Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ruby Dandridge and Hattie McDaniel

Difficulty: 0

- Hi Beulah.

- Hello Oriole.

- Well, the scariest thing just happened.

- What, did ya find another mouse in the washing machine?


- Aw, no, I was just catching up on some back ironing

and suddenly the iron spat at me, (spitting noise),

just like a cat.

Then the wires smoked and the lights went out.

- Oh, you just blew a fuse.

- So did my boss, Mr. Perrin.

Anyway, could I use your iron for a while?

- Oh, honey, I'm sorry but I'm so busy

I could use two spare hands.

- Well, what's happening, company?

- Huh-uh.

Donnie's dancin' class is havin' a party tonight

and Mrs. Alice is chairman of the refreshment committee.

- Sounds fancy.

What's the mean?

- It means that I've got to make sandwiches and punch

and then go down there and have service.

- Oh.

(telephone rings)

- Excuse me, Oriole, I'll be right back.

(telephone rings)

The Henderson's residence.

- [Mrs. Herrington] This is Mrs. Herrington.

- Oh, good evening, Mrs. Herrington.

Should I fetch Mrs. Alice?

- [Mrs. Herrington] No, I'd rather you didn't.

I'd just like to leave a message.

- Yes'm.

- [Mrs. Herrington] Please tell her that

Evie's little cousin arrived in town unexpectedly

and, under the circumstances, Evie will have

to go to the dance with him.

- Uh-oh.

- Will you give Mrs. Henderson that message?

- Oh, yes'm, I'll be glad to Mrs. Herrington.

- [Mrs. Herrington] Goodbye.

- Bye.

Donnie's been stood up.

- Well, that ain't gonna break his heart, is it?

- Well, Mrs. Alice will be upset because she wanted Donnie

to make a hit socially, and Mr. Harry'll be upset

because he just paid $41.50 for Donnie a new suit,

and I'll be upset because I've been spending

all my spare time teachin' Donnie to dance.

- Well, can't he get another date?

- Huh-uh, all the other little girl's got dates.

- Oh, I know how to get him a date.

You know Gregory?

- Mm-hmm.

- Ah gee, he's a dreamboat,

'cept he never give me a tumble,

even though I flirted with him more than a nice girl should.

- And what's that got to do with Donnie?

- Let's see.

Must be some connection.

Oh, yeah.

Well, Gregory works for that new family

just moved into town this week

and they have a little girl, and Gregor says

she's real cute but she's lost it because she never had --

- Don't say no more, Oriole.

Just get on that phone and make a date for Donnie.

I keep tellin' people you ain't as simple as you act.


(phone dialing)

- [Gregory] Hello?

- Hello, Gregory?


This is Oriole.

- [Gregory] Well, hello Oriole.

- See, I know it's not usual to call a fella up like this,

but it's important.

- [Gregory] What's on your mind?

- Well, I'm callin' about a date.

- [Gregory] Why sure, sugar, I'll meet you Friday night

at the downtown Cafe En Grato.

- Aww, Gregory.

- [Gregory] Okay?

- Man, I'll be there.

- [Gregory] Bye.


- Did you fix the date?

- I sure did.

Say, Beulah, what you think I oughta wear?

- Oriole, you were supposed to fix a date for Donnie,

not yourself.


- See, I forgot all about that.

- Well, you get back on that phone

and fix that date for Donnie and forget your own love life

for a couple of minutes.

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