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Hey everyone Ryan again here Just a quick video for you

I want to show you the beach at Rockley Park caravan park in Poole

People ask how far is the beach? Is it miles away?

So I'm going to show you in this video This is coming from the main entrance

You can see the Fish and Chip shop and the entertainment area

Papa Johns pizza is all in there So this is just the main road as you come

into the park You'll see now if you look over to the right

the Spar All the fantastic leisure facilities

You can see the crazy golf All weather sports pitch

The lawn green bowls You might have caught a glimpse there of the

giant climbing wall Brilliant facilities here at Rockley Park

in Poole On the left there are the owners tennis courts

And there also the giant nature trail The start of the nature area on the left there

And if you actually walk through there there are loads of nice walks

Right down to the water front There is so much unspoilt scenery here at

Rockley Park You really are spoiled for choice

Brilliant if you've got a dog A great place to bring the hound

Providing of course you have a caravan which is dog friendly

Which some of them are and some of them aren't basically if you're going to rent one

So the water is actually over to our left If these vans weren't here then you would

be able to see it already As it is we're just going to have to come

down the hill a little bit You may have just got a glimpse there

And then we'll be able to see it properly As you can tell so many of the static caravans

for hire here at Rockley Park have really good views of the water

The other side are also very nice but obviously don't enjoy the same views

So we're just going to start the descent now There we go

There's the glimpse of the water! So you can see it there

Unspoilt with views stretching out to Brownsea Island and across the harbour

This is a beautiful part of the world as you can see the lovely water

You're going to see in a moment the private beach here as well

There we go Now also down here you've got access to water

sports you can hire a jet ski you can go windsurfing

kayaking You can do good old fashioned swimming as

well There is an adventure play area for the kids

which is brand new And there is a brand new refreshments for

2015 there is a cafe with a Costa coffee I believe in it

Which again is for the use of Rockley Park Looks like there are some people on their

kayaks out to the right if you can see that Right now

Look at that right on cue And then this will take us right down on to

the front And you can walk all the way along the front

and walk back up through the park as well There is the kiddies play area

No kids playing today Then right down to the beach

So there we go There is the beach at Rockley Park in Poole

I hope you've enjoyed the video Thanks very much for watching

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Hope you've enjoyed the video Have a great day!

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