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[The best of sexy-brain idols' answers on Problematic Men]

I feel better knowing that everyone is struggling

(Smart-dol Kyu Hyun seems to have really gotten it this time)

- Answer! - [Ji Seok] What?

[Staff] We'll give you ten seconds

- Really? - Amazing

I know the answer

He is better than Kyung

[Hyun Moo] Park Kyung

(Cutie Brain has to solve it in 10 seconds!)

[Kyu Hyun] What to do?

[Ji Seok] Did you get the answer just by looking at it?


Kyu Hyun is really amazing

- Answer - What?

But they already dinged you out

You said it after the ding, didn't you?

- No - What is it?

Can I answer the question?

How about the two of you say it together?

(Twins Kyu Hyun & Park Kyung, will their answers be the same?)

- At the same time? - One, two, three!

- [Kyu Hyun] 53! - [Kyung] 53!

Oh, amazing

[Hyun Moo] I can't believe it (I want to join in too...)

Now, come out and solve it please

- Kyu Hyun? - At first, I thought it would be difficult

- Don't you just flip them? - This...

[Jang Won] You don't know at what point you should flip them

You should think of it in a much simpler way

- [Kyung] The number of spaces - Here

[Seok Jin] Number of spaces?

It's 12

The digit on the left is the number of spaces on the left

The digit on the right is the number of spaces on the right

22 is two spaces and two spaces

- Two spaces, one space - Oh my, oh my

- Four spaces... - Wait

Can you explain it one more time, it was too fast

I'm so embarrassed as an original member

- [Hyun Moo] I'll explain it to you later - [Ji Seok] I want to understand

I'm so embarrassed, stop asking

The digit on the left

[Hyun Moo] Is the number of spaces on the left

The digit on the right is the number of spaces on the right

Oh, that's right

It all works out like that? Six spaces, two spaces

Three spaces, five spaces, four spaces, four spaces

Five spaces, three spaces so the answer

Is 53

(The answer 53 is correct~)

If you think about it, 44 and 22

could have been a big hint


This is a problem we've solved last week and I've heard that you're...

- [Hyun Moo] a wordsmith - [Suho] I guess so

So it's kind of a language-related problem

We have three clues

[Suho] Yes

[Hyun Moo] You know, four-character idioms

[Four-character Chinese idiom] For example, "retributive justice"

- [Hyun Moo] You have to guess these - [Suho] Okay

You don't need to be nervous it's fine even if you get the answers wrong

[Suho] Okay

[Hyun Moo] If the answers are embarrassing

we'll edit them out

- [Suho] Okay - [Hyun Moo] Let's start!

Give us the questions

I'm not sure if we remember the answers

Step 1 Between a rock and a hard place

(I forgot the answer)

- I forgot the answer - Me too

I think I understand what she was saying (Ears open to English)

You just paid for English tutoring

Step 2 I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea

This is way too hard It is hard from the start

[Suho] I'm not sure but...

It'll be awesome if you get it right

- [RM] We'll be amazed - [Hyun Moo] It'll be awesome

I think it means that something is trapped

- [Ji Seok] You're close - [Hyun Moo] So the idiom is?

I've got two on my mind

- Tell us both - Great!

- Tell us both! - Great!

[Hyun Moo] Suho's doing great

- [Suho] 'a dilemma' and - [Hyun Moo] 'a dilemma'!

- [Suho] 'a dilemma' and - [Hyun Moo] 'a dilemma'!

That's the answer!

- And 'enemies on every side' - 'enemies on every side'!

- [Ji Seok] Wow - [Hyun Moo] That's correct

(EXO Suho proved himself to be a smart-dol!)

- [Ji seok] He got it right! This is amazing

(Wendy is focused and still)

(Will Wendy solve the problem? Or not?)

(Only her focused eyes are moving)

(Will focused Wendy solve the question?)

What could it be... (Difficult)


(The answer?)

- [Hyun Moo] Wendy, did you get it? - [Wendy] Yes

(Wendy got the answer with her high concentration)

(A difficult question even for brainiacs What's Wendy's answer?)

Long time no see

(I get it!)

(This time Ji Seok doesn't get it...)

[Hyun Moo] That's the answer! (Amazing)

(Got the answer with high concentration!)

Long time no see?

(A long TIME=Long Time Don't have C =No See)

- With an empty stomach? - Yes

- I got the answer - Really?

- Really? - Yes

- Really? - Yes!

- [Ji Seok] The complete answer? - [Hyun Moo] Then tell us!

- Say that you got it - But...

No, say the word!

- I got the answer! - OK

So now, he has a priority

over Jang Won

Seok Jin has ten seconds

Not sure yet (Seok Jin, the question's owner, is quiet)

(The buzzer!)

- You just got the answer? - Yes

Tell us the answer, Minho!

- May I? - Sure

- Show us the explanation - Oh really?

He's definitely got it

[Hyun Moo] How did he solve it?

- [Ji Seok] He's so confident - [Jang Won] He looks excited


He looks excited

(Ha ha ha!)

[Ji Seok] Look at his hands

(Minho's confident hands)

So, when I saw the question

- It says that they're wooden toys - Right


So they're toys and only two needs to move

- Right - Then

If they're toys, then...

- [Minho] This... - [Hyun Moo] A stick

- So this is a six - Oh, ok

And minus



So if we look at it this way

We have a wooden toy and we have one

So this is one toy piece, this too and this one also

So we take these two toy pieces and move them here


Six divided by three is two

We made these toys stand like this

(A new approach!)

(Minho got it right!)

(So creative~)

(His eyes quickly change to focus-mode)

[Staff] We'll move on to the next question

(Reverse Puzzle COPI.. COPPY.. COPY)


(Gets it wrong

after zoning out)

(Looks pretty with his hands on his cheeks before showing

an unexpected charisma)



Copyright? Why is it copyright?

It's underlined down there

- [Seok Jin] Ah - [Taemin] COPPY is wrong

and the first one is spelled wrong

So the one on the bottom is correct

- [Hyun Moo] So that's right? - [Taemin] So that would be right

Taemin's really good at this

How did he know copyright? (Impressive)

I mean, why is he so good?

(What is hidden in this picture?)

I think I know

[Seok Jin] Really?

I can't wait any longer

He said, "I can't wait" twice (Taemin's honest cry slips out again)

You really can't hide what you're thinking, can you?

- [Hyun Moo] Time, hurry up - [Ji Seok] Do you get it?

- [Hyun Moo] Maybe it's an animal? - [Ji Seok] A fish!

(Ji Seok raises his hand right after the buzzer)

- [Tyler] A fish? - [Hyun Moo] Taemin, Taemin!

It's similar, but it's a turtle

- [Seok Jin] What? - [Jang Won] Where's the turtle?

Here's the shell

The arms, face, if you look at it like this


- [Taemin] See? - [Seok Jin] There's the turtle!

(Flip the image 180 degrees and discover a turtle!)

[Hyun Moo] You saw it upside-down?

[Seok Jin] Unbelievable

(Tae Min looks at it upside down and succeeds in getting the answer!)

[Hyun Moo] It's time to dance!

(You can't forget "Press your number")

(Taemin's vibe)

(Ji Seok is waiting for his friend Seok Jin at sexy-brain square)

(Ji Seok finds a note left by Seok Jin)

(What was Seok Jin's message?)

[Seok Jin] There are other colors, like Grey

- [Hyun Moo] What? What is it? - [Hui Hyeon] Answer!

[Somyi] Oh my!

(Teacher Seok Jin is proud)

[Seok Jin] I'm relieved [Hyun Moo] She's pushing me

How did you get the answer?

[Hyun Moo] So

The colors are not important

You need to find the meaning behind the letters


(When you connect the eight colors you get the eight letters)

(This was understood by everyone)

Chae Yeon got it right

The yellow ones...

Draw the square

And with these corners

you know the alphabet letters, and this clue was given by our teacher

He told everyone except for us

I'm going to remember this (Seok Jin you traitor!)

You know, we got it right and we didn't even get one clue

That day when we were running around I will not forget that day

I did a marathon here

I got these letters (By rearranging the eight letters)

And by rearranging them

I found out the word, 'room'

- [Hyun Moo] Good - [Chae Yeon] and 'rest'

The answer is restroom

[Hyun Moo] So you shouldn't get distracted by the colors


[Hyun Moo] Chae Yeon got it right!

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