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hiromu arakawa is a very mangaka known for creating fullmetal

alchemist of his real name hiromi arakawa the reason for her

change of first name had been in the goal that his readers don't know

that she is a woman because she had very scared effect that these don't read

this manga if he learned his sex hiromu arakawa was born on may 8, 1973 in macbeth

or in japan his most famous fullmetal manga

alchemist became an international success being one of the first manga and ginnie

well one of the first did not have the first to be adapted in 2 animated

different one according to the paper manga and the other separately because the manga

paper was going slower than the anime this was a way for hiromu arakawa to

protect his work hiromu arakawa was raised in a hokkaido dairy a

island in the north of japan with three sisters elders and a little brother to the took a

certain work ethic via this place which inspired the general framework

rural environment and workers for the secondary characters of his

manga fullmetal alchemist the only images that represent

hiromu arakawa are manga cows drawn by herself

indeed there is almost no picture especially Hiromu Arakawa's internet or

other paper publications where we see his real face

this representation of itself would come from his childhood to live in

this eastern factory after her studies she took painting lessons at

the oil once a month while she

worked on the farm for seven years meanwhile at the particular created

with his friends type 2 manga richie is an amateur player a fan

zine and draw to a lion for my for a magazine the lion automaton a style

ask well in four type boxes humorous kind of press descent but

she is best known for her manga fullmetal alchemist published between 2001

and 2010 in monthly shonen magazine gangan since the author draws and

script the manga silverstone in the weekly shônen sunday magazine

this world is a direct dive into the author's childhood universe a

agricultural high school life on a farm current action are placed more on

hokkaido island where the author was born and raised in

is a form of self biography fictionalized in manga

since she publishes the adaptation in manga of arslan chronicles

known as arsene 5th 'which is a novel written by yoshiki la naca a great

japanese science fiction novelist which was published in the shônen bessatsu

magazine under the title the heroic legend of as lan 1

these awards and re murakawa received for full metal alchimist the shaw gac award

one in 2003 and the cultural award within or tezuka category novelty in 2011

silverstone won the manga award taisho in 2012 as well as the shaw award

joe cole

his works ir murakawa cra stray dogs in 1999 then jo tsonga who gives to

rhinau and nikos or in 2000 leaves humorous manga afterwards

she created in shanghai you may kikai between 2000 and 2006 then

finally fullmetal alchemist from 2001 to 2010 to then create reddan 18 in 2005 a

very inspired science fiction I find from frankenstein

after that she created souten no mori in 2006 which is actually for fans of

fighting mini ninjas me samurai personally I loved it so if there is

naruto fans around me you had i had a hard time with naruto

but I understand that some like really no worries

mesut no komori i really loved so if you like naruto you will

you too really i think adhere to the universe

ninja then we fear noble peasants in 2006 which is still in

course then she created from 2006 to 2010 and rothen what after she was silver spoon in

2011 and which is also still in course then she created the heroic legend

of a chan the adaptation of the novel which I

was talking about earlier in 2013 and who is still going on

definitely a lot of work in progress so it's far from over

hiromu arakawa is a person who protect their privacy a lot

moreover the lack of information and of photos prove it

she is very discreet and prefers to stay away from the world show

showbiz business lm show protect his privacy I find that

it is a rare quality in our time when people love to show too much

and yes it's already over i know that by compared to other biographies

it was very short unfortunately I had beautiful was carried out on Japanese sites

Korean Chinese and French it was very hard to harvest these

some information about this maybe one day some of them spend a

have a good day read well and ciao

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