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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 회사 생활이 너무 힘들 때 생각해볼 만한 질문 [디카페인#1]

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As we have mentioned before,

this is a time to discuss about the concerns

you mentioned through messages, instagram, facebook, and kakaotalk

De-caffeine the First episode

"Mental Satisfaction vs Realistic Satisfaction

which life should I choose to live" will be the first topic to talk about

We'll read the subscriber's story first

Hello, Min Gook. I'm one of the subcrsibers of Itaewon Five Reaction Boy

I'm sending this email to share my concern with you

There's one thing that troubles me nowadays

It has been 3 years since I've started working in Japan

Wow, in Japan?

I've majored in an area related to Japan, so I spoke fluent Japanese. I also had a certificate in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

Yet, I couldn't find a job for 3 years after my university graduation and had ended up wasting my time, laying down in my room

Then, I got to listen to BTS' "Tomorrow" by chance which gave me the strength to give it a try once more, only changing the direction from Korea to Japan, which turned out as a success

Good for this person

It's a great thing that he'she could stand up again through the song and has successfully become employed

Although I've been employed, I also realized having a hobby is important in one's life

My hobby is to fangirling/fanboying BTS

However, it's normal that I get behind from various contents due to my work

It also costs so much to afford the transportation and room charge that takes whenever I visit Korea to participate in fanmeetings, concerts, and other events

Ok, so this person lives in the countrysides, so he/she have to transfer airports, but this costs double of the international flights

Oh, it costs even more

So whenever I buy an album, DVD, goods, and etc, I have to get them through overseas delivery

thus, naturally, I recieve these goods 1 or 2 weeks later than those in Korea.

I guess these realistic facts in her/his hobby is making this person upset

While I was having these complaints about my hobby, an international conflict between the two countries broke out.

This stressed me out, which lead to a lost in appetite

And because of the lost in appetite, I stopped eating regularly and now has also affected my health

I do have a strong desire to return back to Korea

I'm doubtful that I would get employed when I couldn't even after my university graduation

Even if I do get employed, I won't be paid as much as I do right now, which kind of holds me back

In addition, the company is considering my promotion so I feel lost

Mental Satisfaction vs Realistic Satisfaction, which one should I choose?

This concern is so detailed and quite distinctive

The overall situation doesn't look good

It must be challening because first of all,

living away from one's home country is not easy

As a person who has done it before, it's really hard

Since it's lonely and

there's nobody to rely on

and the subscriber's level of satisfaction on his/her pastime is also falling

It seems like things are out of the frying pan into the fire

In my opinion,

there's still some positive aspects that you can notice in the story

What is it?

I think the story itself has the answer to the subscriber's worry

So this person went through an employment war for 3 years

and has finally started working in Japan, right?

It's a great accomplishment, being employed in Japan

I'm just wondering if the desastisfaction in one's hobby

is worse than the predicament the subscriber went through during that 3 years of unemployment

I think the subcscriber is stressed from the troubles she/he goes through while fangirling/fanboying

If you go back to the 3 years of unemployment and think about it,

I think he/she would be able to see which is worse

Sometimes we are just caught up in the present too much

Yeah, that's natural

If you think this will still trouble you continuously in the next 1 or 2 years,

then you could maybe think about transferring you work place

But this stress may not continue, and

And the story already implies

the subscriber's concern on not only in re-employment

but also the wage difference

The person already perceives the advantage of working in Japan

It's just the reality he/she is facing right now that is swaying him/her

but she/he already knows about this reality

So personally

I feel uncomfortable for kind of being too realistic

and this is a comment that I hate to hear as well

Oh you mean "You must bear the pain"

"Why don't you endure it a bit more" but yeah, I think he/she should do so

To be honest,

I have similiar thoughts with Chang Hun because

If this were about a job one urges to do,

I woudl've recommended returing back to Korea

But fangirling/fanboying is a hobby

It would be better if you could get paid from it

but it's not

Because one cannot live just fanboying/fangirling,

I think even if the subscriber gives up his/her job in Japan

and return to continue fanboying/fangirling happily,

I don't think the subscriber would do her hobby in an ease

Oh yeah, that's a really good point

I think he/she won't be able to enjoy the pastime even more

due to the economic burden

The subsciber wants to do her hobby but can't beause of lack of time and relaxation


If he/she is in Korea

will he/she be able to handle the fallen wage

That's what's concerning me

A Japanese subsciber joined just in time

Oh, wow

You've observed this situation more realistically than I did

Because that's my case

I could collect more dolls

when I was a student

Although I wasn't paid much,

I also didn't have much sense of responsibility either

But now, I have to be paid at a certain amount

and pay for my living, so I try to save more

See, the number of dolls didn't increase much

You become more frugal

But we... are too

We're too old to be just optimistic

I'm upset that we adviced too realistically

But I suggested this way since he/she is a businessman

and also mentioned that he/she is afraid to run into the job compeition again

If that is not the case, it would be better to do the way you'll be happier

Recently I

went to several funerals

I was busy participating in funerals


One's life could end faster than one thought

It's kind of sad

to a point that makes me think if this is really fine

So I think it's better to do what makes you happy

But still

it's not like we are living while thinking of death

so considering one's life,

I think it would be better to keep on working in Japan

And the reason I'm telling the subscriber to endure it a bit longer

is due to the fact that work experience is important for those in business

If the subscriber continues building his/her work experience in Japan,

and then comes back to Korea with this background,

this would definitely provide a better opportunity

to gain a job or a position with more respect

So I was just wondering

wouldn't it be better for the subscriber to raise one's value as a businessman

and then come back to Korea, enjoying his/her hobby even more

Unexpectedly, our point of views are at the same page

Yeah, unexpectedly, we were both being realistic

That's how life is

Even so, these are just our opinions

As a meaning to cheer the subscriber's dream,

I'll recommend her/him a song

"I do not have a Problem" - Hwang Gyu Young

Doesn't it touch you already? Do you(subscribers) this song?

This song has a positive message and vibe

So I'll sing this to you

I don't support this

"I stand in this world"

"I want to follow my path"

"With those"

"who love me on my side"

"I struggled a lot and was very lonely"

"But that's just a practice"

"I won't fall down"

"No problem, I got this"

"Numerous times during the short day"

"I would wander around the same place"

"and even if I would lose my directions"

"From the hardships that I face"

"The love that I dreamed of"

"Is also at the same place"

"The hopes I had since childhood"

"shakes like the pendulum"

"Stop looking back"

"I can't give up now"

"I still have things that I want to do"

"Even if I struggle and feel lonely"

"that's just a practice"

"I won't fall down"

"No problem. I got this"

Guys (subscribers)

Even if you're going through troubles

and even if you are sad

I hope you keep on going thinking "No problem. I got this"

"Numerous times during the short day"

"I would wander around the same place"

"and even if I would lose my directions"

"From the hardships that I face"

"The love that I dreamed of"

"Is also at the same place"

"The hopes I had since childhood"

"shakes like the pendulum"

"Stop looking back at that"

(Squealing ad-libs) "Stop looking back at that"

"I can't give up now"

"I still have paths that I want to explore"

"Even if I struggle and feel lonely"

"that's just a practice"

"I won't fall down"

"No problem. I got this"


It sounded like trot song

What? No. This is a song that empowers you

Everyone's (subscribers) shocked

One of them even says he/she teared up

Such a liar

Teared up? Do you have dry eye syndrome?

This song really cheers you up though

It's unexpectedly comforting

It's because the song itself has a message that wills to give comfort to the audience

I took off my earphones in the middle


I just wanted to

Because you felt like you're getting too emotional?

Yeah, sure

Then that's understandable

Alongside this song,

I hope my comfort is delivered to the subscriber who sent her concern

It's actually been a while since this person has shared his/her concern

I hope the person watches this video

and cheers up even a little bit

Our advice wouldn't be much help

I hope this person just feels soothed from us

Yeah, I hope that too.

I think he/she did. The person must have felt it

Don't be so sure

I even sang for this person

Just don't

So our conclusion is that for your true happiness, more contemlation would be needed

He/she may still feel challenged

But I hope you cheer up and overcome this hardship

It's not like we hate those who work in Japan or even Japanese

We are all

LOVE, so

What do you mean

Good point

It was great that we could communicate with you after such a long time

But this was the only concern that came

I hope they(subscribers) would share their stories

Or even if it's not a concern but just things that you are curious about

That would also be great

I'll always wait for any kind of stories

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