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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Full Dyson DC33 Review - Facts You Can Not Easily Afford To Miss

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Welcome to this Dyson DC33 review! The Dyson DC33 is the best choice for those who need

a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner for all kinds of floors.

It offers amazing suction power and its telescope wand makes it easy to clean high reach areas,

while its lifetime HEPA filter make it suitable for allergy sufferers.

This truly unique lightweight (just 8kg) upright vacuum cleaner is now available at an amazing

price, so be sure to take advantage of the offer!

The Dyson DC33 has gathered 82 and counting positive user reviews and has an average rating

of 4.5 stars. This shows how pleased people are with it

and the high rating is also an indication of how well balanced the Dyson DC33 really

is. The first thing that users mention when talking

about this upright vacuum cleaner is its amazing suction power!

A mother reports not a single hair on her toddlers clean black shirt after dragging

it across a freshly cleaned carpet that was full of dog hair before.

The Dyson DC33 review shows it to clean just as powerful on ceramic, vinyl and wood.

Most customers use this lightweight upright vacuum cleaner not only for floors but also

for high reach areas, as its telescope wand and low weight make

it extremely portable and easy to reach up. Not only that, but its long cable is perfect

for its size, and is longer than what most vacuum cleaners offer.

This means the Dyson DC33 is not only lightweight and easy to move around, but it can reach

as far as 14.1 meters. There is no need to unplug constantly; users

appreciate that. Another thing positively mentioned in the

Dyson DC33 review is the root cyclone technology, which spins air at very high speed.

The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner generate centrifugal forces many thousands

of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt and pet hair are flung out of the

airflow and straight into the clear bin. Therefore you need no bags and keep full suction.

Thanks to the clear bin you can quickly see when it is time for emptying.

Users see this asgenially simple”, because it can be done with one click and no need

to touch the dirt. Do you want to know more about the root cyclone

technology? The lifetime HEPA filter receives a lot of praise from users.

It captures microscopic pollen and allergens, so it's ideal for allergy sufferers.

After washing the filter about every 3 months with cold water the Dyson DC33 continues to

perform admirably. True to Dyson's claim, the suction is as good

as new. Users consider it much simpler to wash the

filter and empty the bin than running to the store and buying filter bags.

Because users dont have to replace bags and filters they are able to save money and

protect the environment. Buyers are protected by a 5 year guarantee

on parts and labour. On the downside, some users mention problems

when trying to clean under furniture or car seats.

Users dont really agree on the noise level. One user considers it high and another one

pretty quiet as far as vacuums go. Maybe the practical example of one user helps

to get perspective: “My kids used to be afraid of my vacuum cleaner and run to hide.

However, with the Dyson DC33 they actually jumped around in front of it playing while

I vacuumed!” Another user says that super suction means

that the vacuum cleaner tries to eat small carpets,

thus making it necessary to awkwardly put a foot on the carpet to keep it down while

you vacuum it. The Dyson DC33 review shows this upright vacuum

cleaner to be an excellent choice for just about anyone

looking for a very powerful and effective solution when it comes to cleaning all kinds

of floors. The long cable and the telescope wand provide

a flexible reach. Not only does it offer excellent suction,

but it also is lightweight and easy to move around.

Yet another compelling advantage discovered in this Dyson DC33 review is the transparent

bin combined with the lifetime filter making expensive

replacement bags obsolete. Thanks for watching this Dyson DC33 review!

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