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It's AumSum Time.

What if Windows Disappeared?

No problem!!

I will replace all windows with doors.

Oh AumSum.

Firstly, windows help in air circulation.

If windows disappeared, people may not get any fresh air inside their homes.

Secondly, windows allow sunlight and moonlight to enter the house.

If windows disappeared, people may turn on lights more often.

Electricity bills will increase.

Thirdly, if windows disappeared, claustrophobic people.

i.e. people having fear of confined spaces will be most adversely affected.

Fourthly, tourists pay exorbitant sums to get a panoramic view from their hotel rooms.

If windows disappeared, profits of hotel industry might plummet.

Fifthly, if windows disappeared.

Travelling in expensive cars or in business class by airplanes will not be attractive anymore.

Sixthly, if windows disappeared, there will not be any need for curtains anymore.

Curtain industry may completely shut down.

Lastly, if windows disappeared, selling a house will not be easy anymore.

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