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What are you digging?

Don't you wanna eat?

Ikea box.

We have extra, so we cut two holes as doors..

and use it as her hidey house.

coz at the time we don't have enough money to buy one.

** its not expensive actually, we just didn't found one yet :p

We just use what we have at home.

That dictionary is up there on the box so she won't move it around.

And she loves it so much! That she destroyed it. Right Muffin?

You got an Ikea stuff as your hidey house.

You should be grateful that you got an Ikea..

.. as your house.

We cut another hole and fix it a bit.


Look what happened!

We just fixed it and its already like this.

Muffin really likes boxes. If there's none then she have nothing to scratch or digging.

So... that is good for her. Right?

Say 'hi'!


Oh slippery!

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