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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stephanie McMahon’s most memorable moments: WWE Playlist

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Test, he's 6'6, about 270.

Man, that was some hang time, over half way across the ring.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Jeff Jarrett is literally motionless,

and there's a tag.

>> Wait a minute, what is this?

>> What the hell is Stephanie McMahon, she just got tagged King.

>> Wait a minute.

>> Stephanie McMahon got the pin of Jarrett.

I can't believe Stephanie McMahon- >> Here

are your winners- >> Has

pinned the Intercontinental champion.

>> Test and Stephanie McMahon.

>> Is that an omen or the entire McMahon family here tonight.

Will all the McMahon's be victorious?

>> I don't think that's a message to Chyna.


>> Wait, there's Stephanie.

Stephanie's stopping her dad.

>> Wait a minute >> [APPLAUSE]

>> She wants to hit him.

>> She wants to, I think you're right.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Stephanie is gonna hit Helmsley.

>> My God.

>> Is this what?

Is this spousal abuse?

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Hit him.

>> Stephanie can't do it.

>> No. >> [APPLAUSE]

>> God almighty,

the sledgehammer right deep in the abdomen.

And now the, geez.

Helmsley almost took McMahon's head off with the sledgehammer.

Stephanie didn't have the heart to use a sledgehammer on Triple H.

There's the cover.

[SOUND] >> And Triple H has won this blood bath.

>> Here is your winner, Triple H.


>> God, how much more can you ask of the 53-year-old owner of this company?


McMahon has been busted open from ear to ear.

Triple H just used a sledgehammer on his father in law.

And unfortunately for Stephanie.

God almighty, don't you dare.

You son of a [BLEEP] don't you hit her.

>> What's he doing?

>> Don't you hit her.

Dammit, he's gonna hit Stephanie.

>> Come on.

>> What kind of human being is he?

For God's sakes.

[NOISE] How mad could he be?

>> Stephanie McMahon had to watch this.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> What?

>> King, what is this?

>> For the love of God.

>> What?

What is this?

[NOISE] >> Stephanie McMahon,

and she's turned her back on her father.


>> And Vince is not even aware of it King.

Vince McMahon is unconscious.

>> What?

>> Listen to these sadistic bloodthirsty people.

>> How can you say Stephanie doesn't deserve this after everything she's done.

>> Ring the bell.

>> The referee rung the bell, he started the match.

Referee Earl Hepner has started the match.

This match is underway.

>> Wait a minute.

>> Hey, look out.

>> Jacqueline going after Stephanie.

>> No, she's got her.

>> Jacqueline going after Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.

Hey, X-Pac from behind just tripped her.

>> See that?

>> X-Pac just tripped her.

The referee is outside the ring.

>> Hey, look at this.

>> What's Tori doing? >> Tori.

>> DDT.

Tori just planted Jacqueline.

>> Did you see that?

>> Yeah, I saw it.

>> Now, the referee is back in.

Stephanie doesn't know what to do.

>> Has the match started?

>> Triple H told her to cover Jacqueline.

Wait a minute.

I cannot believe it.

>> New WWF Women's Champion.

She did it.

>> Here is your winner and the new World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion,

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

>> What an athlete Michael, she did it, it runs in the family.

>> Give me a break.

>> At Invasion, this new entity WCW and

ECW is gonna kick the WWF's ass.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God,

my God >> Wait, wait, wait,

I get one more thing for you, one more.

And I'm also personally responsible and

privilege to introduce to you the new owner of ECW.

I believe you know this person quite well.

Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Vince's daughter,

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

>> The new owner of WCW


My God.

Shane on WCW and the princess,

Vince McMahon's baby girl now owns ECW.


For the love of God, the sins of the father are costing us all here in the WWF.

I do not believe this.


July 9th, 2001, a date that will

live in sport's entertainment infamy.

Vince's son Shane owns WCW.

Vince's daughter on ECW.


>> Now Ric, with all due respect in this ring, you are the man.

But pardon the expression, when it comes to business, I'm the man.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And while I have no doubt

that you will annihilate my father, in this very ring at the Royal Rumble.

>> Look at that.

>> You need me- >> Look at this.

>> To be your business partner.

>> What is he doing?

>> What are you doing?

>> What is he doing?

Is that some sort of- >> Tell them all you came here for

a shot at the title, baby.

>> Is he having a- >> Woo.

[SOUND] >> What do you think this is, Ric?

Some big party?

You think my father won't hesitate for one second to cut your heart out or

slit your throat?

You need me Flair, you need me on your side, and guess what?

You have four days to make your decision.

I'll have my cellphone on all weekend long.

But come this Monday,

whether you like it or not, my husband,

The Game Triple H is coming back to the WWF.

And come this Monday the game will really begin.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> What about that?

>> Stephanie just slapped the co-owner of the WWF.

>> She slapped the words right out of his mouth.

Flair is speechless for the first time in his life.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Who could it be?

>> So with that in mind, allow me to introduce you to the new

General Manager of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon.

>> [APPLAUSE] Meet Mr.

McMahon's daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

>> As you all know my man.

There's only one Stephanie McMahon and you're looking at her.

She's now the boss.

>> The SmackDown superstars in the back,


I don't think any of them can believe what's going on.

Ruthless aggression, Stephanie McMahon's got ruthless aggression in her blood line.


>> Welcome to my show, SmackDown.


>> Let me tell you one thing Heyman.

You do not ever speak about my children, ever again.

Do you understand that?

If you really wanna make things personal, let's call what these lawsuits are really

all about, because they're not about Brock Lesnar, they're about you.

They're about you masking your failures as a businessman.

Your failures at WCW.

Your failures at ECW.

And your failures at WWE.

You call yourself a visionary, when it comes to my father Vince McMahon,

you're just looking in the rear view mirror.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Daddy?

We're gonna talk about Daddy now?

>> Shut up.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> At least my daddy had the guts

a few years ago, to step into the ring with my husband.

Which is more than I can say for Brock Lesnar.

At least my kids, will be proud of their father and their grandfather,

unlike your children Paul, Because your children are ashamed.

They're ashamed of you.

They're ashamed to be your children because they know that their father is

nothing more than a professional parasite.


>> You know what Stephanie?

I'm sorry, you're right, I should be thinking more like you.

I should be acting more like you and

instead of dating superstars, maybe I should marry one.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Let's not

get started on your daddy issues.

I mean, that's a whole other can of worms.

>> Okay, AJ, how is it that you so humbly put it before that you're brilliant?

If you're so brilliant, I would have expected something a little more original.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I am original,

what I did to Kaitlyn, that was highly original.

That was cunning, that was well-planned, well-executed, months in the making.

That was my masterpiece.

>> AJ, you wanna give me those crazy eyes?

Do you forget who you're talking to?

I'm a McMahon.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Nobody does crazy better than us.

Now, if you wanna be a Diva's Champion,

I suggest like I said before you start acting like one.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I am,

I am the Diva's Champion, Stephanie.

And the only reason that you're out here is not because you're disappointed in me.

It's because I am you.

Only younger.

[NOISE] I don't have the fancy pants here.

>> Now, AJ, you are the Divas Champion, but

please remember that I can take all of that away from you.

As a matter of fact, if I want to, you won't have a job anymore.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I'm sorry, as you were saying?



>> Stephanie wasn't telling stories.

Apparently there was a line of

divas waiting to come out here.

>> Congratulations AJ,

you did it, you won.

>> So Kaitlyn, I'm gonna give you a vie because of everything that you've been

through the past couple of weeks, but do not ever interrupt me again.

And that goes for all of you.


>> [NOISE]

I've been waiting do to this.


>> You hit like a girl.

You hit like a girl.

You hit like a girl.

You hit like a girl.

>> How's that?

How's that?


>> Okay, if I agree to face you at

SummerSlam you agree to drop all charges.

>> If you wrestle me at SummerSlam, I will drop all the charges.


>> Okay, yes, yes.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Yes, fine,

you can have your match at Summerslam but Brie,

you have to consider that at Summerslam.

[SOUND] >> I'm gonna make you my [BLEEP].

[NOISE] >> You see what's ironic right now,

is you're running your mouth about the Johnsons and the McMahons.

But the truth is, you wouldn't be in power if it wasn't for Vince McMahon's [BLEEP]


>> Crass as always, I mean.

[NOISE] >> What are you gonna do about it, Rock?

What are you gonna do about it?

You gonna hit a woman?

You gonna hit me, Stephanie McMahon?

This is my ring, my house, my stadium, my people.

[NOISE] Get the hell out of here now.

I said, get out.


>> I'm the disgrace?

>> Yes, you are.

>> I'm the disgrace?

No, no, Steph, you are a disgrace.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And your husband is a disgrace.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> No, no, no, matter of fact,

your whole family is a disgrace.



>> Just one more thing.

>> I'm not gonna fire you cuz my husband asked me not, too.

But I tell you what, there's someone on the way to the area

right now who just might, and that's the chairman of the board of this company.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Vincent

Kennedy McMahon.

>> My goodness.


>> We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

We want Shane.

>> I work every single day of my life often sacrificing time with my family for

all of you.

And this is the respect that you show me.

>> [NOISE] >> You chant, we want Shane.

>> [NOISE] >> Shane,

who blackmailed my father and the WWE.

You cheer that, you revere that.

What does that say about you?

What does that say about my brother?

And what did Shane do with all this information he has over my dad?

Well, he asked for a multi-year vacation.

Where has he been for the past seven years?

But then Shane can just waltz in, The Prodigal Son, and demand to take over.


Cuz he's a Mcmahon, because he's a man?

No, no, I'm sorry, it's because of his family's legacy that he's spoke so

passionately about last week.

Well, Shane, if you really loved and supported your family then it would

have been nice if you showed up at least a couple of times.

No, no, no, you guys think about it.

He hasn't even been to a WrestleMania, let alone a Monday Night Raw.

I call that abandonment, that's certainly not supportive of any of you, and

it's not supportive of my family.

>> What?

>> Shane doesn't care about my grandfather, my father, and

he certainly doesn't care about me or my family, that point he's made very clear.

And you know what's really sad?

What's really sad is that I love my brother.

I do, I love my brother, but I don't respect him because every

single time I let my guard down he stabs me in the back like he did last week.

It eats my brother alive that Hunter and I are married.

It eats him alive that I'm in this business and that I wield so much power.

And Shane, you mentioned your sons are in line to take over WWE and

you know what, my nephews will have that right, but

they'll have to fight for it just like my daughters will.

I noticed you conveniently left them out last week.

>> What?

>> But Shane, what makes you think you can just come back,

because you're a man and take over my show and my business?

>> What?

>> The very thought of Hunter and I having to work for you makes me wanna vomit.

>> What?

>> But I don't have to worry about that, do I, Shane?

Because at WrestleMania, The Undertaker is not only going to

defeat you at Hell In a Cell, he is going to dismember you.

>> What?

>> And then you can take a more permanent vacation.

>> What?

>> But you know what, I kinda get it, looking out at all of you.

I understand why you cheer him,

because Shane McMahon is a reflection of all of you,

narcissistic, apathetic, lazy, weak-minded wastes of life.

You're all entitled, you think the world owes you something that you

don't have to work for it, you got a chip on your shoulder.

Well, guess what, sooner or later, reality comes around and

it slaps you right in the face.

Now, you may not agree with the decisions that Triple H and I have made but

there is no denying our work ethic.

There is no denying our legacy of excellence.

And there is no denying the fact that sooner or later all of you

will be forced to show your respect and bow down to The Authority.

Bow down to the king, and

bow down to your queen, me.

>> [NOISE]

>> Absolutely convulsed.

Stephanie McMahon tonight saying the fact that she and

her husband, the work for Shane McMahon if Shane wins

at WrestleMania makes her want to, quote, vomit.

>> What's the matter, Mick, your mic not working?

>> [NOISE] >> I gave you a golden opportunity to

be the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and what do you do?

You physically attack my husband, Triple H.

>> Then I give you this golden opportunity to give your farewell address

in your home state of New York and you can't even do that right, Foley.

You know why I had to give you index cards?

>> Why?

>> Because you screw up everything you have to say.

You can't remember a thing.

>> You can't get it right, Mick.

You say, this isn't about you.

It's all about you, it's never been about them,

it's never been about the locker room, it;s never been about WrestleMania.

It's about you being liked.

This is what it's about >> Foley, Foley, Foley.

>> That's what you care about.

You don't care about what's best for business.

You can't even make the tough decisions, Mick.

So therefore, I'm going to have to do it for you.

And there is something that I've been wanting to say for a very long time.

I am.


>> Mick Foley, I've got two words for you.


>> You're fired.


>> Rousey's got Triple H.

And Stephanie from

behind puts Rousey

through a table.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> But

these moments, yes, Triple H said,

they don't just happen because of opportunity.

They don't just happen, because of incredible talent.

They don't just happen because someone or something deems it important.

They happen because all of you deem it important.

They happen because you deem it worthy of being a part of what you love.

You demanded more opportunities for the women in WWE, and you started

a hashtag called Give Divas A Chance that trended worldwide for three days.

Igniting a revolution across our industry and

opening doors for women that some of them had only dreamed of.

Because of all of you 32nd matches became main events.

And because of all of you, divas became the superstars they were born to be.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Because of all of you, men and

women, using your voices for change, we are able to provide the platform to

show the world that women can do anything and be anything they want to be.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Because of all of you,

we are able to stand here and make another first ever announcement.

On October 28th, over 50 women then, now, and

forever will participate in an event called Evolution.

And that event, I am privileged to announced,

will be the first-ever all-women's pay-per-view.



>> A standing ovation here tonight live in Cincinnati as history is made.


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