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Hello friends, mind power everyone

Kindness, convenience, happiness and abundance are always with you all, Amen.

About 1 year ago someone contacted me

and said that he wanted to learn about mind science

I ask this person

"Why do you want to study mind science?"

this person answered

"that when he earns money not the happiness he gets,

but instead worried, worried,

fear and anxiety ".

then I say to this person

I'll just give the name PX to taste good

I say to PX

"His mindset to get the money is still wrong or out of tune".

and this PX justifies what I'm saying

because this PX has a mindset

to be able to get the money must cheat others.

this is what causes this PX to always feel restless

worry, fear, worry

when you get money.

because this PX actually knows

that cheating is a bad deed.

but why does this PX still do it?

this is the greatness of the mind

precisely the subconscious mind

which influences PX into committing fraud

to get money.

And the mind of PX closes all the data that is out there

that many

people can get that money without having to cheat

this is the mind program.

Then I say to this PX

to get out of his mind out of tune program.

then look for as much data

people who can get money

without having to cheat,

can get money in a way or way

good and easy.

And PX gets lots of data

data of people who can get money

in a way or a good and easy way

finally this PX repent

and want to study mind science in depth again.

and I say again to PX

"that God always answers prayers

be it good prayer or bad prayer

and all the responsibility of each user "

This PX is confused while asking

"What does it mean?"

I answer

"One day you will understand what I'm saying"

while I laughed

after that I and PX no longer met

or communicate by telephone or others

for about 1 year

and last night this PX called me

invite dinner together

after having dinner with this PX tell me

that God's vocabulary is very little

"What do you mean?" I ask

and this PX answered

"Yes, God's vocabulary is very little

God's vocabulary is only YES and YES

and we laugh together

When he asks to get money it must be deceptive

then God says YES,


God gives way and opportunity

PX to cheat

so that PX can get money.

When he or this PX asks

or think that

to get money that can be with a good and easy way

and God says YES,

finally God gives a good and easy way

to PX to get money.

meaning whatever we ask of God

God always says YES

and still

we must be willing to accept any kind of impact

from what we ask God

it means everything is borne by each user "

and simultaneously we laugh together

and I see PX

very happy

because whatever he does this

is in tune with what he really wants.

Friends of mind power all

just to remind

be careful of your beliefs,

towards your mind's program

Please reflect

what is your current trust,

what is your current mind program,

can really empower you or not

if not right now please change trust

or your mind program

thus becoming

belief or mind program

that can empower you and others.

Okay, thanks

I am Ali Ma'ruf

greetings convenience.

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