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[SOUND] >> It has been nearly

a decade since we've had a strap match in WWE and Corey, there's a reason why.

You cannot get away from your opponent and the strap can be used as a weapon.

>> Daniel Bryan believes At that the way to defeating

The Fiend Bray Wyatt is by stopping The Fiend from escaping.

There is no escape in this situation, but I question Daniel Bryan's decision to

tie himself to one of the most diabolical, unholy beings we have ever seen.

>> The clean shave in Daniel Bryan, it was dragged down underneath the ring and

had all of the hair ripped out of his head by The Fiend.

The reason Bryan is the way he is today and how Fiend tries to pull Bryan toward

him, we're on the way, right hands from Daniel Bryan.

>> There's no questioning Daniel Bryan is fearless.

Whether or not that fearlessness is actually a benefit remains to be seen.

Yes, kicks out of the gate.

>> Daniel Bryan came prepared for battle.

No doubt about it.

>> And I think of your Daniel Bryan, Corey,

you have to put the feed away early.

And what a power bomb.

>> And that might've been Daniel Bryan's only opportunity.

The Fiend, perhaps the most intimidating creature

in the history of WWE, now using the strap.

>> And now, the universal champion is going to savor these punishment being

inflicted on the challenger.

>> Again and again, The Fiend using the strap in a match that

Daniel Bryan requested, that Bryan asked for.


>> The sickening, sickening sound of leather being whipped across

Daniel Bryan's flesh over and over again.

[NOISE] >> Now

looking right in the eyes of the challenger Bryan, a headbutt to the nose.

>> And again, Daniel Bryan, is he is brave?

Absloutely, is he wise?

I'm having my doubts as this match progresses.

>> Well something changed inside Daniel Bryan,

no doubt about that when he had his first running with The Fiend.

[APPLAUSE] [SOUND] >> Something has changed in everyone who

has to encounter The Fiend being sent out outside the ring.

Daniel Bryan, get right to the face.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And

using full momentum, it's [INAUDIBLE] into the barricade.

The Fiend just swatted Bryan away.

And now into the post face first.

>> [NOISE]

>> The Fiend just continues to move

forward, never relenting.

>> Look at the welts building now on the back of Daniel Bryan as

The Fiend continues flogging Bryan.

>> Hisis down right diabolical.

>> My God, across the chest of the challenger.

>> [NOISE] >> Do it again.

>> Sick sick individual.

>> [NOISE]

>> Terrorized WWE for months now.

And now reigns as the Universal Champion.

And this is the slow, methodical pace that we've come to expect from the champ.

>> We've seen The Fiend as an absolutely ravenous appetite for

inflicting punishment on his unfortunate opponent.

>> [NOISE] >> The Fiend

seems to enjoy every bit of it.

>> Daniel Bryan hoisted up to the top turnbuckle.

>> My God.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> This

is agonizing to watch.

l can only imagine what the feeling pulsing through Daniel Bryan's body is.

No. >> My God.

Daniel Bryan's helpless.

Daniel Bryan's hung up on the top rope.

The thrashing continues.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Bryan trying just to get out of this

situation trying to survive, trying to protect himself, but

there is no protection as The Fiend continues to whip away at Bryan.

>> I've got to tell you, Daniel Bryan rules the day.

He asked for this match up, no doubt about it.

>> Look at Bryan's body.

>> [LAUGH]

>> Disturbed laughter from The Fiend.

>> That's what it was?

>> Now The Fiend deplaning Bryan again.

[NOISE] Just demoralizing.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> [SOUND] When you are in

there with this evil man.


>> [LAUGH]

>> Fiend is

toying with

Daniel Bryan.

>> And Daniel Bryan trying to fight back a couple of kicks to the face of The Fiend.

Another headbutt drops Brian to a knee.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And

looking to put Daniel Bryan away with Sister Abigail.

Good night.

And Brian though, able to make his way out the kick off The Fiend and

The Fiend may be stunned.

And Bryan with a running knee!

Could be Bryan's opportunity!

Here's the cover for the championship, and a kick out.

>> We've seen Daniel Bryan deliver the running knee.

It's without a doubt been his most effective weapon against The Fiend.

The question Corey is, was that it, was that the last rally, the last gasp for

Daniel Bryan?

That was the connection right to the face and Bryan this close,

this close to win the universal title.

And The Fiend right back up to his feet, Daniel Bryan though.

Fiend send over the top rope, Bryan now in the ring and Brian's gonna go up top.

What is Bryan have in mind?

The Fiend may be in trouble.

Daniel Bryan launches himself into The Fiend,

and The Fiend is down and suddenly, Daniel Bryan has the upper hand.

>> Where is Daniel Bryan drawing this will from to continue fighting.

>> It's a fight for survival, that's what it is for Daniel Bryan.

Attack or be attacked, punish or be punished.

>> Come on, Daniel.

>> But Daniel driven into the steps, and The Fiend.

>> Hope Daniel Bryan able to avoid, >> Wait a minute, as he slides through

the ring, Daniel Bryan got [INAUDIBLE], he just threw The Fiend into the ring post.

And again, The Fiend into the ring post.

Over and over again, Daniel Bryan utilizing the strap to his advantage.

Driving the champion into the ring post.

Tremendous survival tactics by Daniel Bryan.

This also allows Daniel to buy a little bit of time to perhaps regroup here.

[NOISE] >> Take a look at this,

Daniel Bryan knew he was gonna have to take some high risks to stand any chance.

It doesn't get much bigger than that from the top rope to the floor flattening

the champion and Daniel Bryan once again.

>> The Fiend was actually backtracking as Bryan delivers another knee.

The Fiend exploding into a close line turning Bryan inside out,

get the hell away from here.



with punishing

Daniel Bryan.

>> And look at now, The Fiend continuing to just take out Bryan here.

Clearning out the tournament take anothe rone and another rally by Bryan.

>> But just like that The Fiend turned things around.

>> Well the depravity of The Fiend obviously knows no bounds.

Unfortunately Daniel Bryan is experiencing it first hand.

>> What on Earth is The Fiend gonna do right now?

He's cleared out the German announce table.

And the Fiend climbing on top.

There's still stealed a cord strapped into Daniel Bryan.

[NOISE] The The Universal Champion is

standing over a fallen challenger.

>> [NOISE] >> Bryan went low.


>> No disqualification in a strap match.

It's pinball or submission.

Down below again and again.

Daniel Bryan fighting with everything he's got.

And now on top of the German announcement table,

Daniel Bryan [INAUDIBLE] with a TDT to the feet.

>> On the one cost.

Daniel Bryan landed.

>> Back first on the table as well.

But for the moment Daniel Bryan seems to be trying to devise some sort of offense,

some sort of plan.

>> But Cory he had to do something.

He had to do something.

And he just trying to survive in this match.

>> A number of low blows that DDT.

Is the mother of all invention Daniel Bryan better get creative real quick,

because Daniel Bryan needs something right.

It's Daniel Bryan's turn to use the strap to his advantage.

The whipping begins.

On The Fiend.

>> [NOISE] >> Belting and walloping The Fiend.

[NOISE] Now it's Daniel Bryan with

the absolutely crazy look in his eyes.

>> Told you The Fiend changes people.

He's forced Daniel Bryan to do this.

[NOISE] I cannot believe that Daniel Bryan has regained

control of this match in this manner >> Listen

call the yes movement beginning to rally behind the challenger once again.

Right hope was lost for the moment >> Brian getting the feedback into

the rank smart move by Brian realize he had to get in the ring to go up top.

Elsa risks.

Having the strap get caught up in the ropes and drop

>> [NOISE] The Fiend right under the chin

with both feet and a Kip up by Brian.

making a statement to the WWE Universe pop still in this thing,

I cannot believe what we're witnessing right now.

Yes kick, followed by the strap.

Another yes kick, and another lashing from the strap.

>> Thunderous strikes echoing throughout Minute Maid Park.

There's the blow.

The Fiend is down.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And The Fiend's back up.

>> [SOUND] >> And asking for

more [NOISE] >> Right across the head of

the champion and a kick to follow.

>> Cory The Fiend was begging to be kicked and whipped by Daniel Bryan.

[SOUND] Fiend's face,

trying to feed off

the adrenaline of the WWE fans.

[APPLAUSE] >> So rally behind a yes movement.

>> Yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

>> Well Kane can blame himself for the return of the Yes Movement.

>> [NOISE] >> And [INAUDIBLE] from out of nowhere

Sister Abigael, cover by The Fiend, and and Daniel Bryan kicked out.

He kicked out.

How the hell did he kick out?

[NOISE] >> The Fiend snatched Bryan out of midair

and the sister Abigail and Brian kicked out.

[NOISE] Is Daniel Bryan still

in this fighters he just prolonging

his own suffering [NOISE] >> He is just talking to himself,

take another look at this, other worldly power by Bray Wyatt.

The Fiend, snatching Daniel Brayn out of a dead sprint planning the challenger but

somehow Daniel Bran is still in this fight.

I respect the hell out of Daniel Bryan but

I did not expect his fight from Brian against the Fiend tonight.

Of this battle over the back all over the flesh of Daniel Bryan,

battered, bruised, beaten up.

[APPLAUSE] Santa prior to slaps the face and

a slap back, drop a prior to his knees but

rebellious attitude of Daniel Bryan [SOUND] No, Mandable Claw!

>> Daniel Bryan on the top rope but

might as well be paralyzed right now by the claw.

>> Maybe not, though, Cory.

Daniel Bryan looking to counter.

Bryan looking to counter.

>> Daniel Bryan can pass the champion's shoulder under his chin,

this triangle will be complete.

>> And now as the Fiend screaming in agony as he has the Mandable Claw still locked

into Bryan.

>> Who's gonna relent first?

Will Daniel Bryan have to break his hold, or will the champion?

>> Bryan using tremendous core strength to pull himself back up to the top of

the rope but dragged back into the ring by the Fiend.

And now brought down to one knee.

Daniel Bryan still in Mandable Claw.

What's Bryan gonna do, can he rally?

Down to the mat Daniel Bryan trying to trap the arm of The Fiend and

now he claw is out.

>> No way, Daniel Bryan is almost there, looking for the LeBell lock.

>> Can he get it in the LeBell lock, Bryan's patient submission maneuver.

He's got The Fiend in place, he's got the strap to use at his disposal,

he's got it wrapped around the face of The Fiend.

And The Fiend's in trouble, and

Bryan could be closing in on the universal title.

>> [NOISE] >> Is The Fiend gonna tap?

>> [NOISE] >> Is the Fiend gonna tap in

a Strap Match?

>> [NOISE] >> Now Fiend trying to struggle to get

back to his knees Bryan trying to wrap his legs around the waist and now the right

hands from The Fiend to Bryan, Bryan covering up as The Fiend mounts him.

It's almost as though The Fiend is able to tap into some psychological supernatural

power and broke through a bell lock without a great deal of struggle.

>> [NOISE] And it's almost as if every time Daniel Bryan

shows a glimpse of offense a flurry of hope.

The Fiend punishes him more.

>> [NOISE]


>> The Fiend dragging Bryan.

>> Daniel Bryan's all but helpless right now.

>> A physically spent, emotionally exhausted.

Fiend, center of the ring with Bryan.

>> [NOISE] >> Went for Sister Abigail.

Bryan rolls him up.

Bryan for the championship.

Shoulders down.

Kick out by the Fiend.

Misses with the clothesline.

Bryan using his quickness, now with another knee.

Another knee. >> No, no.

>> For the championship.

>> He's gonna do it.

>> Hooks the leg.

Fiend kicks out at two and a half.

>> [NOISE] >> This is unheard of.

But as each moment ticks by,

Daniel Bryan is making a believer out of more and more of the WW Universe.

>> Corey, we talk all the time about Daniel Bryan's guts and his true grit and

his determination.

And how he can always dig down deep and he's never out of a match.

But I don't think anyone expected this performance by the challenger

here tonight.

>> No one except for maybe Daniel Bryan himself.

Maybe this is what Bryan knew all along.

>> Can Daniel Bryan actually do this?

>> [NOISE] >> The Fiend!

Back to his feet.

>> [NOISE]

>> The look of what do I have to do.

>> And this,

look at.

And the Mandible Claw once again.

>> The Fiend didn't budge as he was getting lashed by Bryan.

And Bryan again still trying to find out with the Mandible Claw locked in.

The Fiend going to play Bryan.

Shoulders are down.

And The Fiend retains the Universal title.

>> [MUSIC]

>> Here is your winner and still the Universal Champion.

The Fiend, Bray Wyatt.

>> Merciless in victory.

>> [MUSIC]

>> You cannot take anything away from Daniel Bryan.

What an incredible, gutsy performance here tonight.

But in the end.

>> [MUSIC]

>> The Fiend reigns


>> [MUSIC]



You guys at the apron,

get some help in here, okay?

>> What?

>> He disappeared.

>> Take it easy, we're gonna get you some help, okay?

>> [NOISE]


>> Come on, here you go, nice and easy.


>> [NOISE]

Yes, yes,

yes, yes, yes,

yes, yes!

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