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Joe: Hey, it's Joe Crump. I have another question here.

Question: "I'm in a wheelchair after a car accident. I've been in sales all my life but

can't leave the house much anymore. Can I do this from my house?"

Joe: Absolutely. I do most of my business here right from this room on the phone. I

don't need to leave the house very often at all. A lot of the deals that I'm doing are

out of state. I never go to the property. I never look at them. Does that mean that

you shouldn't do that? No, absolutely not. I just don't want to.

Joe: In the beginning, when you're first learning this business, it makes a lot of sense to

go out and look at the properties to meet people face to face. It's easier sometimes

to communicate with people when you're talking to them face to face when you don't have the

experience. But I'm at a point to where I don't need that anymore. Most of my experienced

investors don't need that anymore unless they just like to get out of the house, which sometimes

you get claustrophobia and you get out. Joe: But you don't need to leave the house.

You can do all of this from your home. There's just going to be a learning curve in learning

how to talk on the phone to make that happen, but you said you'd been in sales your whole

life so you probably have a pretty good ability to talk on the phone. I don't know if you've

done it over the phone or if you've done it in person but either way, if you've got experience

as a salesperson, you've probably got the ability to do this from your home without

any real learning curve. You just need to learn the scripts, you need to learn how to

talk to people, you need to learn how to offer the right kind of offers, and you need to

learn how to find the leads (the buyers, the sellers and the investors that you need to

make this stuff happen). Joe: So it's not difficult. You can do it

all from home. You can automate so much of it. You don't need to be able to walk. You

just have to be able to talk and think, and if you can think, you can make money. And

my guess is you probably don't even have to talk if you do it right. I've never done it

that way personally but I have a feeling it's possible and if I got put in that situation,

I bet I could pull it off. Joe: Anyway, I hope that answers your question.

Don't give up because you're disabled, because you're home bound or because you're too old

or too young -- I've had people that are in high school do this stuff. They're not old

enough to buy properties until they're 18 but I've still seen them do it, and they work

with somebody else to put the title in somebody else's name. I've seen people in their 70's

and 80's and 90's do deals like this and learn this stuff from scratch and start doing it

from home. Joe: Yes, you can do this. You can leave a

legacy for your kids. You can follow through with this and have a business. It does work,

but once again, you have to put forth the effort and you have to take actions on the

things that you learn. If you do that, there's no reason that you can't do this stuff. I

hope that helps.

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