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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ?? Words Americans Pronounce WRONG! ❌ | American vs British

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Hi and welcome back to Joel & Lia, today's video is all about words Americans say

differently to us so let's kick it off

There's no polite way to say this but you're all saying it wrong. There's no polite

way to say this I'm really sorry there's no easy way to say this but you guys are all wrong! So

change it please so as you know Americans and Brits pronounce words

quite differently we have done videos on this before but there are so many more

words that we say differently so we're going to run through a few of them yeah

there's no right or wrong way but we're correct because we always are

So the first one yogurt I love it, love yogurt I love a good yogurt

every day. We ate a yogurt together today didn't we? We had one of those kids yogurts, Frubes. If Frubes want to sponsor us that'd be great. Oh I love a Frube, me too so

Frubes, not Frubes, yogurt Americans would say yogurt yogurt which sounds like a

yo-yo yeah like yo! gurt. It sounds like you're saying hi to gurt. YO, Gurt! Gurt I

need to talk to you! Although don't posh people say that in the UK

because in the Catherine Tate Show, the posh mum, she goes "Charlie, would you like a gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt?"

Does she? "Chloe would you like a gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt?"

"Yes please". So in fact America you guys are saying it

in the most posh way possible, but your everyday Londoner or person from the UK would

say yogurt. yogurt yogurts repeat after us yogurt okay so the next one is

Pitta, so we say pitta breads yeah I love dipping my hummus in pitta bread it's

perfect for that I know toasted pitta yeah

taking your hot pitta out of the toaster yeah very good so an American

would say pitta really yeah like Peter yeah see that's why it's confusing to us

because Peter is a popular name but they would pronounce them slightly

differently because they'd say Peter for the name yeah pitta so they are

pronouncing the R in Peter but because we don't do that they sound the same

Peter and pitta bread yeah I've got too many cousins called Peter and we're all

Greek so we love pitta breads so that would be awful like "Peter get me the pitta bread, Peter...". There would be too many Peter's flying around. It wouldn't work but just for ease: pitta

goes down really well particularly in Greek English families, Gringlish. What's the next one?

the next one is the classic tomato oh I never know what Americans

mean when they say tomato. why? I never used to I think I know now yeah I think

because I was always like potato potato tomato tomato

I always say that rhyme in my head to know what they're on about see I

was just gonna try and prove them wrong by being like "do you say potato?" and I

was like yeah that's actually how you say potato

okay what's the saying? potato, potato, tomato, tomato. We don't say potato. We don't.

We could be wrong there potato oh so they say that phrase to say that we're incorrect.

tomato potato but we say potato tomato potato tomato ah oh my god they're my

favourite fruit slash vegetable in the world tomatos are my favourite thing

ever ever ever ever ever when I see people picking out tomato out of a

burger I feel like going up to them and being like are you gonna eat that?

Cause if you're not hun, I'm gunna have it. My brother's like that but I don't, cherry Tomatoes I like,

Cherry tomatos? Well they're for PUSSIES! Pussy! Come here. Sit nicely sit sit nicely stay sit

nicely yeah. Good girl, that's it stroke her where she likes it. She likes it under her

chin, I'm not, I'm too scared to go there so okay I'm not gonna cave in I'm gonna

keep saying tomato yeah coz I feel like I'm lying to myself if I say "my favourite

thing in the whole world is a tomato" I know no I agree that we've got it

right but I think we should change how we say potato and say potato

no you're kidding! guys maybe some mashed potatoes, I need some mashed potato. Hi sorry, do you sell potatos? I don't know who's wrong there

but probably the Americans. How do you set it Belle? How would you say it darling?

a London cat okay moving on to some more household items um we would say

vase and that's what you might call a vase yeah which is what you put your

flowers in. We'd say vase. I don't have any thoughts on it. I'm just like this

is incorrect so... So the next one is another obvious one that everyone talks about is

the difference between vitamin and vitamin oh yeah I would occasionally say

vitamin if like a drink has branded themselves like that like vitamin oh no

I'd call it vitamin water I mean I get it because I feel like vitamin stands for

vital minerals or something yeah and vital means vitamins right so I do get

it but it just sounds a bit weird yeah, like "vitamin, tomato"

everything's so like "yeaaaaah" if I said vitamin I'd feel like I'm just showing off

I'd be like have you got any vitamins? I think we're all just so like direct

it's just like it's vitamin, it's tomato, it's just like to the point

what were the other ones. Pitta Peter I thought that sounded really

Australian. How would an Australian say it? Pitta bread, no, pitta bread. Pitta, they'd say pitta.

pitta so we're with Oz on that Team Oz! oh this one's good garage

yeah or garage garage garage so my dad actually says garage I think it's you know

how we just said yeah that upper classes do say yogurt yeah like Americans I think upper

classes will also say garage in the UK coz my dad says garage all the time, I'm like dad it's a garage

yeah we sound so like London Street where we're like garage coz of garage music.

yeah garage music. Oh yeah, that's the other thing coz my dad would say

garage whereas the American's would say garage so it's like stress difference there but

still it is weird because there is no i in it so I guess America you can have

that one you say garbage which is spelled the same way you wouldn't say garbage. Can you just throw that in the garbage please?

That's garbage. We should start saying that one. No Joel that's garbajarj. Garbajarj??? That's garbajarj! No that's absolute garbage.

I'm doing a clearout. garbage. That's for the garage, that's for the garbage. Oh have you got any cabbage (instead of cabbage!). That's the thing you guys say

cabbage you don't say cabbage. Do you even have cabbage? Probably not they probably

call it something like - no I meant like do you even have vegetables? No I'm joking. That can't stay in! That CAN stay in! Can we just clear this up,

we love Americans and we love America look at this I love America. Same! This red heart see! I love America so much. Lots of Americans that

watch our videos half of them get it they subscribe we love them they love us

it's mutual the other half just don't understand and they take

our sense of humour very personally yeah you're in the wrong place if you're gunna get offended easily.

anything anyone says or does is nothing to do with you never

take anything personally just laugh, have fun so get over it. Seriously

get over it chuck those thoughts in the garbage, chuck them in the garbage! Well that's all of the words for

today guys and let us know in the comments if there's any other words that

we say differently coz we'd love to do another video on this. Yep and if you

got really offended leave us a comment below telling us how much you hate us

We would also love to say thank you to Kelly from Me More TV who's let us kindly

film in her house yeah we'll pop her channel in the description if you fancy that if

anyone's into cooking or motherhood she's got some lovely videos definitely

and we'll be back next week so don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it

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