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- Welcome to the White Elephant Show,

where we gather gifts from Vat19 and beyond,

and see what we like best.

Today's theme is gifts you never buy for yourself.

Joey, you're up first,

so you can grab any gift from the table.

- All right.

I like the shape of this one, I don't know why.

It's kinda floppy.

- Oh, maybe I don't want it now.

- I don't know what this could be.

I actually get to tear the paper, which is sweet.

- Oh, I need one of those.

- Ah, Star Wars?

- I think I actually have that.

Yeah, I have that exact one for my car.

- Do you really?

- It's legit, yeah.

- But is it inside the Millennium Falcon?

What is it?

- It's clearly the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

- You ever seen Han Solo and Chewbacca

behind any other thing?

- But I've never seen Obi-Wan inside the Millennium Falcon.

- It's from when they're like scrolling on up

to the Deathstar,

and he's like, "That's no moon."

It's that exact shot. - That's no moon!

- Okay.

I'm clearly not a big Star Wars fan.

- That's maybe why I bought it for myself,

because I may have seen that movie too many times.

- Okay, fair enough.

- I've seen that movie in Spanish.

I don't even speak Spanish.

- So Kelsey, you can either steal from Joey,

or you can choose a new gift from the table.

- Kelsey likes opening gifts way too much

to steal. - Yeah, I like Star Wars

but I wanna open something.

- You love gifts.

- I like polka dots, but there's multiple ones

with polka dots.

I'm gonna go with this one,

this one's catching my eye.

- Oh! - Oh!

- I like this one.

- Should I (laughs)

- Bonus gift!

- Kelsey gets the bonus gift!

- I have a sense for it, I don't do this on purpose.

- You get so many bonus gifts.

- Hey, she's worthy of them.

- I also got a belt.

- The Survival Slide belt?

- Yes, I'm in our video for this,

but I don't really know how to do it.

- Yeah, so it's got a bottle opener,

a knife pops out like this, just so you know,

in case you get in like, an altercation.

No, it's for surviving.

You can strike a flint with it.

There's a flashlight.

- So Kelsey, you also got the bonus gift,

so at the end of the game,

you will get to choose one of the golden gifts

on the table.

I think I'm going to pick a gift from the table.

- Okay.

- Ohh, this is the L3D cube.

This thing is pretty cool,

it's filled with LED lights.

You plug it in, and you can give yourself

a little light show.

Yeah, this would be really cool on my desk, or-

- Yeah, or to give to somebody that maybe-

- But I want it for myself.

I would never buy it for myself, I'm taking it now.

So Adam, you can steal any of the three gifts you see,

or open a new one.

- I enjoy Star Wars.

- I could tell by the way you didn't know what this was.


- That guy with the beard, I've never seen him before.

- I knew it was Obi-Wan.

- I'm gonna see, because blue is my favorite color,

I'm gonna see what's inside, and polka dots.

- It looked heavy.

- Um, yeah, all right.

This is super cool.

What's even cooler is I got,

I got a mini museum and a bonus gift, guys.

So this is the mini museum.

It has little tiny artifacts of history

inside this resin case.

I've got a knight's sword from the 14th century.

There's a tiny bit of brick from the White House.

- How did they get a brick from the White House?

- That's amazing.

- There's a human heart in here, you guys.

- A whole human heart?

- Yeah, not a whole.

There are mummy beads in here,

there's a giant beaver in here,

Stonehenge, got some of Stonehenge in here, guys.

- That's cool.

- Definitely the best gift here.

- I have a feeling that's gonna get stolen pretty fast.

- I don't think so, I'm gonna protect this.

I'm gonna protect this with Kelsey's belt.

We're gonna have a little deal-


We're gonna have a deal going on here.

- Okay, team up.

- The mini museum, awesome gift.

Before we get on to our next gift,

we wanna say a special thank you to our sponsor,

Express VPN.

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- No, I'm good.

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- All right Karrie, you're up.

- Well, I happen to be kind of a nerd for history,

classics, archeology, and all of that,

so unfortunately, Adam, I have to steal that gift.

That mini museum is calling for me, so-

- What gift?

- Um, the one you had before.

- I just don't know where it went.

Fine, it's yours.

All right, enjoy that piece of history.

- So Adam, you can either steal one of the other three gifts

or go back to the table.

- I feel like I need to brush up on my Star Wars,

and I need to keep my car cool, so this is mine now, Joey.

- Wow.

- Boom.

- I didn't see that coming from you Adam, but-

- Little twisty turnsy there, Joey.

- How many are left here, three?

Oh, I didn't even see this one.

- Three gifts left.

- That one's clearly a sweater.


- A polka dot sweater.

- From grandmother, she always has the best sweaters.

- I'm gonna go big.

- Oh, that's a chunky sweater.

- Oh, Kara, it's you!

- What?

(cheering and laughing)

I'm sure that's exactly what you wanted, Joey.

That is the Face Licker Lollipop of me, for Joey.

- Custom Lollipops that you can get to look like yourself

or someone you know,

or a celebrity.

- Yeah, you can customize these.

You could upload any photo, it doesn't just have to be

one of me.

What's it taste like?

- I think it's kind of like cola.

- Oh.

- Guys, I have cola-flavored hair.

- It is my turn.

I really wanna see what's in these boxes,

because these have all been really cool so far,

but I'm deeply hurt and offended

that Adam has the Star Wars product

and doesn't even know why Obi-Wan Kenobi is

in the Millennium Falcon,

and why he calls him Obi-One Kenobi is beyond me.

- It's Obi-One right?

- So, this is not the present you're looking for,

give me that- - Okay.

- Listen Han, I know you're a scruffy-looking nerf herder,

but I'll keep you away from Adam the Hut over here.

- Fair enough, fair enough.

- Okay Adam, what do you wanna do?

- There are choices, there are choices.

- You can't steal that back from Danny.

- All right, well, I'm gonna protect myself

against whoever does steal my next gift

and I'm gonna hold this

knife out with the survival belt.

- I thought you would've stolen that out of the gate,

I thought that was up your alley.

- Adam, I have started a fire with that belt.

- Yeah, I know, I've seen you, I filmed you do it.

- And I have taken you to the hospital

for a cut hand before.

- Yeah, but that was from a lava lamp,

totally different thing.

- Kelsey, since two gifts have been stolen this round,

you get to choose from the table.

- Oh, darn.

What is this? - Oh.

- I don't know what this is.

- That is the Levitron.

- Levitron.

- That's an older one of our products,

but it's super, super cool.

So, you plug this base in,

and then this magnet floats on the base.

- Whoa!

- Be careful.

- You can put whatever you want on the top of this magnet,

and it looks like it's floating, it's super cool.

It'd be like something you'd, oh, sorry!

Did I get you?

- It's a super strong magnet

and it will hold anything up to 12 ounces.

- I'm like, barely strong enough to pull this off.

- All right, Josh, you are up.

- I haven't opened anything yet,

and I really want the gold polka dots.

Can I shake it before?

- Oh, that is the Laird or Lady gift set.

Whoever you gift that to,

or if you choose to keep it,

they will own one square foot of land in Scotland,

therefore making them a laird or a lady.

- Oh!

- Laird Joshua Wessley of Scottenborough.

- Mm, yes, quite.

- Why are you English?

- I was gonna say the same thing.

- He's visiting, it's fine.

- With that, you would get access to visit

the Dunans Castle in Scotland.

- Lord Joshua Wessley of Dunans.

- Laird. - Laird.

- So everyone has a gift now,

so we're on to our final round before the bonus gifts.

Joey, you can choose to steal anyone's gift

or keep what you have, which I know is very tempting.

- I gotta take the mini museum.

- Joey!

- You've always wanted Kara's face.

- I do enjoy candy, despite it being your face, I-

- Despite? - Despite, yeah?

- I just feel bad that I'm like, eating your face,

basically, but, it is still a lollipop,

it is still something you can eat,

so I think I'm gonna keep your face.

- Okay, Karrie, you chose to keep the Face Licker Lollipop,

let's get into the bonus round.

One gift is good, or slightly better, than the other one.

- One, two, three.


- Oh man.

- What, what? - What'd you get?

- Hang on, hang on, wait.

You go first.

- Party Bear is in the house tonight, guys.

- Party Bear, that's a good one!

- What!

- Oh man!

- Party Bear!

- So Adam, that Party Bear, which is 26 pounds of gummy.

- Dang. - Dang.

- You're just gonna have to share it.

- It's got a nice little tummy cut out.

- Oh, nice. - So you could put

even more little gummy bears in it.

- When's your party?

- I'll invite you.

- Kelsey, what you got going on over there?

- What is happening over here?

- (laughing) I got, Handerpants.

- Handerpants.

- Oh my goodness!

- Those are Handerpants,

they appear to be underwear gloves.

- [Danny] Super useful.

- [Josh] Yeah, here we go.

- Now, everybody's dad wore underwear like that, right?

- Not just dads. - Not us,

every other dad did it.

New dads don't do it.

- Check out more gifts to buy others or yourself


- I do go hunting.

- You do? - No, I don't!

- Why would you say that?

- Yeah.

I thought that would be cool, but it wasn't.


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