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Hi I am Jessy Terry and I am you today how the Akai Professional APC 40 Ableton Live

Controller works. The clip launch section gives you an 8 track by 5 scene control over

Live session which can be expanded with the bank select and shift buttons. A ring around

the clips in Live's session view shows you where you are in the set. The buttons are

lit orange to show that there's a clip in the slot and when you press that slot to play

it it will turn green when playing. As live users know, these clips will come in launched

quantized to the beat and Live will time stretch the audio as needed. I can also stop clips

with the clip stop button or stop all clips. The scene launch buttons let me launch a whole

row of clips at the same time. If I want to move to different parts of my session view,

I can use the bank select and shift buttons. Pressing the bank select button moves sequentially

down through the set so I can launch new clips. Holding the shift button lets me jump to different

areas of my set. Holding the shift button and hitting a bank select button will move

me around, up and down by banks of five scenes at a time. In the mixer section, you have

eight channels plus a master fader which can be expanded with the bank select buttons.

You can also use the activator buttons to mute your tracks or the solo buttons to solo.

Solo buttons can also be used as pre cue along with the cue level knob. I can also arm tracks

down at this section. Up here on the track control section you can control eight channels

with the pans and sends. These can be expanded with the bank select button. So I am going

to move the pan here on the drums and I've got some reverb and delays on my sends. You

can use whichever of Live's devices or VSTs you want. The tap tempo and nudge buttons let you synch

up with either turntables or other musicians. Track selection and device control let you

control effects for each channel so pressing number 2 here that brings me to my top level

effects on track 2. I can turn those effects on and off. I can move between different effects.

And I can also switch the views to the clip in the track so I can see the audio that's

playing. I'll go back to the device view. I'm going to go over to the master fader here

and try out some DJ effects I've got set up. You see those knobs automatically link to

that selected device. To give you even more control, when you hold down the shift button

you can move to eight different banks of parameters. Detail view closes the detail view so you

can see more of your session when you are playing live. Chord quantization and MIDI

overdub are good for working in the studio. Same with metronome. You've got your transport

controls here and your global record which lets you record every last bit of automation

you record on your set. Down here we have a replaceable 60 mm dual rail guided crossfader.

In Live you can set any of your tracks to A or B channels so you can move between say

two different drum parts. APC 40. The worlds first dedicated Ableton performance controller.

Only from Akai Professional.

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