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Hey everyone its Melanie from, welcome to my studio! Today I'm

gonna do a little tour I'm gonna talk about some of the things I've got in

here my favorite ways to organize my studio maybe give you some ideas of tips

and tricks or inspiration. I haven't done one of these in several years and last

month I completely reorganized this room. I cleaned it out I got rid of stuff and

I reorganized the way that my workflow is in here so I thought I would share it

while it's still clean cuz lord knows it's gonna get messy here probably

pretty soon, but um I thought I would show you around show you my updated

studio tour for 2020. So here's what it looks like when you first walk in, I have

my long arm here on the right hand side then we've got my work table, my pegboard

so there's my sewing table and then that door goes to a jack-and-jill bathroom

for this upstairs hallway and then from over here here is the closet there's my

light and then there's the hallway. This is the main wall of my studio where all

the magic happens so we only one window in this room and so that is the window

that I use for natural light so I organize and plan my day around good

times to film and take photographs in this room which is in the mornings. This

room is a standard kind of like bedroom size so it's one of the bedrooms in our

home and it is I think it's about 11 feet by 12 feet so it's not a super

small bedroom but it's also not like a huge one either this is you know we do

have some limitations with our size and what I'm able to do in here. So this is

my work table here I have this space it's specifically set off the window on

purpose so that I can open the shutters get the most light in here as possible

and also so that I can put my tripod and my camera in that spot so this is set up

so that I can film and take photographs in here but I love that here at my work

table is where I do all of my fabric cutting and where I take my photographs

because it is next to the window on the pegboard I keep my cutting mats so I can

pull out the size that I want and be able to easily put them away so that I

have the spare surface the bare surface whenever I need it. This is a

light it's called the Stella light it's really sleek and minimal it has light

adjustments and I really been enjoying using that so that's what that is.

And then over here I have my wool mat and my Oliso iron which I love. So the

wool mat I tried out I've been hearing a lot of good things about using wool mats

in you're pressing, especially if you're a quilter. I decided to get one and try

it out I will link the exact one I have from Amazon great price it's a really

good size and I'm really enjoying using it and not only that I'm enjoying this

workflow so I have my when I'm quilting or when I'm sewing I have my cutting

space here I move right over into my pressing space and then I move right

over them into my sewing space so it's kind of along this wall kind of going

from right to left there's a nice kind of open space here in the middle I can

move around I can move my lights around my tripod around been really working out

well this is not how it was laid out before. in my last sewing tour video it's

totally different from that this is a cabinet from Ikea and I can fit it right

underneath this table this table is also from Ikea it's one of those tabletops

with the adjustable legs so I have the legs as high as they possibly go so that

I have a nice tall high surface for my cutting so I'm not bending over and

straining my back. I can stand up straight and do my cutting, so that is

this table from Ikea I will link everything in the description box below

up here I have pins, needles, yarn needles that kind of stuff

little cutters, trimmers, needle threader's, thimbles, small little bits in

this drawer I have extra Clover Clip boxes, old pincushion

this has my letters for my my letter boards sewing machine feet from machines

I don't use very often. And then this third drawer is all of my smaller

specialty rulers. A trick when you have these sort of specialty rulers is to

keep their instructions with them so like this is an add a quarter ruler so

it adds a quarter of an inch and I keep the instructions the details in this

drawer with it. Sometimes I might have to dig and find

it. My daughter's drawings that end up in here. For this Dresden ruler that

I've got I keep all of that together. In this bottom drawer is where I keep all

of my quilt sandwiches so these are when I'm testing out my tension for the

sewing machine to make sure that it's good I just keep them all in here.

Alright so over here is my sewing table I have my Juki tl-2010q out right now

typically I sew on my DX 7 but I was doing some free motion quilting and I

just love the way that this machine does its quilting I pull it out every time I

do that. Next to my sewing machine I keep a bowl of clover Clips and like I took a

ring off so it's a good little spot for a catch all. I also keep a magnetic pin

cushion that I put right here in the throat of the machine so that when I'm

taking pins off I can put it right there and it's there I don't have pins all

over the place. Here's my drawer I always have the knee

lifter on because I'm obsessed with them and then here's my drawer which has like

tape measure another little bowl extra spools of thread sewing machine feet

needles, bobbins, bobbin buddy things, trimmers, particularly things that I will

need while I'm sewing. Here's where I'm keeping all of my larger quilting rulers

my 6.5 by 24. 12 x12.

Bigger ones this is just a nice

kind of spot where it's out of the way but still accessible when I'm over on

this side of the room. This little bin, I love having a pegboard by the way. This

is for all of my tools that I'm using at the sewing machine, marking tools, chalk

pens, you know marking, a stiletto seam roller all of that kind of stuff

all that is right there next to me while I'm sewing. And then the rest of stuff up

here is my thread that's just some of my thread but I kind of like having it out

because it looks pretty and cute and videos. Extra clover clips, decorative

stuff things that I've made before that I want to just kind of have out aloha

cuz when I lived in Hawaii that's like the best word ever. Ok, really quick

here's my pegboard I've got ways that I'm storing things just cute things that

I like to have out scissors, rotary cutters, you know you can switch and mix

around things that you want that are just beautiful or also things that are

functional up there I've got some extra stuff, some macrame cord, you know I still

have plenty of space on here so I could even fill it up more if I wanted to but

I like having a mix of functionality and beauty. Here's the closet, this is just a

standard like bedroom sized closet so it's nothing extra or fancy. All my yarn

is here so I have this bookshelf with all of my yarn it's a little bit messy

right now but actually it's not too bad then up here on the top I have a couple

of project bins I need to have a place to put my in process projects because

I'm not always able to work on the the project from start to finish before I

need to do other videos or other projects or make make progress but have

a place to keep everything together and put it away. I've got a project bin up

here, on top of another project bin. I've got you know my daughter ripped her

jumper so I need to fix it some extra things up here and then up here in the

top of the closet is a whole bunch of storage so I've got fabric paint, my

notions like zippers, elastic different cording for sewing. Then I've got a bunch

of interfacing so making things vinyl so like iron on interfacing different sorts

of fusible webbing, applique that kind of stuff. Extra thread, this is cutting bin

stuff everything from Fiskars like tag makers different punches things like

that. This this been up here is embroidery stuff so I've got all my

pearl cotton, my cross stitch fabric, embroidery floss, different patterns that

go with it all in there. All my batting stays up there as well let's open the

other side you can see that one. Alright in the top up here is a serger, extra light

bulb up there for my lights this is um that's a fireman fireman pants I took

some of this apart and made up zip pouch for my dad for his birthday and then

inside here are all my batting scraps. Markers, watercolors

and colored pencils. These are all kind of like random works in projects. I'm

not sure I'll ever get to them but they're all organized in one spot. This

is a quilt I'm working on, more fusible fleece and different sort of interfacing

for a fabric. Another mending, my son ripped it. And then you know a very

glamorous closet area more batting, full-size ironing board, tabletop ironing

board, my other sewing machines are down here in the bottom all kind of packed

away. The rest of my long arm frame is over here because it can be a 12-inch

frame or 12-foot frame excuse me. My halo light that's the ring light that I use

to help pump up the lighting in here so yeah there's a closet. Here is the long

arm this is the Qnique 14+ I will get to videos on this I have been

meaning to do that for so long. I'll be totally honest with you getting a long

arm is not for the faint of heart. This is my design wall, so when I want to put

fabric up there I want to stand back from my quilts and be able to look

around they're some kind of work in project ones. Underneath the long room

has a lot of storage so same kind of thing I have a bin for all of my long

arm accessories, I have my record player, I like to play records in here while

I'm working and then I have some more project bins down there so this year I'm

gonna try not to have so many in process projects and kind of finish more of the

things that I get started on trying to do better on that in 2020. I didn't

mention my light I usually have it on but I have two light bulbs out so I need

to go find new ones for that but that light was made for me by Scott

Coppersmith who was a local artists and he makes these lights out of recycled

building materials so it's pretty cool. That is my studio tour, now you might be

noticing that I did not talk about where my fabric is. My fabric in this whole

studio reorganization my fabric got moved over to my master bedroom so right

out this doorway to the left is my master bedroom and it's a decent sized

room and there was this one section that was going to fit my fabric cabinet

perfectly so I will show you kind of what it looks like in there but that is

where all of my fabric is. I just had to get one thing out of this room so that I

could have a little bit more space to move around

that's what kind of got kicked out which is okay because it's really not far to

just kind of walk around the corner and grab what I need. Everything that I

talked about will be linked down below and on the blog post if I forgot

anything I'll mention it in the blog post as I write that out. If you any

questions please feel free to ask me I'm happy to share, thanks so much for

watching guys and yeah I'll see you guys in the next video, bye!

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