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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Odd Things About The 'Fixer Upper' Couple's Marriage

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Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have one of the most relatable and enduring marriages

in Hollywoodor Waco, Texas, where the pair work real estate magic for HGTV.

But like every couple, they've had their fair share of hiccups.

"You're so…"


From a money problems to divorce rumors, here are all the times Chip and Joanna's relationship

looked like it might be built on shaky foundations.

It wasn't love at first sight

Although they have incredible chemistry on Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna's first date

was marred by a late arrival, too much talking, and a possible case of rosacea.

In the couple's memoir, Joanna wrote: "I liked stability.

I liked safety.

I liked traditional and I liked being on time.

And this Chip with the beet-red face wasn't any of those things.

I did think he was kind of fascinating, though."

Chip wasn't any more gung ho, writing, "It wasn't exactly a love at first sight for me,


It was a fun date, but I'd been on lots of fun dates."

But despite their initial reservations, both knew that something was differentand

according to Joanna, even though she wasn't head-over-heels, her gut told her that this

guy would end up being her husband.

Money troubles and jail time

Despite their incredible HGTV success, Chip and Joanna's marriage got off to a rocky start

in more ways than one.

According to Joanna, the two were basically broke for their first few years of marriage,

which made it hard to pay for a lot of thingsincluding Chip's bail money.

"That was so dumb."

According to their book, The Magnolia Story, Chip and Joanna got into hot water with animal

control after they let their three dogs roam outside their house, racking up about $2,500

worth of fines that they couldn't payand therefore didn't.

When the cops eventually came calling, Chip went to jailfor, like, an afternoon.

Still, his $800 bail bond was a hit the couple couldn't afford.

A controversial church

In November 2016, the Gaines found themselves in hot water after BuzzFeed discovered that

they belonged to a very conservative church whose pastor preaches that being gay is a

sin and a lifestyle choice.

The revelation led to backlash and questions about why no same-sex couples had yet been

featured on Fixer Upper.

HGTV responded within days, saying, "We don't discriminate against members of the LGBT community

in any of our shows.

HGTV is proud to have a crystal clear, consistent record of including people from all walks

of life in its series."

But most of the controversy centered on the Gaines themselves, and whether they agreed

with their pastor's viewsan issue the couple didn't comment on until two months

later, when Chip finally addressed the controversy in a blog post in January 2017.

He wrote: "Joanna and I have personal convictions.

One of them is this: we care about you for the simple fact that you are a person, our

neighbor on planet earth.

It's not about what color your skin is, how much money you have in the bank, your political

affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, nationality or faith."

Some fans were satisfied, but for others, it was too little too lateand the Gaines

were clearly shaken by this aspect of life in the public eye.

Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits

Like any celebrity couple, the Gaines' fame came with fortuneand lawsuits.

In the last few years alone, Chip and Joanna have been taken to court over everything from

alleged injuries at Magnolia Silos to disputes over unpaid property taxes.

But the biggest blow came in April 2017, when Chip was sued for more than $1 million by

two former partners of Magnolia Realty who accused him of fraud.

Chip responded with a tweet suggesting that the lawsuit was frivolous and opportunistic,

but considering what happened next, it seems like being sued may have hit the couple harder

than they're letting on.

They called it quits on Fixer Upper

Despite having one of the most successful shows on HGTV, in September 2017 Chip and

Joanna abruptly announced that Fixer Upper's fifth season would be its last.

In a blog post, they wrote, "Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt

you rooting us on from the other side of the screen.

How bittersweet to say goodbye to the very thing that introduced us all in the first


The couple did their best to get out in front of the inevitable rumor mill, writing that

all was well on the home front and that they were looking forward to spending time with

their kidsbut between continued divorce rumors, the million-dollar lawsuit, and...

whatever's going on with Chip's grooming habits, fans are definitely wondering if something

weird is going on behind the scenes.

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