a cream formula so they're kind of like a cushiony cream they're not like

you know liquid or super creamy they're just kind of more cushiony but they're

calling it a cream formula these are going to give a sheer to medium kind of

paint it to the cheeks um they look really pretty you can apply them with

your fingers which is something I like I love applying my color pop super shock

blushes with my fingers it's super easy to use when I'm going for more of a

naming makeup look or something really quick and easy to apply I love using

that over like a skin tint or something but these blushes have 11 in the print

shades I really have not heard many people talking about this but I do think

the packaging is really cool I like kind of the acrylic look to it um and I just

think that's interesting these are available now at Belk I know they're

matte so they're on a lot of different places it's kind of more of the

department store type market I feel like a lot of brands have been coming out

with Valentine's Day collections which is interesting because I feel like

before now you may see one or two brands come out to Valentine's Day or a st.

Patrick's Day collection but before now I really feel like the only time where a

multiple rants are coming out with collections for a holiday would be

around holiday season like for Christmas and you know I think this is kind of

interesting seeing all these Valentine's Day collections and the one that I want

to talk about now is the Natasha - Nonna love collection so this questions

already Bowl at Beauty licious website Natasha did notice website and Sephora's

website I believe it's an online exclusive correct me if I'm wrong but I

believe it is and the first product in this collection is the love palette

which is a $65 palette and it comes with 15 different shades so it's kind of the

style of the sunrise palette that they came with over the summer

um this palette at first I thought it was a little reminiscent of the Jackie

onna ain't Nastasia Beverly Hills Calif ed as I looked at different like promo

shots I realized it was it it didn't look as much like

something a little bit more different I liked how it kind of mix like pinks and

purples you don't you would think you would see that often make you really

don't or at least I don't in palates and I felt like this was the

color scheme that was different and unique and I'm like I personally like

Valentine's Day I love the color scheme with that and I think this is a unique

take on it that I'm still intrigued by I don't think I'm gonna pick this up just

because I would have to really be intrigued by a Natasha tanana palette to

pick up one a bear 65 or $129 even you know they're 200 something dollar

palettes I would just have to be really in love with the color scheme because

that is a lot for and I shoulda palette um the next palette is their love glow

cheek palette I believe this one's $55 you're getting four different

Valachi highlighter shades um personally I don't think I did you set up any of

these I will occasionally wear a pink your blush but on the daily I wear more

of a rosier or a peach your blush I am not that drawn towards pinky blushes and

there's like one shade in there that's not that pinky but it's way too dark for

me I feel like I wouldn't get very much use out of that I have heard great

things about these cheap Alex though so I feel like if you are interested in

these shades maybe see a couple reviews because I don't know if the formula

would have changed at all but if it didn't I don't know like if you're in

pink shades this might be something you want to check out the next product is

the lip of phoria gloss balm lip things they're like lip gloss balms I forgot

mother cloth they're called lip áfourá gloss balms and I find that interesting

because it kind of reminds me of like the phantom lines and a few of the other

products and these are $26 and the actual idea of the product is really

interesting to me because you know I love balm type products that have kind

of AG lots of your finish to them um but this doesn't really seem to have that

like like okay it seems to have that but it doesn't seem to have any like

intriguing shades in my opinion they have a nude shade which to me looks a

little more peachy they have a mauve shade which is a little too dark for me

to actually get a ton of use out of and then they also have kind of a duo crumby

pink shade which I just know I want to get use out of so I don't think I'll be

picking this up personally um like anything from this collection however I

really liked the idea of the lip products and I hope that they'll come

out with more shades in this lip product range in the future because it even has

that peppermint like vibe and scent that I just love so much so it relates more

shades I definitely want to try I'm sorry if the lighting is

a little bit wonky in this video it's kind of gloomy outside so I'm doing my

best it's just kind of like changing the lighting inside a little bit the next

product is one I just kind of transition right into that but the next product is

the glow recipe what is this quad watermelon gleb lip

hop and this is a $22 it's basically a three-in-one product it's a scrub and

it's also like it's a scrub to balm type product is how they describe it so I

feel like it's a scrub at it and a balm is kind of what I mean by a three-in-one

I like this idea because I like rub glow recipe I love their watermelon products

or at least the smell of them I don't know how well they actually work

I liked the mask but I didn't end up using it long-term I felt like my skin

needed something a little bit more with a little bit more benefits then that

mask really had for me and my skin type being super dry um it says that it

supposed to hydrate the lips smooth the libs tender lips and it's all things

that I would really enjoy in a lip product because I am for I'm product

that's gonna help my lips and make them feel better I'm willing to spend a

little bit more however this is a pink tint and for me I feel like tint

products that have like a pink tint or just it be I feel like I never end up

liking them I feel like they're always way too intense and just a paint that I

just don't really like so that makes me a little bit worried and I don't see

myself unless I see someone pick it up and it has like a very it says it has

like a clear - pink tint unless it has a much more on the clear side a tint then

I don't think I'll be picking it up but this is already dull now if you want to

check it out the next product I'm very excited about this is really just a

additional shade that has been added to you the Dior lip glass they're coming

out with the shade rosewood and these are $34 the lip lows have been a thing

for a very long time just something I never tried out but if you know me you

know how much I love the rosy mob lip shades or something I wear year-round

I'm just so intrigued by them and I saw this in their new that came out with a

new formula of the Dior lip glow they had a guy lip oil glow and they have the

shade rosewood in it which is a very rosy mob type shade which was totally up

my alley I consider picking that one up but I have been trying to get more into

just really easy like not lip gloss but like stick lip gloss type formulas

basically lip balms that are tinted that are going to have that mob thing that I

like so I was wondering you know what if they

in this and I looked and they didn't have it and the bomb type formula so I

was like okay whatever like I just won't get it because that probably shouldn't

send 30 something dollars on the lip balm but then they did recently extend

the shade to your lip balm so I can definitely see myself picking that up

very soon should I absolutely not will I there's a

good chance the next product is from the balm these are their lid quid

interesting name but you guys know the ball sparkling liquid shadows which

retail for $14 each these intrigued me because they do have a very good price

point on them and the shades look really pretty

however I have not heard the best things about the bomb's cream shadows and I

know these are liquid but to me I feel like the formulas on liquid and cream

shadows if one's good from a brands and the other scent of me and if not the

other ones probably not I know that's kind of a weird generalization but

that's just what I think so I find this to be kind of an iffy product but I

don't think I'll be spending my money on just because there's nowhere that

convenient where I can get the bomb and where even try the bomb so although

these shades look really pretty and up my alley I just don't think it's gonna

be something that would work for me and I would definitely wait if I were you to

see some reviews prior to purchasing this product but they're already

available if you want to check them out so the next products are from T faced

and G base has recently been and a lot of like drama controversy and it's very

just converse and I really don't want to talk about it because I don't know

enough about it if you're unaware of what I'm talking about really just

search to face controversy or two-phase sister and you'll find out everything

you want to know but I just don't want to talk about the controversy because I

don't know enough about it so typically I like to a lot of people even the

mentality of separating a brand from their owner and I'm that's something I

really don't agree with I feel like you're put the money that you put into a

product directly goes back to the owner for the most part or in some form it

directly goes back to the owner whether it be the full amount or you know harsh

portion of the amount like it's going back to the owner so I feel like that

does matter and I can do a little video talking about that but for this

particular circumstance I'm going to separate it and just kind of think about

the products as a product so the first one is one I'm really intrigued in and

to be honest if the controversy wasn't you know happening I would buy it in a

split second and that's something that for me for I should palettes it doesn't

really happen but this is the born this way natural nudes eyeshadow

palette retails for $45 there's 16 shades in here that are like warm

neutrals and I just think they look so pretty and to say the least I'm very

intrigued I think their chance I get a Tony hue set up there is one section of

the palette that is a little bit more reddish warm pen that I don't think I

get used that on but everything else looks really pretty they're also coming

out with these Born This Way highlighting palettes and there's going

to be four different like shades of them or like variants and I believe they're

going to be $42 they're trios where they have like a shade that'll give you a

softer look they have a more radiant look and then they also have more of a

soft focus which I could have associate with glow but these are already

available um actually no they're coming out February night so if you want to

check them out they'll be about woman alright guys that concludes today's

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