Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Automation is the main tool in hotel management. Eugenia Hryshay is sharing with her experience

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first of all guests love us for individual approach at the moment

automation with season 24 I can manage my time everyone likes it a lot all

guests do check in with a great pleasure

who do you lean in Gina thank you so much for hosting us at your

wonderful and beautiful hotel it's great pleasure thank you for coming please

tell us more about your hotel it's very interesting to find out how the

hospitality process works and learn more about your hotel in general because the

hotel's wonderful and rooms are so pretty and it delights how elegantly

decorated and expertly equipped it it is I would really love to know how you

usually communicate with guests and what services do you provide yes thank you

very much it's great pleasure to hear generally our hotel has own specific

structure this is non commercial hotel this is a family build business which

will be passed down from generation to generation now it has been passed from

father to children of the second generation so when designing this hotel

we used non commercial materials with materials that will serve for many years

such as Italian antique furniture for the rooms and from other European

countries all materials were ordered a factory right down to the fabrics that

we have on our curtains well the cupboards that we brought from

Arabian countries are also antique our hotel isn't in great demand among

families and couples due to very spacious rooms some of these rooms have

a kitchen which is fully equipped there are all necessary things what

features can you offer how do you stand out among our the hotels and why do I

guess love you

first of all guests love us for an individual approach because our product

it's a unique, I may say. we are not a hotel we are not aparthotel we are not a hostel we

are called Residence Jecna the idea of the name came from Italy those we

have both small rooms for the guests who come for two nights and rooms with the

kitchens where guess with the children or families may say for a long time for

two weeks for the month without any problem

Eugenia tell us how did the evolution of check-in take place during these 20

gran years that you have been managing their residence

Yeap, the evolution was very interesting I can divide it into three parts since it

depends on technology communications and the internet firstly we can claim that

for the first five-six years, guests had absolutely no opportunity to own certain

gadgets because there simply did not exist there was no internet or roaming

and we could not pass on information to customer regarding how they can check-in

and we had to meet them both at 2:00 in the night of 5:00 in the morning

of course they liked it a lot because the guests received direct information

at 5:00 in the morning at 12 and the night and was shown exactly where to get

on the map some excursions could be organized at this time as well top

service really yes but thanks to these we are on the highest popularity ratings

indeed you have a booking rating of 9.3 which makes you proud of the results of

this 20 years sleepless nights excellent work

why did you decide to change this approach because we began to understand

that clients became way more independent during this time and started using

internet nowadays they don't need to ask which restaurant to go they don't have

to ask which way to go because they looked it up on Google

TripAdvisor or any other OTA they skillfully used applications and before

arriving to Prague everyone already decided what they want to see based on

their personal interests how is the process of preparing the guests before

arrival going on to interact with them how does the guest do chicken how does

the process look like at the moment automation of course nowadays all

customers were grooms through various online travel agencies and at the moment

when the client creates a reservation he receives the booking number and at the

same time as the reservation is created he immediately receives an email with

the code from the main entrance door as as soon as a client arrives he is fully

prepared for the self check-in process using the kiosk with a large bright

display which is beautiful and innovative thus the game begins

clients enters his reservation number in place his document on the scanner within

three seconds it gets count which means the clients no longer needs to do any

registration the following is automatically saved first name last name

date of birth day passport number and the client receives his room keys and

even if he's lost him he can enter his individual booking number and get

additional keys for example for a wife a friend or for child who travels with

him as well a Virginia what part of the chaplain and

a reception work did the kiosk take over the most important part is registration

for example even as such a small hotel such our where we have 16 rooms and 53

beds it takes time especially in high seasons

I'm not saying that all our guests come at the same time but suppose 40

customers need to fill out their registration cards some of them may fill

out fill it out in Chinese or Arabic and of course earlier we had to spend a lot

of terminate in order to enter this information into our system we send it

to government 20 percent or maybe even a 30 in a total work time we spend it on

it well the second is very important point

unfortunately customers lost their keys they use it to take it

the way now we have supplied electronic locks and Sezam24 the kiosk has a

function to issue a new duplicate key to replace the last one

thanks to week show it became possible to recover lost key it is simple to use

the kiosk for everyday work very simple right now I can manage my time I don't

have to be in office whenever a direct reservations arrives my PMS application

adds reservations to the system then the booking number and code of entrance door

is automatically sent to the client which he uses upon arrival to do

check-in fast within a maximum of two minutes without any help of our staff

Eugenia, what feedback did you get from the guests

who have gone through the checking process did they share with you

their impressions of this process everyone likes it a lot they take it

with a smile and love well in a way this is a small minigame

yes involvement yes yes involvement and of course the fact that the guest does

not have to enter their password number name surname and any other data manually

this is all done through the scanner within three to five seconds no more

they can scan document and most important thing everything is

immediately is sent to the government it's very important for us that all

customers are registered there according to rules and law

Thank You Eugenia for your attention and for your warm feedback and we are very happy that you

are using our kiosk and it facilitates your work and makes it better and more

comfortable feel. Yes, definitely more comfortable thank you for coming up with

is such a tool for us hoteliers, which now gives us the opportunity to be free

travel and work from anywhere in the world MSA we will continue to do our

best and further simplify it for you improve the walk ball and come up with

new features

The Description of Automation is the main tool in hotel management. Eugenia Hryshay is sharing with her experience