Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Apocalypto

Difficulty: 0

[birds twittering]

[approaching footsteps]


- [squealing] - [grunting]

[yelling, grunting]

- [man shouts] - [animal howls]



[all chuckling]

The heart...

...for Smoke Frog.

Thank you.

This liver for Curl Nose.

[Curl Nose] Thank you.

Cocoa Leaf...

...the ears.

Thank you.

And for you Blunted...

...the balls.

Not this again.

I'm helping you.

Then you eat them!

I don't need them. Neither do the rest of the fellows.

Do you fellows?

[all] No.

Of course not!


What do you think?


No, no!

But how many times does it take?

I have eight older sisters and one brother.

Father took tapir balls all ten times.

Shall I tell him?

I'm sorry. The balls are useless.

You've never had them?

Couldn't tell you what they taste like.

None of you?

No, but it's been fun watching you...

This was your idea!

Get him off me!

- [grunting] - [all shouting]

Calm down!

Why do you let them treat you like this?

Be strong.

Where is your pride?

It all works... Yes?


...I just can't make children.

There is something I will tell you...

...but I warn you, it's very powerful.

What do you speak of?

The soanzo leaf.

The soanzo leaf?

From the great marshes in the south...

This is what gave me my ten children.

No! No! Wait...

You have to rub them on...down there.

Just before you next try.

Apply it generously...

I don't know how to thank you.

If this works... maybe she'll stop bothering me.

Your wife?

No, her mother.

The old hag wants grandchildren.

Give me some meat.

Here, work on this...

...pure meat...

...ball breath.

- [grunts] - [all laugh]


What do you want?

What do you want?

[leaves rustling]

I am Flint Sky.

I have hunted this forest from the day I came of age.

My father hunted this forest with me and before me.

Jaguar Paw, my son.

He hunts this forest with me.

He will hunt it with his son after I am gone.

A good catch?

Good waters here.

The forest gives much here.

We ask only to pass through.


Keep safe as you pass.

Let's go.

- [baby cries] - [indistinct whispering]

Our lands were ravaged.

We seek a new beginning.

Your lands were ravaged?


We seek a new beginning...

Be still.

My son!

Be still.

Back to the village.



I ask you not to speak of what you saw in the forest today.

You are troubled.

Yes, I am.

[indistinct chatter]

Those people in the forest, what did you see on them?

I do not understand.


Deep rotting fear.

They were infected by it.

Did you see?

Fear is a sickness.

It will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it.

It has tainted your peace already.

I did not raise you to see you live with fear.

Strike it from your heart.

Do not bring it into our village.

At first light we will gather with the elders... the sacred hill of our fathers.

There we will call on their spirits to guide us.

[children laughing]


Oh, here he is!

The big lump!

He's useless.

He can't do it.

[all laughing]

You! Yes you!

With your height and your girth. You have deceived us.

Get inside!

Damn you! Get in there!

Old woman, please.

Move it!

You don't work!

What are you laughing about?

Give me a grandchild or I will have you replaced.

Mother, that's enough.

Do not come out until you make a child.

Two would be better!


Twins, you oaf.


Can you go away? He says he can't with you sitting there.

Just get busy.


She's gone.


Mother, what do you say

we should have at the feast tonight?

I have tapir... but I also found this boy.

[Mother] I say boy.


The tapir smells better. I think it's more fresh.

No Dad! No! It's me! It's me!

I'll just hang the boy here in case we change our minds.

Wait... That's our Turtles Run. That's our eldest.

Yes it's me. It's your eldest!

In that case, a crush for my eldest...

...and a crush for my youngest.

[Mother] Tapir it is.

[Blunted moaning]

[both hollering]

[all laughing]

One day, old man!

One day you won't be able to run anymore!

[man] And a Man sat alone.

Drenched deep in sadness.

And all the animals drew near to him and said:

"We do not like to see you so sad...

"Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it."

The Man said: "I want to have good sight."

The vulture replied: "You shall have mine."

The Man said: "I want to be strong."

The jaguar said:

"You shall be strong like me."

Then the Man said: "I long to know the secrets of the earth."

The serpent replied: "I will show them to you."

And so it went with all the animals.

And when the Man had all the gifts that they could give...

...he left.

Then the owl said to the other animals:

"Now the Man knows much and is able to do many things...

"Suddenly I am afraid."

The deer said: "The Man has all that he needs."

"Now his sadness will stop."

But the owl replied: "No."

"I saw a hole in the Man...

"Deep like a hunger he will never fill...

"It is what makes him sad and what makes him want."

"He will go on taking and taking...

"Until one day the World will say:

"I am no more and I have nothing left to give."

[drum beating]

[indistinct chatter]

Come back to me...

Come back to me.

My son is dancing.

Your son is happy.

[dog barking]


What do you want?




Now that you're up, can you please kill that dog?

The dog.

[dog continues barking]

[dog whimpers, stops barking]

Get up! Get up! Now!


- [grunting] - [yelling]

[indistinct screaming]

[both grunting]

Go to the forest.

Run! Do not look back.

[panting, shouts]

No! No! I am afraid!

Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes.

Be strong...

I am afraid!

Be strong.

- [crying] - [shouting]

[baby wails]

Tie him up!



The others. I have to help.

No, don't leave us!

I will come back, I promise.

Don't you leave!

I promise.

Stay, please stay.

Father, don't go.

[shouts in Mayan]

[crying out]

- [bone crunching] - [screaming]

[both shouting]

- [screaming] - [chuckling]

Very nice.


Tie him up!

I want him alive.

Sorry, Father.

That's enough!

Stand him up.

Move away.

My son.

Don't be afraid.




...that's your name.


[indistinct wailing]

[indistinct chattering]

Our life is over.




[both shouting]


[whispers indistinctly]

- [gasps] - [cries out, sobs]

Let's move!

[children crying]

[babies crying]

[cries out]

[yells out in Mayan]

We move out now.

They are back.

Get up!


Cut Rock, you forgot to duck.

Hold still.

Can you see?


Get back to your line.

- [panting] - [indistinct chatter]

[children shout out, cry]

Come with us...


Get up.

Leave him alone, "Almost".

I said get up.

- [grunting] - [straining]

Up, up...

...that's it.

Let's go!

This man is a good friend of yours...


[children wailing]

Don't worry...

I'll take care of them.

They are mine now.

Gentle Ixchel. Tender mother of mercy.

Keep them from harm. Please. Keep them.


One more.


[indistinct shouting]

[gasps, grunting]


Hold on! Hold on!


...let's see what happens.

That's it!


Pull! Be strong!

Yes! You did it!


Good work!

Can you breathe?...Good.


[man] Wait here.

What's become of my capture?

Dead weight.

He nearly took the rest with him.

I let him go.

You. Let him go?

Shall we now do what you want?

Let us try that.

[speaks Mayan]

Don't let any others go.

Let's move.

[man shouts in Mayan]

[Jaguar Paw winces]

Get up, "Almost".

We don't want to lose you just yet.

[woman singing]

[speaking in Mayan]

Stand up, boy.

You proved yourself today, my son.

You're now worthy to stand with the rest of us.

Thank you, Father.

Take it...'s yours.

It has taken many lives.

Get some rest.

Resting brothers...

...fathers, mothers, wives.

You felt the cold of this day's early morning.

Now you cannot feel the coldness of its night.

She stopped screaming...

...too long before they returned,

she had stopped screaming.

We saw how she fought them.

But in the final moment?

If she let them...

...the Goddess of the Scaffold

shows no mercy for the weakness...

Her soul waits for yours in the shade of the Ceiba Tree.

I need to know.

Before this day's end I will leave this world.

I will take as many of these bastard dogs with me as I can.

And I will gladly embrace the torments of hell...

...if I do not find my Sky Flower there.


Don't rain.

- [indistinct chatter] - [tree rumbling]

[men shouting]

I am walking here.


Keep away, she has the sickness.

[man] Get back!

- [grunts] - [moans]

You fear me?

So you should...

...all you who are vile.

Would you like to know how you will die?

The sacred time is near...

Beware the blackness of day.

Beware the man who brings the jaguar.

Behold him reborn from mud and earth...

For the one he takes you to will cancel the sky...

...and scratch out the earth.

Scratch you out.

And end your world.

He's with us now. will be like night.

And the man jaguar will lead you to your end.

[indistinct shouting]

Where are they taking us?

We tell stories of a place stone-built.

What happens there?

I do not know...

...but the earth bleeds.

We are near.


He has the laughing sickness.

He likes you!

Help me!

Save me.

Die like a man.




Welcome back.

Have you been successful?

Ask my son.

How many captives?

Deal with my son.

A fair price.

As always, trust me.


[speaking in Mayan]

How much will you give me?

[shouting indistinctly]

[shouting in Mayan]

[all yelling]

Who will buy this woman?

[man] No... she's too old.

She can be useful.

She can cook... clean...

Useless old woman!

No sale.


Go on.

[chanting continues]

[indistinct chatter]

- [crowd shouting indistinctly] - [loud drumming]

[chanting, shouting]

[panting, chanting]

[crowd cheers]


[crowd cheers]

These are the days of our great lament.

[crowd shouting indistinctly]

The land thirsts.

A great plague infests our crops.

The scourge of sickness afflicts us at whim.

They say this strife has made us weak.

That we have become empty.

They say that we rot.

Great people of the banner of the sun...

I say...

...we are strong.

We are a people of destiny.

Destined to be the masters of time.

Destined to be nearest to the gods.

Mighty Kukulkan!

Whose fury could scorch this earth to oblivion...

Let us appease you with this sacrifice.

To exalt you in your glory.

To make our people prosper.

To prepare for your return.

Warrior, unafraid and willing!

With your blood you renew the world!

From age to age.

Thanks be to you.

- [crowd cheers] - [gasping]

The heart of god!


- [heartbeat pounding] - [speaking in Mayan]


[inhales sharply]

Come back to me.


Journey well...


I can't go.

Not now...

[man speaks indistinctly]


[warbled chanting]

[crowd moaning]

[crowd wailing]

People of the banner of the sun, do not fear.


Kukulkan has drunk his fill of blood.

We have sated his thirst.

Great god.

Show us that you are pleased.

Let your light return upon us.

[all cheer]

- [muttering] - [laughing]

What of these captives?

Dispose of them.

- [shouting indistinctly] - [men panting]

I need a finisher.


Release them.

You watch.

- [gasps] - [grunts]

I'm ready!

There's your jungle beyond the corn.

Go to it.

You're free... run.

I said run.


- [grunts] - [men cheer]


Not bad.

[gasping heavily]

Your turn.



[all cheer]



- [grunts] - [men laugh]

[men muttering]


Sleep, sleep now my son.

The pain will be no more.


[all hollering]


- [shouts] - [flies buzzing]

[gasping, groaning]

[animal growls]

[animal snarls loudly]

He didn't come this way.

He's in the trees.

Spread out.

Keep your eyes up.



[leaves rustling]

He's coming right at us.

[rapid footsteps approaching]


- [snarling] - [screaming]

[yelling, grunting]


He would have wanted me to have it.

The omen is bad...

Mighty Ek Chuah, we beg you...

Forgive us for this trespass against your son, the Jaguar.

The omen is bad...

Lift yourself up, Drunkards Four...

...the omen was foretold...

...and now we have a fear more grave... I saw the day become like night...


I saw a man run with the Jaguar...

...we must not let this man make feet from us.

[man] Enough.

Your words mean nothing.

He runs because he is afraid.

When I catch him, I will peel his skin...

...and have him watch me wear it.

We leave now.

[panting, straining]

- [thudding] - [gasping]

[dog barking]

- [snarling] - [gasping]

- [thudding] - [whimpering]

Stay back.

- [squealing] - [shouting]

- [panting] - [uneven footsteps running]


[yelping, moaning]


The omen was bad...

He's fucked.

Help... please...

Hanging Moss...

See him out.

Open your veins. It's quicker.

Travel well.

[exhaling heavily]

So much for your prophecies.

It's not over!


I am Jaguar Paw...

Son of Flint Sky...

My father hunted this forest before me...

My name is Jaguar Paw.

I am a hunter.

This is my forest.

And my sons will hunt it with their sons after I am gone...

Come on!

We are going over.

We climb down around.

We cannot let him get away.

We cannot afford...


We all jump.



- [gulping] - [mud bubbling]

[inhaling sharply]


I am Jaguar Paw.

This is my forest.

And I am not afraid.


[all screaming]

You go. I'll wait here.


- [thunder rumbles] - [gasping]


- [gasps] - [wails]


- [blows] - [winces]

[moans, yells]

[both breathing heavily]




Resting fathers, fly me your strength.


- [shivering] - [crying]

Get up here.

- [gasps, grunting] - [yelling]

Go back!

- [gasping] - [speaks Mayan]


Hurry up!

[arrow whizzing]





- [crying] - [gulping]

[baby wailing]

What are they?

They bring men.

Should we go to them?

We should go to the forest.

To seek a new beginning.

Come, Turtles Run...


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