Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tiberius & Reagan

Difficulty: 0

Captain's log, Stardate 2-7-X-9-4-Delta.

I have been tasked by my glorious superiors, catalog every planet in the newly discovered galaxy,


Commonly referred to as,

The Butt Galaxy,

For reasons that have not been made clear to me!


Er-but, no matter! I, Tiberius Posterious,

Grand cartographer of the elite general's ninth squadron,

Shall humbly take on this historic task, along with my companion, Reagan.

I'm an Axolotl! Tiberius, the floor is delicious!

Reagan! The ship is not meant for eating! Huh?

This tool, this, marvel of technological achievement, was entrusted to us, not as a mere...


It is our most valuable asset in this...

The most important mission, of your short, meaningless life!


Pay attention, Reagan! We are fast approaching

our first target planet!

Based on our intelligence, we have no reason to believe

that we wont die immediately upon landing on the surface.

Do you think we can get ice cream there?

We don't know yet, Reagan! That's why we're going there! Geez!

Now make yourself useful and go check on the fuel gauge!

Warning, the fuel gauge is not that chill. It seems okay to me!

Really? That's great! I can't believe that we still have enough fuel to-

*Tiberius screaming* No! What is happening!

*Tiberius screaming*

Captain's log, *Cool robot noises*

After intensive research, I have discovered no signs of oxygen,

Natural resources, or intelligent life anywhere on this planet.

I scream for ice cream!

Not now, Reagan! I'm trying to-

Oh, oh that's... Oh this is bad.

Ice cream! Exploding Ice cream! Why have you betrayed us!

Curse this delicious planet! Reagan! Quickly!

Captain's log, *Sad robot noises*

This planet sucks, and I want to go home.

Okay, okay...

We need to get back to the ship, get the engines running again...

Reagan! Yes sir! I... uh? Alright.

I have a very important mission for you. You're going to have to go back out there and-

*Reagan laughing*

I didn't even tell you what to do yet! I didn't know that!

Now listen very carefully! *Inaudible whispering*

Alright, Reagan! Let's make like lightning, and bolt on out of here!

What? *Reagan screaming*

Congratulations! The fuel gauge is now chill!

Yes! The lightning rod plan worked!

Reagan, let's get off this accursed planet! Yay!

Captain's log, I've decided that this miserable planet does

not deserve to have a common name in our language.

It shall be designated only as F-1-4-1-2. I'm gonna call it Ice Cream Planet!

You can't just... Ugh, fine! Ice Cream Planet it is, then.


Tiberius! The ship is still on fire!


Ha ha ha! Just kidding!

I put the fire out with all the ice cream I stole!


The Description of Tiberius & Reagan