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NARRATOR: With the temperature already over 85 degrees,

solo hunter Willie Edwards is preparing

for another scorching day.

But in his rush to fill tags yesterday,

he learned some important lessons.

Although he pulled in 18 alligators,

they came at a price.

[yells] [bleep]

NARRATOR: A busted motor, and a bout

with heat exhaustion that nearly pushed him over the limit.

WILLIE EDWARDS: It's just been one thing after another, man.

It's just unreal.

But that's life, I guess.

I mean, you just go--

ups and downs.

You just gotta get back recuperated

and start over again.

Now, see, that rope's tight on that tree right there.

The way it's stretched out there, that's a good gator.

NARRATOR: While the heat makes Willie's job harder,

it also gives him an advantage.

Alligators are more active in warm temperatures,

and more likely to bite Willie's bait.

Something with a little size to it.

That's a real big gator.

He might be bigger than what I think he is.

He's about to roll.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

He got my foot.

There, gator.

Getting me wet this morning, boy.

Don't you bite me, boy.


That's what I'm talking about.

NARRATOR: At over nine feet, this beast

will net Willie more than $150.

Good nine and a half foot long gator boy.

That's a nice gator right there.

You're by yourself and you try and keep your gun loaded,

keep the boat straight, tag your gator.

It takes a lot of work, especially on one fella.

Yeah, I see a big old ball of bubbles right there.

Don't get off me, boy.

[grunts] [yells]

We're ready now.

Do what you want now, buddy.

We're fixing to take you out.



I was doing all I can do.

Trying to load a big one by yourself, that's where they get

you at, you know what I mean-- straining

on it so hard to get it in.

There ain't no way.

And I just wasn't in the shape to be

pulling on something like that.

NARRATOR: Willie creates a swamp-style pulley

system to winch the gator up over the side of his boat.

Let's see now.

I think I got it.


What a crocodile.

What a crocodile.

NARRATOR: This 11-foot giant is worth almost $200.

WILLIE EDWARDS: That's too much work for one fella like that.

I got him though.

By myself too.

Yes, indeed, boy.

Some good, nice--

NARRATOR: Willie reaps the benefits of a long, hot day

hunting solo.

MAN: Not many people come in with three like that.

NARRATOR: Willie's put over $1,700 in his wallet.

But for him, it means much more than just a payday.

I'll never get no regular job or sit behind a desk.

And I've been commercial fishing all my life.

And that's where I'm gonna stay.

I'm gonna stay in the swamp.

And it's probably where I'll pass away or die when I

go six feet under in the swamp.

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