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Welcome to Moe's Bar! :D Today I want to show you how you can make green eggs. Perfect for St. Patricks Day! :)

what we need

an egg, separate the egg white and the egg yellow

red cabbage juice

which you can get from red cabbage

cut around a 100g of red cabbage

make that wet and putit for 30 seconds into your microwave

then simply press it between your hands and you will get red cabbage juice

mix the red cabbage juice with the egg white

you should see an effect right away

the eggwhite is turning green!

add salt

and stir a bit

put 30g of Butter into a pan

add the green eggwhite

turn it around

the egg yellow on top

wait a minute

and done

Please enjoy your green sunny side up eggs :)

if you have any red cabbage juice left over, try pouring in a bit of lemon juice

it will get pink! you can make wonderful ice cubes out of this for your next party ;)

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