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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning | 100th Episode (React)

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- ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ - (party blowers)

- (FBE) We're celebrating our 100th Try Not to Laugh

Challenge. - Oh, no way.

Okay. I can't believe it's been

100 episodes.

- One hundred? That's fantastic.

- I just wanna say congratulations on 100

of these things. Jesus Christ.

- (FBE) So today, only the best of the best are competing.

We brought back only returning champions.

- Of course. Boom.

- Oh, thank you. Wow, what an honor.

- (FBE) So how are you going to defend your title?

- Same strategy. I'm gonna just suppress

my emotions. It's what I always do

and we'll kill it.

- I'm just gonna have to drive in my heels

and keep a straight face.

- I'd like to thank everyone out there for supporting me

and not laughing at anything and I'm gonna defend this title.

- Thank you guys for believing in me.

I know that I can act very dead inside

and I'm willing to use that talent today.

- (FBE) So, this is how it's gonna work.

If you smile or laugh at all after we start playing

the first video, you will no longer

be able to participate and will be out for the

remainder of the competition. You only have one shot to win this.

- Oh my God. No, I'm so nervous now.

- I'm going to focus. I am determined.

- Let's go!

- Is this what the actual music video is?

I've never seen the video, actually.

- Oh, this is-- I get it.

It's just supposed to be the music video

without the music.

- (shoes squeaking)

- That's me. That's me after getting

one single A on a test.

- ♪ Lights when everything go--♪ Come on.

- Justin Timberlake. Now he looks like a guy

who smells good.

- ♪ Can't stop the feeling ♪ - Neither can I.

Wait, really? Oh my goodness.

- (buzzer)

- ♪ Air, it's in my blood, it's rushing on, rushing on

- This is more awkward than funny to be honest.

- ♪ So just imagine I can't stop the feeling

- Banana is not a microphone.

- These people are all too happy.

- That one wasn't that hard.

- Justin Timberlake is making a music video.

So what? (laughs)

I was laughing at my comment. That said, put me out?

I'm still out? Oh, that's no good.

That's no fair. - (buzzer)

- (auto-tuned meowing)

- Auto-tune.

- What if your cat just sounded like that?

- Cat remix.

- I'm going to a very dark place. I'm thinking of all

the scariest stuff. I'm not looking at you,

'cause you make me smile.

- I love cat videos, but I didn't think it was funny.

- I think the more that I'm getting into it,

the easier it's getting, but I don't wanna speak too soon.

- "When your cat controls you."

- Oh wow, that's a clever edit, 'cause that's not in the movie.

- I do not own a cat, so this is unrelatable.

- Oh my God, he's got that Fancy Feast.

- (fart noise)

- Y'all are really trying to make me laugh

and I don't appreciate it because I want to win so badly.

I'm not gonna let any of your distractions

get me out of the zone. Ah.

- (party popper) - No, not today.

- (party popper)

- Now I'm just annoyed. I just feel like you guys

are just trying to make me lose and it's not gonna happen.

- (SpongeBob) Old people are the greatest.

They're full of wisdom and experience.

- I miss this show. Oh, ah!

I wasn't ready for that. Oh, this is all-stars.

I had to step up my game. Well, [bleep] me.

- (buzzer)

- (SpongeBob) Old people are the greatest.

They're full of wisdom and experience.

- (man) Bitch, ooh.

- Nothing. Almost got me.

- (SpongeBob) Old people are the greatest.

They're full of wisdom and experience.

- (man) Bitch, ooh. - (fart noise)

- Not all of them, I guess.

- (SpongeBob) Old people are the greatest.

They're full of wisdom and experience.

- (man) Bitch, ooh. - You're not wrong.

I mean, old people are filled with experience and wisdom.

- (party popper)

- I have to be in the zone at all times.

I can not slip up and y'all are really gonna

make me slip up. - (fart noise)

- ♪ (orchestra music) ♪

- (slapping noise) - Oh my God.

You guys are really making it hard not to laugh.

- (slapping noise)

- (slapping noise)

- That's a little-- That's a little scandalous

and not in an amusing way.

- That one was actually pretty funny.

Two Spider-Men fondling each other like that?

You don't see that every day.

- (woman) What you got? - Wait, what's she holding?

- What is she holding? Is that a live snake?

- Where did she get a snake?

- Wow.

- Mommy's freaking out and that's when you're a child

and you don't know any better to be careful of stuff.

- (woman) [inaudible]. - I would be terrified.

- This is actually more terrifying than funny.

- (woman) Get out. - I like how children

are so innocent. You don't develop the fears

until later on in life.

- If I was a kid and I saw that,

I would not be touching that.

- ♪ Ay, bring 'em out, bring 'em out

- Oh.

- (fart noise) - Poor baby got a face

full of ass.

- ♪ Ay, bring 'em out bring 'em out

- That sounds like you guys.

- Baby got back. See how that worked?

The baby got back.

- "Germany, Italy, and Japan after signing the Berlin Pact

and forming the Axis powers."

- (party popper) - I wasn't even paying attention

to the video. Does that count?

- (FBE) Yeah. - No!

That is such crap. I could have had this thing.

No! - (buzzer)

- It's lit. That's me and my friends at school.

- "Customer: can you check the back?

Me and my other coworkers in the back."

- Okay, that's actually very relatable.

- I don't think people dance when you say,

"Can I check in the back?" They're probably like,

"Not again."

- "Bacteria when you didn't finish your antibiotic

prescription all the way through."

- That's a decent caption to go along with it.

- "100th Laugh Challenge Episode."

- I made it.

- That one was very meta, I have to say.

- (man) What's it doing way up here?

- (woman) What? - (cartoon running noise)

- Boy, lickity split, huh?

- The sound effects, though.

- That was curious.

- Wait, are turtles actually that fast?

- Truthly, I've never seen a tortoise move that fast.

- That's how he beat that [bleep] rabbit.

- It's getting harder and harder, but I must win.

- Come on.

- (people laughing)

- Look, fat people, we need to know our limits

and throwing our fat asses onto another animal's back,

that's a limit.

- That's kinda sad. I would feel bad for that thing.

- Do they not hear that camel struggling hard?

They just letting it-- yeah, guy, listen to the camel.

The camel's telling you to get the [bleep] off.

- (people laughing) - Do people die from

getting bucked off of camels? You hear about horses,

but I don't think I've ever heard about camel issues.

- (camera shutter) - (narrator) And now a camera.

- I hate birds. Oh my goodness.

I hate birds so much. That's my number one phobia.

- (narrator) To persuade females that come close and admire

hist plumes, he sings the most complex song

he can manage.

- ♪ (Happy birthday to you) ♪

- Discovery Channel's gotten really weird, huh?

- ♪ (opera singing) ♪

- Sounds like my music professor.

- ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪ - Is that the Seinfeld bird?

- ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪

- (Attenborough) That wonderful performance,

- Is that David Attenborough?

- (Attenborough) That wonderful performance is only one

example of the extent to which male birds

will go-- - (bird) Which male birds will go.

- Cute idea, but it's obviously a voiceover

and your poppers are not working.

- Come on, people. Step up your game.

Jesus. - (FBE) You won.

- Am I done? - (FBE) Yeah.

- So if I smile now... - (FBE) Uh-huh.

- Okay. See, I did it.

I did it!

- Yay. When I really put my mind to it,

I can do it.

- This is definitely the hardest one yet,

so definite props on video selection,

but still wasn't enough.

- Since it's the centennial, I'm like, okay,

this means something. Here's to 100 more.

- (party blowers)

- (FBE) How do you feel making it through

our 100th laugh challenge? - That's insane.

100 episodes? I literally have been doing this

since I was on Kids React, so I mean, that's amazing.

- Thank you for believing in me.

I really appreciate it. I can feel your energy

through the internet and without you,

this wouldn't have been possible.

- It's gonna take me a long time to come up

with a narrative where I didn't fail this challenge.

Guys, let's just pretend this never happened.

- Thanks, guys. You really put me through the paces.

- Thanks for watching 100 laugh challenges

on the React Channel.

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- See you.

- Hey everyone, Caprice here, your React Channel producer.

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