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Let's give nurses


Without superpowers, a nurse spends the next five minutes monitoring only a single patient in non-intensive hospital care.

There is not enough protective gear to keep nurses safe. So they are at a high risk of infection.

So what is this superpower?

Our monitoring device!

Now, instead of one, a nurse can check on a hundred patients at the same time from a safe distance

with less protective gear.

In the span of 48 hours,

we have created a fully-functional pair of 3D printed glasses,

allowing patients to initiate frequent measuring of their vital signs, all by themselves.

These include body temperature, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, the key values nurses regularly check on coronavirus patients.

The design is simple and intuitive, it guides the user with light and voice signals.

Once the measurement is completed the data is uploaded online to a medical platform.

Doctors and nurses can track progress and get alerts real-time, so they can deal with deteriorating cases instantly.

The total of our prototype was 21 euros and mass production will lower the price even more.

This makes our product highly scalable and easily accessible for every hospital across Europe

We have had multiple discussions with healthcare institutions and professionals,

who showed optimism and a keen interest in testing our solution.

For our prototype, we have also received recognition and an award from EIT Health for its innovativeness and feasibility.

Now we need your help to find partnerships to make a change as soon as possible.

We are team Discoverer and we give nurses superpowers!

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