Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ruggelaria - Das erste Date / Übersetzung

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The first date

Come please

Thank you

Oh how beautiful

Ah great thanks

Here is my jacket, my scarf and my purse. Thanks Sir

Stop! Wait a second. I forgot my mobile phone

You know, how we young people are. We ant live without our mobile phones

Yes thats true. Thats how we are. The generation smart phone

I found it

Wait! Wait! I also have...

What now?

Nothing. No problem. Forget it. Thank you

Thank you

After you

Youre welcome

Oh me?

Well great thanks

A gentleman like Ruggero Pasquarelli does thinks lite this

Excuse me. I tried to be a gentleman and it didnt work

No, no problem. Nothing happend

I mean, i think I didnt hurt me or something like that


You cant say, that you...

Maybe in 3 to 4 months its gone

But you know I tore my pantyhose

Oh sorry. I'm very sorry

No problem. Already forgotten

Tell me something about your family

Has you sisters or brothers?

Yes, I have a little brother

Ah and how is your relationship to each other?

Yes, I have a little brother. He is 12


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