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you know we got water mill you want some

yeah good Krakatau buy this do that how

do you make it orange orange what you

want an orange a little bit there you go

there's your orange you make it or as

not get me an orange peel a watermelon

so right now let's go this kitchen hack

the secret is you don't need one

watermelon you need turns and so here's

what we're gonna do first up we got peel

one of the watermelon so we're gonna

place one of them off to the side right

now and now we have to peel the melon if

you do this at home and if you're using

a knife you must be very careful even

even acts with someone else who's very

experienced with knives to help you out

on this one fact watermills actually

have Micro hairs on them so on what I've

never seen hair on a watermelon look at

this what can i that we just put a

mushroom Johnny so here we go so it's

gonna get some shaving cream on it Oh

what shave the melon you didn't even

take off the hair bro now I noticed that

Devon used a knife to carve off the top

layer but I think that he did it the

wrong way her usual self did not I gotta

use super spit-up super awesome

sandpaper let's go what whoa

you're broken we're gonna use this right

over here let's gonna just relax him and

now that he's relaxed into a very

subdued and quiet state it's time to

wake them up doors McGee ah all right

mine is all peeled and now it's time to

move on to the next step huh

just get one is you cut in half step two

is you screwed out what's inside of the

ones just like this harder than you

would expect

being this bleary finger on the forehead


three two one yes waiting on slowpoke

Devin over here gotta go into hyper

speed right now activate it here's the

big reveal three two who made a better

peeled watermelon and right now we're on

to the next round this round you

challenged us to make horns

jack-o'-lantern so right now let's go

all jack-o'-lanterns are orange so this

time we're literally making them out of

oranges I know my supersonic hands I can

crush them things are hard to grip

things alright now let's go

first step we got to tenderize these

oranges jack-o'-lanterns are supposed to

be round not old shape bro we got to

give it a second once over tenderizer so

this is here we got act a little magic

Genie juice on this thing though and

John are the genie juice is on it all

right well while you're doing that you

actually are supposed to cut the top of

it and then take out the inside with the

spoon oh all right so now it's gonna

remove the top so here we go it's empty

now so the next step is to draw out how

my jack-o'-lanterns gonna look all right

the designs are on and now it's time to

carve them out our eyeball number one

has been completed well this is actually

way easier than I expected first I done

final step is to add the candle the

ejaculator turned out so cool it broke

yours that's absolutely insane so here's

a big reveal three Jim we were first

five seconds of the card challenge we

want to see if you can subscribe to this

channel and turn on the channel post

notifications in five seconds are you

ready here we go

five four three

one done you can do that comment down

below keeper squad right now turner bro

awesome so you get to comment down below

who you think would buy Jack Lane is

here throwing up so right now guys we're

on to the next one for this round you

challenged us to make a whole bunch of

aquatic snack hugs what are you wearing

bra I'm a dolphin or should I say wow

now it's time to swim into the round

swimming yes you're crawling and

clapping this and dives

what okay next up we got the banana so

right now just gonna need one banana so

there we go perfect my one banana only

thing left is for this to be blessed by

the holy little bit alright so first

step is you cut off this top part and

then you move it off to the side cuz

we're gonna use it later yes you cut the

banana at an angle like that and this

you have to be very very careful we're

gonna chop it down the center of a bowl

nailed it now it's kind of like a little

dolphin yeah oh is it so next up yes

we're gonna use this little bit over

here so you're gonna cut it in half

being very careful we got to add a

little I hold it a little area right

over here and then we're gonna put this

little bit of I like rotten stuff in

there or not rotten but the top of the

next up we got to make sure our dolphins

can swim in the great little ocean of

the world we're gonna just do this we're

gonna make little triangles on evasion

like that we're gonna pull up a little

fin we're gonna say get that yo how you

doing alright now we add a grape to it

look it's so cute and now all we have to

do just make the ocean habitat in which

it lives and this part it's super easy

well we got a little bit carried away

here we made a whole bunch of dolphin

friends we had a whole super pod so now

you gotta make the ocean so we're gonna

eat a little treat cuz there's no trees

in the ocean eat alright so now is he

some ah

it's very clear that you out Yeaton me

but today you have out uted me

congratulations Devin you're welcome

don't even - all mixed up enough so I'm

just gonna start populating it with my

dolphin breeder here squad squad little

pod pod let's get this little dude in

here oh they're all kinda like falling

over oh that's so cute they're like

sharing this little grip but nah man

star-crossed lovers you'll have to sit

at opposite sides BAM now I got my

saucer posture of Apple sauces and

dolphins we know you get him to comment

down below who made a better pod of

dolphins mine's a super pod there's a

regular pot will be Evie's at the end of

the video but right now we are on to the

next round you challenged us to the

pancake art challenge but with all right

cause now it's time to test your net

catching skills right yeah this is our

first egg cracking - crap shout is this

even one three two one I accidentally

put my yolk in there here's the way I'm

gonna fix it we're gonna self cactus day

in inning and then it goes and then

sucks it all wait wait well I'm sorry

this contraption is incredible the goal

is your place it on top here and it will

cut out a perfect circle at the top of

the egg three two one oh we just made a

little mark on it three two one mine


now next up is a very challenging task

of transferring all of these egg whites

and egg yolks into these pancake art

bottles but luckily we have this egg

holder /pun old looking thing all right

you ready for this sure it's work Oh

medical no too fast oh it's not your

fault it's the funnels ha oh that one's

partly your fault so we got the egg

whites and now it's time for the egg

yolk hopefully you've learned cons

learned what I was gonna straight

freestyle 50% of it makes it in that's

that's better than my egg normal average

the bagel yo the moment has come it is

time to make the Agard so first we've

got a Pam it up a little bit you know

get a little bit of Pam on oh that's

alright so I don't know what Devin's

going for here I have a little bit of

idea what I'm gonna make so here we go

step one done gonna give them a little

this stuff does not cooperate now it's

time for the I oh no this is so

difficult probably work with me Maya's

not we're turning out nude here we go I

was gonna add a little bit more around

it I can't work with this I got the

touch for this thing down here I'm

messing it up further alright it's time

for me to flip mine oh man this might be

the first or challenge but I'm gonna win

you ready for this yeah - 105 like a

pancake wait so what is what is that it

got folded in half it's supposed to be a

chicken dude here's the big flip you

ready three two first three second light

chugs we want to see if you can like

this video in three seconds are you

ready here we go three two one done

three two one three two one this was a

complete fail but you didn't comment

down below even after they both got rekt

who made a better one and right now

we're on to the next one let's run you

just an ordinary Apple into a terrifying

monster so right now the game is 86 to

89 love it let's just get let's first

step game take an apple drop it on your

cutting board and then we take to use

these up paddles we use the dog squad of

popping this you take

next up we can use a dinosaur head to

split the second half in fun sack

t-rex's heads are six times stronger

than an actual banana only six times yes

that's it that's surprisingly look yeah

halfway through that's crazy I gotta

focus up real quick almost done wait

what all I gotta use these give me a

vision into the future here we go the

future is too crazy bro you don't even

want to know what happened the dinosaurs

came back next time you take two grapes

a toothpick prick the toothpick in half

stick the toothpick in the grape just

like this and you attach it to the top

as eyes gonna feel the last step is you

take some raisins you take small pieces

off of the toothpick and you attach them

to the grapes as little pimple so my

dude have strawberry eyebrows right

here's the big reveal of our terrifying

monsters three two one

so yeah you get to comment down below

and let us know which monster is scarier

for this round you challenged us to turn

a pineapple and my gosh into a parent

first step gonna grab a pineapple

oh he knows we're making a pineapple

parrot and this is going to be the

feathers of the parrot except first

you're gonna jump the pineapple girl I

know I'm just gonna get rid of all the

dust very good with the knives and made

me ask someone else to help you but now

it's gonna cut I would say about dude

a lot today like right here you've now

have the bird can no doesn't look like

it but trust me this is it you got to

carve this into the head so how do you

do that well you can either carve it or

you can just take a beep like this yeah

let's top pop it over the top of it if

you're finished it's kinda like yeah

you're not gonna do that so foots I

think it'd be easier to get this stuff

off first you're not supposed to take

that stuff off yeah you are the plumage

this is better so I don't have that

money peacock broke a peacock parrot why

can't we make carrot next to the clamp

Center what you do is you use scissors

and you cut off some of these leaves

near the bottom again unless you make it

a carrot man this thing it's not holding

in place all right there we go nice

mister monitoring my bonsai tree it has

a bonsai tree and I must say it's in

phenomenal condition all right there we

go so I think that that is the top I'm

at the carrot can I just say

I had no idea how gusty pineapples were

bro like in my cup that would make it

dirtier bro what this is super clean oh

you have a dirty duster sales now I just

gotta scoop out the interior of this

here look it it's just not working man


all right there we go perfect and then

now just don't have actually helped at

all let's just get use a carrot pick a

carrot pick slinging solutions placing a

solution that's gonna be the name of my

company slinky solutions gulps OH

next step is shaping the head I'm just

going to go over the top of the

pineapple here and just here we go

secure it still there - shape now it's

time for me to carve it out no all right

so I had to use the pineapple of Destiny

to finish it off and you know what to

celebrate we're going to use the trumpet

of triumph Wow do that's quite an

impressive lung capacity you have there

yeah and that's why they call me the

clairvoyant clarinet er it's a saxophone

Charlie it's a snorkel everything else

is ready except now we got to finish up

the head of Mike the carrot and your

regular parrot so right now let's turn

these into a masterpiece yours looks

crazy Oh what happened there but here's

the big reveal three universe if you

want to win a 15 minute video call with

that not text the word food to anyone

800 right now so pause the video text

the word food to 81 800 you will

automatically be entered into winning

right now here's the big reveal you

ready three two one tear my next rise so

now it's also spider as well so now it's

called a super carrot Oh hide apparent

carrot so you guys it's a comment down

below who made a better one and right

now we are on to the next one this round

is crazy I'm literally gonna teleport to

New York with special guest for this

next relay what that's awesome bro let's

got a grip one thing okay here we go

gonna miss you bro have fun here we go

three two one

wait why do you take my watermelon you

know what's up guys it's Colin skiing

I'm here with Kelly and Ryan I just

finished filming their live show and now

they're here on the channel so we're

gonna making a watermelon strike you

guys ready

exactly alright so right now let's go

with news for me Kelly

we're good at this

all right so now I'm a dude oh yeah we

have a scoop little balls those are

those are very important see they're

already ahead of me on this one just

kind of go on for it at this point you

guys you guys got the keeper squad

shirts on so it's all good it's meant to

get a little bit messy you know I'm

going for the win good watch

snap crackle OH I mean I really will say

that this looks like something

prehistoric and really bad happened to

this oh I really gotta step my game up

man this is this is not good no we need

a thin so I'm gonna festoon of thinness

do it is that a cooking term yeah it's

like carbon channel if you're not

careful she'll force to no sorry the

whole operations falling apart over here

guys what's happening with you you know

I mean that's like it's there but like

barely alright well that's good deal I

guess we'll just kind of pour it back in

now okay I wanna take a couple I'm gonna

take a couple of teeth yours vomited

yeah it's looking definitely good

varmints now you fill it back in you

know what Martha sir

eat your heart out yo this thing is not

turning out there's like no way I can

win hey bro can hear me hook go for

Devon I need you to make me a watermelon

shark right now already on it

oh do you have it almost there Lucario

dude these things take time it's ready

all right so I guess there's working on

their shark over there and I guess we'll

give this a shot we go three two one pay

I'm all right cool so I think yeah just

just add a couple little finishing touch

and this is what we ended up with so I

guess these are the these are the

watermelon start so you get into comment

down below who made a better water yeah

sure thank you so much for being here

guys gotta talk we're back to LA so get

rid of three to one which just happened



and the photos you can stick of the

Coptics cup for a second let's sit there

as a continues to tenderize did you

break the cap this cup not broken

Jetstar alternate and improved it pick

it up from the couple hey you grab a

little bit Oh get some ice will spike

you think sticking in the pan gun oh

there we go get that one out so now

let's test out how one of these things

flies off jet flies off remove one of

these little pieces here place it on the

table what was that for so I had to see

how it's gonna react in his aerodynamic

ability to fly through the air boy is a

pirate wanna join the x-men cuz he wants

to become a mutant come on blow up what

is your favorite food you would love to

see us make a kitchen hack out of it if

you want to get your own merch put the

top link in the description or gonna

shop calls Keep Calm right now to get

your merch before it's all sold out and

if you wants another video click right

over here you have five seconds here we

go five four three two one done love you



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