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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mouth Only Challenge

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-Today we bite off more than we can chew. -Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪

Good Mythical Morning!

One of my favorite body parts is the mouth 'cause it's so versatile. It can talk,

sing, yell, eat, burp, kiss, and spit. I mean is there anything that a mouth

-can't do? -That is a great question, Link, and

there's only one way to find out. It's time to play...

Okay we're going to be doing a number of challenges using only our mouths &

at the end of this, the loser will have to wear a dental mouth opener

-for all of Good Mythical More. You're -One of these things.

-gonna wanna see that. -Or not.

Well they're banning selfie sticks at amusement parks across the world and we

gotta do something about that and that's have quick draw speed with our mouths

-to take selfies. You gotta use your face. -When you don't have stick the next thing

-you go for is the mouth. -Gotta use that mouth.

-Tongue is legal. Tongue is part of the mouth.

-Totally legal. -In an amusement park.

-So Lizzie, this is just the first person who gets a successful selfie taken of

themselves with their phone. You can count down and we'll start whenever you say go.

(Lizzie) Okey-dokey. Ready? 3, 2, 1


-(Rhett) Got it! -(Link) Got it!

-Just after you.

-(Rhett) Whoa! -(Link) Man, I got so much more of me.

-I got a full brow.

(Link) I got a full eye!

-Well who did it first? -You won but I got a better selfie.

-(laughs) Good for you. -And that's what matters most.

-All right, Round 1 goes to me!

Okay, nothing is better than orange juice especially orange juice that has been

squeezed out of an orange using your mouth and then squeezed back into your

-mouth? Doesn't that sound incredible? -Or inaccurate. I don't think we're gonna

-squeeze it back into our mouths. -What we have to do is

take an orange using only your mouth. You have to somehow squeeze juice from the

orange into this cup up to this red line and then when it gets

to the red line, we have to drink it all, using only our mouths. First man wins.

-First person gets 2 points. -2 points on the line.

-Oh man there's some 'strategery'. I don't know.

-I don't have one yet. Let's do it. -I have a mouth though.

(Lizzie) Okay. 3, 2, 1, go


-Where's the end of this?


(crew laughing)


(Rhett) Oh gosh. I don't know what to do now.


(crew laughing)



(crew laughing)


-Wow you're incredible, Link. (crew laughing)

-How're you doing that?


-I can't get my mouth around.


(Lizzie) Link, drink.


-Oh gosh. (crew laughing)

-What's your secret man? Look how much I got.

-I squeezed with my whole face man. -I can't get my-

-I opened my mouth really wide and then I just squeezed it.

(Rhett talking with full mouth)

(Link) Yeah you got some.

-Bite a big chunk and then go to the other side. Sometimes I would suck the juice out

-I'm not gonna do it now. -(laughs)

-Sometimes I would spit the juice that came out of my mouth into the thing.

-Good for you. -But it was only juice.

-You've heard the expression "It's as easy as taking candy from a baby" but is it

-just as easy to take a baby from candy -I don't know!

-using only your mouth? Inside of these cotton candy balls, there is a baby.

-There is an actual baby. We gotta get it out so it can breathe.

-But we- (laughing) -No, it's just a baby doll.

-Baby doll. -And using only your mouth, you have-

-Whoever has the baby more- uh you get more of the baby to be seen (laughs)

-Exposed -I didn't want to use the word exposed

-Don't expose the baby but free the baby -Who's freed more of the baby after 1

-minute wins this. -This is also called Don't Bite the Baby,

-Just Bite the Candy Around the Baby. -Okay, good. I like that additional thing.

(crew laughs) -Okay, all right.

-You're losing, so man up. -I'm going for it with my little mouth.

(Lizzie) 3, 2, 1, go


(Rhett) Problem!


(Link) Where's the baby?


There's no baby!

I've got a baby.


(Rhett) Man, this baby's really in there.


(Lizzie) 10 seconds

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, stop

-Dang, Rhett! What?!

How did you do that?

-Few months back, Jack Black was on a South Korean game show called Infinite

Challenge where he put pantyhose over his face and had to stretch it and try to blow

out a candle.


Now, he only used his mouth. So I think that qualifies, we can add this to the

-Mouth Only Challenge. -We can do it.

-That's what we're going to do. So Link we're gonna go back here and place these

-over our heads. -Mhmm.

-Light the candles, boys.

-Who's gonna be holding these back? -They're gonna hold those, too.


(Link) Look at that flame.

-Okay so we just place these over our -Need to take my glasses off.

-heads. You can leave them on.

-Okay, this is not gonna be pretty. -Speak for yourself, man.

(Rhett) Now this last round is worth uh...

-What? Can't hear you through this hose. -4 points

(Rhett) So that means whoever wins this wins the whole thing.

First one to blow out the candle.

Get your lungs ready, son. (Both inhaling)

(Lizzie) Alright, ready? (Rhett) Yeah

(Link) Ready. (Lizzie) 3, 2, 1, go


(game show laugh track)


(Link) Why's mine keep going back?


(recorded applause)

(game show laugh track)

(Link) Yeah! Blow, you little boy! Blow that candle!

(game show laugh track)


-Blow, boy! -You get yours already?

-Yeah, a long time ago.

(Rhett) Oh, I did it. I got it.

(Link) Woo! Yeah! (Rhett) Hold on.

-I win! Do I win the whole thing?

My mouth wins everything! What's wrong? You okay?

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You know what time it is.

-My name is Evelyn from South Korea and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

-After you've worked your mouth really hard, there's nothing like Link's peanut

butter peppermint lip balm to put all over your lips. Or if your beard has a buncha-

-Pantyhose all over it -Or cotton candy.

-Yep, yep. -My beard oil, there's nothing like it.

-Click through to Good Mythical More. Rhett's gonna put that weird

face device in his mouth and we're gonna play Mad Gab!

-Overly confident conversation about the Alpha Centauri star system!

-Have you heard about the stars? -Alpha Centauri?

-They're not like regular stars, -Right.

-They're just like us. They're normal people.

-They go to the mall. -Right. And of them's name is Alpha.

-And they have- -And his friend's name is...

-Centauri? -Yeah.

-They have problems just like the rest of us. I've seen on of them at the beach just

sitting there, just on a blanket at the beach. Just like we normal people would do

-Getting so burnt. -They're just like us.

-I almost went up to Alpha and said, "Hey man, you need to screen up or hit the

-shades. Hit the showers, dude." -Or an umbrella or something.

-Yeah if they would listen to us more, I'm sure that they would have a better life.

-I'm confident about that. -I'm very confident.

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