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hey everyone thanks for good

in again today

I'm going to show you how I fill in

my brows

I actually had an eyebrow

video up a while ago

uhm that was kind of like

how I used to do

my brows and i was

looking back on that

video and I really don't do my brows

in that same way anymore

and I get so many questions

just about like how I do my brows like

if I get them done

everything like


I do all of

my stuff myself

I don't actually get any

beauty services done

I do everything myself

Including my eyebrows

So I thought I would just do a

new updated version

how I

shape and how

I fill in my

eyebrows just as like a seperate


so I'll show you that today

and make sure that if you


if you didn't see it already make

sure you check out my last video i'll have it


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I will have the video linked you can go check that out and participate

it's really really simple I have all the instructions

in english of course in there as well, but yeah so i'll just show you now how I do my


and I hope you enjoy, first I'll show you just how I groom them

Um I just pluck strays now I don't have

very bushy eyebrows like some people just don't have very you know

thick eyebrows naturally and I'm one of those people

so I don't really pluck a lot of the actual hair out

I just pluck strays like sometimes I get like a little stray hairs like growing

down here

and sometimes I'll get like random strays up here

so those are pretty much the only hairs I pluck out

sometimes you know some people get like some hair growing

inwards like between here like the unibrow so you want to kinda start

or you want to just get rid of those if you have any between here

just don't pluck too much like I mean just go with whatever natural brow shape

you have

some women what they do is that 'cus they want to get this

arch shape like mine are naturally arched but some women who don't have this arch shape

they'll start pucking here and that's like the wrong place to start plucking

cuz then you'll get brows that go like this

and then I'll go kinda really strange shape I see that a lot

if you don't like if your eyebrows are kind of like very straight across

and you want to have a little bit arch pluck

kind of at the highest points or ever caught up a little bit

Umm you know you can maybe just do like a little bit of plucking there

get a natural arch

but just don't overdo it because then it will be

kinda hard to get a nice like natural-looking eyebrow

so what you can also do is if your eyebrows are very

like if the hair is very bushy and very long

what you can use you can use on a clean mascara spoolie

you can brush up all the hair your brush up like this I mean mine are trimmed so it's

hard to show you

but you would brush it all up and the like if you have some very long hairs that stick

up here

you can just take some scissors and trim all along the top

if you brush it up and then if theres like

really long hair sticking up you would take some scissors and then just trim

along the very top

edge um and then that kind of also just really helps to

make a nice shape um, so now i'm just quickly show you how I feel mine and to

use on

a pestle to start with now the 1i use as by Mac

I'm this as the Mac eyebrow pencil and shade lingering

so you wanna get about the same color as your eyebrows

I should be a little bit lighter than your hair color

I'm if you have very

like dark i press Like if they're black hair something you might not actually

need to just stop

I'm yeah it's our like Rd very very dark you can just use a common approach

power and oxygen ideas I follow like

I start like here right so here's like to my bottom

most part in the brow and I just wrong

and test the suburban just wrong line across

the bottom

okay so I kinda just filled in that bottom

shape and something you want to bring it about to wear it like the highest point

is and then I don't I don't fill in the rest the shameful she read it after

sign Justin up on a bottom first

and then I just kinda looked hot just can't

para los you're getting like a parallel line

and again taking up to the highest point

and then you can just kinda connect those two lines right at the highest


so they can see I have the bottom line on the top line

and then I just arm fill it in lol but don't do it should

dark cuz if you do it like a really dark you can assign it look very strange

and I just like to take an angled brush I take what has like a very

it like really really fit Mike if you look at it this way

it's like Brees are sharp I'm this particular brushes by afterglow


I'm but you know I have there's tons of other brands at me

angle brush is just get one that's very face and I just kind of

call along where I followed in and I just

I don't have anything on this brushes has just

I'm spreading basically the product

and from the inner like the inner part here and just kind of pull up

like this and now also artist helped to

complex may use the powder

a snow the park outta bed and dad

what I do here because I didn't actually apply any product here

but now there's actually some product on the brush soul and I just

traced back down a little bit I'm because I don't want

on our part to be very to find out what the most definition kind of like on your


and then that is pretty much

can today what I do and I take a brow powder

thats slightly darker so

for me test stel a mask out where they called

eyebrow cake you can use and I showers all I just really like this one male a

mascot and this is my shape gays

so you just want a sheet that's like a little bit darker than what you used on

the pencil

I use the same brush that I was using just get along

on hair tap of the access and I just make

online but kinda on the bottom think

and very precise line

and I'm not putting us on a top but also just on the bottom

and anyhow wonderful enhance I call from hotline and just slightly pull up the


and what this does is it just when you look at it

far away just kinda makes it like a bit more to find I guess

just a sec everything I just use clear mascara

missiles Rd pretty discolored dissection told the slain get a new one

is just because I use like I'll use on myself so

is just like the applicator guess look at part in the only independent

that color comes off so I replace this like every

once in a while and then I just call for that

sundance just clear mascara I wish

works just like brauch all and arm

yeah I just got my hair and that just kind of seal them so that they don't you

know move around everywhere

and that's pretty much how I do my eyebrows nowadays

I'm what you can do is when you i mean I already have my shelf to

on but what you can do you know as if you want to

basically you wanna love highlighter underneath the highest point

have your eyebrows so I just use like are slightly shimmery eyeshadow

get along and I on a brash and just apply it like right here

and you can do that

on their side and that's just kinda also

helped to define because you have

the contrast now at that time darker

line he made on the bottom you blend it out and it just

games like a nice contrast with the highlight soul

this is like a much easier way of doing my routes I think they suspend a lot

more time telling them I think this just

is easier I think it looks better style that's pretty much how I do my eyebrows

arm yeah some tried out see that works for you

and I'm hope that was helpful and I'll see has very soon bye

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