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Abuelo Com

Episode 3: Enriqueta

"The best of "Don Panchito""

I'm home!

How did it go with your laptop?

The guys from technical services told me that my laptop was melt inside.

And that the warranty do not cover that.


By the way, can you come for a second?

Look, I downloaded this software so you can learn how to use the Internet.

Well, I'm going to college. Try to learn something new, Grandpa.

Now I'm going to be an expert in all Internet!

Hello, my name is Enriqueta and I will be your Internet guide.

Pablo, there is a young lady on the screen. What should I do now?

Abuelo Com, today we will learn how to create a Feisbun profile.

And what is that, young lady? Where do I do the clicks?

In this page you would be able to chat with your friends.

Let's click here.

(Finding friends)

(Friends Found)


Teacher, why do all my friends have the same thing?

Perhaps we should leave this part for another day.

End of the class.

I have no idea of what just happened.

I think I'll get a fruit compote.

You are beautiful, Abuelo Com.

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