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So I much like many of you

I imagine have been thinking quite a bit about the future of the titanfall franchise now about a month ago

I did a video where I gave you some of my general thoughts on how titanfall 3 could be more successful than titanfall 2

But I've really been thinking a little bit more in depth about that same discussion topic

I've been thinking a little bit more in depth about the things I'd like to see titanfall 3 do things that I think could really

Boost the success of the game and put it in a position

Where it has a much larger player base for a much longer period of time than titanfall 2 ever had

Had now in the past. I've also been brutally honest about just how successful

I think titanfall 3 could actually be I don't think it will ever be like overwatch

I think few games can reach that level of success

And we often see those games rotate in and out like every five to 10 years

I do however feel that titanfall 3 without a doubt in the right situation if the right things are done and

The proper executions are made could sit alongside of games like Rainbow six siege have 80 to 100 thousand concurrent players

Just on one platform, and potentially upwards of 300,000 players across all of its available platforms

I really do believe titanfall has the potential to be that game

But I feel like it needs a bit of refinement a bit of direction and most importantly

I think it needs a massive amount of work done to its progression system to reward pick up and play style players

So let's talk about that topic before we go any further. What does it pick up and play player?

I like to use the idea of a pickup and clay player because it covers a more accurate ground. It's a more accurate description

For the player that makes up the majority

Of a games community a lot of people will say

Casual to imply a player that doesn't play ranked like oh you got to appeal to the casuals

But you know you're saying it all wrong a casual player for me. I think in a more descriptive manner is someone who plays maybe

maybe an hour to ten hours a week a

Pick-up-and-play player it can be someone who's not at all interested in ranked or competitive play

But someone who my track over at one

Hours a week even there are someone who is massively invested in the game in its community

But they're not concerned about ranked or competitive play just doesn't tickle their fancy that is the majority of most communities

So I really do think that respawn first and foremost needs to consider

Implementations and design elements in titanfall three that are gonna hook that crowd and keep that crowd playing

Yes, ranked is important

And I think having the game exists on some sort of a competitive front is a very good way to drive

Growth for the player base when people see a game being played competitively. I think especially in this day and age

It does tend to draw them to want to play the game even if they don't play it at a ranked or competitive

Level it definitely is a powerful tool for growing the game

But I don't think it needs to be the first in foremost thing that

Respawn is working on and I think when you design a game

First and foremost around a competitive and ranked environment it ends up being far too sterile far too balanced

And you remove a lot of the fun factors that make it so enjoyable for that pick-up-and-play

Crowd which once again make up the majority of your player base

Those are the people that are gonna keep the game rocking and rolling and right now is

Titanfall - currently stands guess what that's the majority of the people?

Who are still playing the game the pickup and clay crowd so now that we've gotten that out of the way

Let's talk today progression systems. We're talking about a lot of things over the next several weeks

I'm gonna be breaking down a lot of

Individual topics putting them into their own videos because if I do this all in one video

I'll lose track of what I'm saying and it'll probably be in hour and a half long

So I hope you guys enjoy this series of

Theory crafting discussing the future of titanfall 3 now

When we talk today and tomorrow in the next video and so on and so forth I want you to keep this one very

Important thing in mind everything we talk about when it comes to improving a game or adding to a game

Cost a development studio time

money and manpower

So a lot of these things simply won't be doable

Depending on the current state of respawn as they're developing the project now

I think we'd all like to think since they're now owned by EA that they have a much larger resource pool potentially even the ability

To hire out or to obtain other Studios to do work for them. You know to really be able to increase their workload and

Distribute it further across more than just the small team that exists at respawn

That would be obviously fantastic for the team if they can have those resources

But whether or not those resources exist and the reality of making all the things we're about to talk about

actually happen

Lies a lot on the intricacies of game development so again. Please that keep that in mind. Let's move forward

let's talk progression systems as the progression system currently stands inside of Titan default to

Long term we have almost nothing to work for other than

Skins and camos which dropped pretty much at random through advocate gifts now

You can buy all of them with currency so the system is even more basic than it was before

But in terms of the initial early game progression unlocking all the Titans and the weapons takes maybe a couple of hours

It's a very straightforward and basic concept. That's been in shooters like this for a very long time

I think that system within itself is in

drastic need of an overhaul

And I've always stood by the idea of wiping systems like that giving players access to all of the available tools

But then requiring them to progress those tools

Individually so rather than having to get to rank 10 to unlock the flatline or something like that

Give players access to all of the available weapons right from the Gecko

But then make sure that each of those weapons has a more stacked feature set of attachments and hurts that have to be unlocked by

Utilizing those weapons so the player right from the get-go

Feels as if they've walked into a toy store where all the toys are available for them to play with at any given time

They're in a sandbox and all of the goodies are right there before them

But in order to unlock the full potential of those goodies of those toys of that bulldozer or that backhoe or that digger they have

to actually play with those things

It's I think a very

very extreme

concept that


One is really willing to dive into

We're way too obsessed with just throwing even a couple hours worth of progression into the game like seriously

Two three hours of progression is that really necessary when you could dedicate that progression

to more important port

Parts of the game and give that player that that sense of like holy crap look at all the cool stuff

I've got you know I almost feel like when we have these systems in place that

Try and trickle the weapons and the items to the player

Yeah, maybe it prevents a certain group from being overwhelmed, but I think for the most part

It really undermines just how much is there in reality titanfall 2 has a really expansive weapon set

Really diverse as well

We've got a lot of good stuff there

But I just feel like it's all devalued when you progress it like within three hours

If it was just all there from the get-go you'd say to yourself

Holy crap what weapon do I use first I don't even know and then you'd go on to unlock perks and attachments so

while that is a discussion I want to save for another video the idea of the

Customization system just for weapons the return of more perks and more attachments for the weapons

It is something we need to mention because I do think it obviously carries a lot of weight for the progression in the game

But let's move past stuff that affects gameplay and talk about the stuff that affects the individual

Let's talk about cosmetic progression again. That's the thing we started off talking about here skins and camos

It's about as bare-bones as it gets and

unfortunately, we've reached a point in time where

Skins and camos and cosmetic items are no longer earned in game or just in game

They're used to monetize the experience now

I'm actually ok with this

But we've sort of gone back to the stone Age's as

That change of the curve if you look at a game like halo reach for example it had an incredible amount of player customization

For a game that is about shooting another player in the face

That doesn't need to have anything happening with the individual player model it had a hell of a lot happening with the individual player model

we had alternative helmets we had chess rigs we had legs and arms there were so many ways to unlock and personalize your

Spartan it had a huge impact on the game long term, and I think it made the replayability of Halo Reach

The most replayable halo at that point in time you know taking aside

How people might have felt about the gameplay it was a huge leap forward in

customisation opt-ins ones that halo 3

Had dabbled in Halo 3 had a similar system with helmets and there were specific things you could unlock from the campaign reach

Just took that to the next level

We don't really see systems like that anymore. They're only in RPGs, and I've always been like give me more of that

cosmetic RPG goodness within my shooter, so I want you to imagine a future where titanfall 3

Gives you a bare-bones pilot at the start of your multiplayer career

maybe you align to a certain faction and that faction rather than just

Being there for the sake of a faction someone's voice that you hear a little bit of


flavor if you will actually has a set of unique gear that you can unlock so you have maybe a


List of basic gear that is unlocked just by playing the game regardless of the faction you are aligned to this gear includes things like

New helmets for your pilot chest rigs legs and arms you can customize all those things eventually

wouldn't that be freaking fantastic I know all of you right now are like yes a lot of people have talked about the idea of

customizing your own pilot and the only

sort of argument apart from of course the resource requirement for

Respawn has been well you want to be able to see the silhouette of a certain

Tactical so you know what it is and honestly when we talk once again guys about the pick-up-and-play community

I really think that stuff carries very little weights

Like I don't actually give a damn if I can tell that a guy's running cloak or not he puts cloak on ok he cloaked

That's more than enough for me. I'm not concerned about that. No one's sitting here saying well

I can't tell if that guy's running fast mags or extended mag on his rifle

I just don't think it has enough impact for us to worry about that when there's a whole


potentially glorious future of

cosmetic customisation and most importantly personal player investment

Getting a player hooked and giving them a reason not just to move forward to unlock more stuff

But to keep playing the game on a personal level is so important, and if I can make my own

pilots, and if I can see oh

Dude, if I chase down that challenge I can get that helmet, and then maybe I'll go after that chest rig

That's gonna

Give me a hell of a lot of reasons to keep playing the game outside of just enjoying the core gameplay

so you're able to attract a

Really multifaceted audience in terms of what they want and what they actually enjoying the game

You might have that person who likes the core gameplay who finds it satisfying

But you know they tend to get frustrated from time to time

That cosmetic system could keep them playing and help them post past those frustrations

You can have the player like me who loves the court gameplay to death and who will always love it to death

Where that stuff is just icing on top of the cake I can sit down on the weekend turn to iniquity and be like dude

Check out this chess rook. I got he's like yo check out this purple shader. I got you

See these legs you see this helmet bro. Doesn't it look sick with my purple shader

You know I think that would be the next level of customization not just for titanfall

But reaching a point where first-person shooters are once again embracing these cosmetic RPG components that allow us to further customize our

individual pilots in stand apart from the rest of the crowd

I really think there is a huge amount of value behind that level of player investment that is being overlooked time and time again

Likely because it's a costly resource

But I think you can bring more players on board then it's absolutely worth it

And if you want to talk about making it really worth it let's talk a little bit of how you could monetize that system without


Wrecking the progression portion of it now destiny 2 has struggled with its ever verse because there simply isn't enough

awesome cosmetic stuff available in the base game

had there been a much meteor pool of cosmetic items, and had the shaders been permanent I

Don't think people would care as much about ever verse

But because shaders are disposable because they fill up your inventory

and they feel very convoluted in very frustrating at this point and because of a lack of

cosmetic variants of different armor sets and weapons

specifically the armor sets and sparrows

Ever verse feels like it's taken a lot of that cosmetic goodness out of the game and put it behind a paywall

And while many of that stuff can be ran free through engrams. It's still the perception that matters here, so

Titanfall 2 has always been a game. That said hey if you want a cosmetic

Item if you want to get this special limited edition camo. We just released for our last few DLCs here

Just buy it straight out, so take that same concept and implement it to this

RPG customisation system you've got a bunch of stuff that is available in-game that you can unlock a combination of weapon skins camos and all

Those different pieces that make up a gear set helmet chest rig legs and arms right those are all available in-game you can unlock them

From completing challenges you can unlock them from reaching certain levels there could be specific

For reaching certain region points, but respawn can then show up when they drop their DLC

I imagine they're gonna continue to focus on free gameplay focus DLC so say they launched the return of glitch

Let's say glitch returns in titanfall 3

It's part of their first DLC alongside of two other new maps in

a perfect world anyways and maybe a featured game-mode they also can then sell some skins some camos and a

limited edition gear set for that expansion

So now they've got something that they can charge five plus dollars for that is purely cosmetic that ties into that progression system

And I can tell you right now, I would buy that

considering how many of us bought those premium skins and camos I imagine many of you would buy that I think it would be an

Incredible way to monetize the game and most importantly it would defy all expectations no loot boxes

in-game cosmetic progression and

Cosmetic items that I can just fucking buy straight up. I get fucking hype just thinking about man

It would blow people out of the water there would be no denying that respawn and titanfall 3 would have the best

monetization system on the market and if that

Doesn't give them an edge in the current state the current landscape of the gaming industry

Then everyone can go to hell because I mean come the fuck on

People that would be epic beyond belief and I really do think that that progression system within itself actually

Unlocking cosmetic items that effects the physical shape and appearance of your character

So you can personalize them and make them your own is something that

was just

Kind of don't to the side they put to the Past like a relic for some reason if respawn brought that back

I think that would be a huge

piece of the puzzle

That would be growing the success of titanfall 3 now

There's obviously a lot of other things that need to happen for titanfall 3 to be successful, but again

I think this day and age progression systems are so incredibly important for keeping players

involved hour after hour

hundreds of hours after hundreds of hours

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen my theory

my thoughts on what respawn could do to really take titanfall threes progression system to the next level and in the process have an

Outstanding way to monetize the game well into the future now

I want to remind you all of these things all these systems the models for the

pieces of gear in the model for the chest rigs the different helmet models these things all need to be created by an artist and

a modeler they need to be implemented and coded into the game they again cost time money and resources so

Everything I've talked about today is millions of dollars of work potentially. There's no

Guarantee that this sort of a system could work or will work or whatever work in titanfall 3?

But her free spawn did have the resources

I think this would be a

powerful powerful tool set that would boost the value of

Progression in titanfall 3 beyond anything that we see in this sort of a first-person shooter experience on the market today

It's been done before to great success with Halo 3 and Halo Reach, and I think respawn can do it again

Thank you guys so much for watching next time we talk about the future of titanfall 3

We'll be talking more in depth about weapon customization

How it can affect the core gameplay loop and even replayability and progression

when it comes to the actual gameplay portion of titanfall

3 the future of titanfall if you will

Thank you guys so much for watching feel free to leave any and all of your thoughts down in the comment section below and as

Always remember to play smart remember to play - challenge yourself, but most importantly remember to play for fun


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