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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Amazing Benefits You Should Know to Drinking Water in the Morning + 3 TIPS to Drink Right Way.

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7 benefits of drinking water in the morning

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How to drink water properly in the morning

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Ok ... Based on the facts

Human organs need fluids or we know the name of water

Or the cool language we call H2O

In sufficient quantities to support various body activities

The need for human white water in general is 8 glasses per day

Or two liters per day.

Certainly temen temen sdh tau certainly.

Want to know how to calculate it?

for example, if you weigh 60 kg

Then the water requirement is 30x60 kg

its result is 1800 ml

Or 1.8 liters per day

When urinating 500-1000 ml

When defecating 100-200 ml

When the weather is hot and activity is high, more fluids will come out .

So, the conclusion :

The greater the weight and its activity then the water needs will grow larger.

Then When is the best Time to begin to meet the needs of water?


The best time is the morning after we wake up. Why?

Because in the morning our bodies awaken from rest and recovery process overnight

And during that also our bodies lose a lot of fluid.

So, it is advisable to consume water as soon as you wake up.

When we wake up

Usually will feel thirsty and want to urinate

Long sleep time will make our body dehydrated

and Ultimately the brain gives a thirsty signal.

It's good we immediately provide water intake for the body hydrated or sufficient body fluids

If our body fluids is enough,

Then the body organs works optimally

Such as, lubricant joints, blood flow becomes smooth

heart pump becomes not heavy, the eyes are not dry,

Facial skin looks glowing and chewy

And still many, if called one by one, wow, can be up to night

So, Drinking water after waking up is important right?

The answer is certainly very useful.

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Ok, let's go on, I'll discuss What's the Benefit of drinking water when you wake up

There are 7 benefits to be had when consuming water when waking up in a stomach condition is still empty

The first, Helps Eliminate Toxins in the Body

At night, your body improves and removes all toxins in the body

When drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning,

You will clear this harmful poison, and let your body fresh and healthy.

Wow, Drinking plenty of water can help increase the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.

The second, Prevent Weight Gain Increase

When you drink water in the morning when the stomach is empty

You will feel less hungry and your desire to eat will decrease

This will prevent weight gain due to overeating.

the third, Preventing Digestive Disorders

Digestive disorders are caused by increased acidity in the stomach.

For people with heartburn, on the morning that will be felt is stomach acid back into your esophagus.

However, when you drink water on an empty stomach,

This acid can be suppressed and diluted so it can prevent your stomach acid rise.

The fourth, the Skin Becomes More Healthy

Dehydration causes premature wrinkles

It was found in a study that drinking 2 glass of water on an empty stomach increases blood flow in the skin

And cleans toxins in the blood making skin

Thus making the skin more radiant

The fifth,. For someone who has constipated or hard water

In the morning when waking up is the best time to drink water

Which aims to help launch a bowel movement

The sixth, Prevent Kidney Stones and Bladder Infection

Drinking water immediately after waking is essential to prevent kidney stones and bladder infections

The fact that drinking water on an empty stomach is able to dilute the acid that causes stones in the kidneys

The more water you drink the more you will be

protected from various types of bladder infections caused by toxins

The seventh, Strengthen the Immune System

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to balance the lymphatic system

that causes increased levels of immunity. Immune system that makes you not easy to fall ill

There are 3 tips, how to drink the right water, in the morning, when you wake up

1. Drinking water in a sitting position instead of standing, let alone squat

2. Drinking water one minute after waking up

3. Minum air putih tidak terlalu banyak meskipun anda merasa sangat haus.

One to two glasses of water is highly recommended

to help the heart's performance, nourish the kidneys, and other organs.

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Do not forget to drink water , ok ?


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