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hello my name's Pete what's yours and

nice name I like it very much thank you

your name is good too

it was nice meeting you Thanks it was

nice meeting you

what's the day today I wonder Sunday the

8th of March

what is it famous for don't you know

it's international Woman's Day

our lessons over yes they are where are

you going home no to the pictures my

friends are waiting for me there good

luck then goodbye

well I'm off see you later

have you got any hobbies I have I like


so do I do you read much yes because I

want to know English well Oh

let's talk English for a bit no

objections to it

oh dear hurry up I'm trying to well come

on it's your first day at school

do you want to be late I'm ready now off

we go

I don't think English is easy why don't

you think so

because I don't have to work hard

learning a lot by heart

I'm going to be an English language

teacher why for a number of reasons what

reasons I wonder the main one is I like


what do you think the best sort of job

is engineering I think I like medicine

mmm to my mind the best one is the one

you like the most

I say where are you going to school as

you see why it's so early

I wonder it's only twelve o'clock now

that's right

but I'm on duty you know I see

where are you going - a friend of mine

to play chess bye-bye bye-bye

please give me that book what for to

have a look at it here you are thank you

not at all

have you had a good day at school

wonderful I've got three really good

marks jolly good

congratulations thank you

you're far too lazy look at your English

is this the best you can do you know I'm

I'm no good at English

and what about physics I'm ashamed of


you could easily come top of the class

I'll work harder I promise

well hurry up I'm trying to but look

isn't there half an hour before school

starts is that the right time I'm sure

it is

cool almost over yes I know how many

more days six

when did the holiday start next week

how did you enjoy your summer holidays

oh yes very much I spent them at a youth

camp on the south coast as usual with

your elder sister yes but this time I

was alone how lucky you were that's


look here this has got to stop you come

bottom in nearly every subject except

geography yes indeed you came second to

bottom and that it wasn't really my

fault I was ill for some time wasn't I

that's no excuse I'll improve hideout

my bag please which one is it it's one

of those there this one no not that one

what color it's brown yes that's it

thank you not at all

so you passed your exams it wasn't all

that difficult it's because you were

tired well I was alright in history but

I didn't do so well in literature and

how about your English not so good only


hello glad to see you hello so am i

today's your birthday isn't it that's

right it's kind of you to remember

well many happy returns of the day

here's a present for you oh thank you

what beautiful flowers I don't know how

to thank you

is painting your hobby why do you think

so because there's a lot of pictures in

this room it's my older brother's hobby

I see but what about you I prefer books

what shall we have for breakfast what

about some bread and butter two eggs and

a cup of tea well I don't mind but I'd

like to add some biscuits okay

fish again why I thought you liked it I

do of course but not every day well in

that case I'll give you some meat Thank

You that'll be better

good morning glad to see you good

morning so am I won't you come and sit

down I'm sorry but I can't why not I

wonder why I'm short of time you know

well then what's up I'd like to see your

sister Lucien

oh no she's still at school

hello who's that Pete hello Pete

how are you hello quite well thanks what

are you doing playing chess with my

father I'd like to speak to Eliza what's

she doing watching the TV program shall

we go to the cinema

I've got three tickets what's on your

film they say rather interesting okay

we'll need the entrance shall we

have you done your homework not yet why

not I didn't have time last night that's

no excuse

mommy yes dear what's the matter you

seem upset

yes well what's happened you see I well

come on now

out with it all right then if you must

know I've got a bad mark what again

I say what's wrong nothing everything's


why are you crying then will you tell me

what's happened well you see I've lost

my book have you looked for it

everywhere in the room yes I still can't

find it

what are you looking at that book which

one point to it that one there

oh yes beautiful one isn't it yes it is

I wish I had it

so do I

what about killing that fly no why not

why should I

isn't it annoying you know it is it well

it's annoying me in that case you kill

it yourself

why are you switching on the radio set

shall we listen to the 7 o'clock news

isn't it too early for that none of

course not it's already 1 to 7

so I hope you watch thanks but I'd

rather do it myself

as you like it's a pity I can't help you

or shall I try oh no don't bother it's

no bother at all

will you help me my boy what do you want

me to do honey will you polish the floor

today is it my turn

yes it is your brother did it last time

whoa all right then

your things are lying about all over the

room well what about it just tidy them

up I'll think about it

how about doing it now well you insist

what are you doing here I'm reading why

are you asking me sorry but I need your

help what can I do for you please bring

me a pail of water

with pleasure

when you copy this text for me sorry but

I'd rather not why not I don't feel like

copy is that as difficult as all that

no but still you have to do yourself

excuse me could you help me please I'll

try what do you want something's wrong

with my alarm clock let me see

sorry but I can't help you'd better get

it repaired

what's the matter with you I'm not

feeling very well today

do you have a headache yes I'm sore

throat - well in that case you'd better

stay at home oh yes I'll have to

I'd like to go and play for a while but

you've got to do your lessons first oh

I've already done my homework

have you really then you may go

you know it's your mother's birthday

soon isn't it about time to think of a

good present for her well I have a

little surprise for her how nice was the

strong wonderful she'll be delighted

believe it or not I've got three tickets

for today's football match you don't say

that's wonderful

will you come with us well you see I why

are you hesitating well I'd like to but

I'd better ask my mother first

this is my new dress what do you think

of it it's a very pretty one I'll bet it

costed a lot

it certainly did where did you get it in



can I see you for a minute please what's

up don't you know the news what do you

mean by this

there'll be no classes tomorrow

what are you doing eating Jam

what difference does it make to you well

you shouldn't eat in between meals why

not I wonder why it's dinnertime soon

all right then

I wonder where my book is why don't you

answer your sister has she ever touched

my things how should I know

how are you feeling today a bit better

thank you but did you call a doctor

no why not I wonder well I didn't think

it was necessary

I'm going to bed now that's the best

place for you at the moment

what's the matter with you I'm not

feeling very well doctor what exactly is

the trouble I've got an awful headache

are you working hard and getting too

little rest yes I think so

now you stay in bed until you're well

I'm a bit late am i that's all right


take off your coat wash your hands and

sit down at table dinner's ready isn't

it yes it is

well I think that's all the reading for

today is it getting late

what time is it now time for bed I think

okay coming mommy now hurry up

I don't want you fighting stop it once

and for all

sorry but I had to he started it I don't

care what the reasons are I forbid you

to fight

excuse me do you have a ball

certainly here help yourself Thanks

not at all


well do you have anything arranged for

tomorrow nothing definite how would you

like to go on an excursion where to to

Austin keynote tower oh yes I'd be glad


so we go for a walk good idea where to

let's go to the park don't you think

we'd better go to the fields

let me see it's ten o'clock now we've

got plenty of time

are you going out yes to the playground

do you want to come yes I do but I can't

can't you why not because I have to do

my homework now oh you can do it


Oh No there'll be no time for that

tomorrow I've got to do it today well in

that case I'll stay at home and help you

thanks that's very nice of you

I've got to go to the railway station

what for to meet a friend of mine how do

I get there from here catch a bus it's

the quickest way I think

I beg your pardon is this the right way

to hide part I'm sorry I can't tell you

oh what a nuisance why not you see I'm a

stranger in these parts myself what so I

do then well ask somebody else or even

better ask a policeman thank you much


anything I can show you oh yes please

I want some shoes what size color 35

round please here you are

Thanks may I try them on do please

they're all right how much are they 10


can I help you yes I want a large box of

chocolates for a present please it's

mommy's birthday tomorrow what about

this one oh yes it'll do how much is it

75 pence please anything else nothing

else thank you

will you be going shopping today why do

you ask I'd like to ask you a favor

what can I get for you would you get me

some sugar and bread certainly if you

give me some money I'm very short

it's ringing hard at the moment and

we're both carrying parcels I'm afraid

of getting wet why not get a bus that's

a good idea

it's ringing hard at the moment and

we're both carrying parcels I'm afraid

of getting wet why not get a bus that's

a good idea

hello is that nice I hope you enjoy your

breakfast don't you oh yes very thanks

may I sit at your table please you're

very welcome

thank you

oh dear call your little brother please

he's up in the tree well let him come

down he says he won't until you agree to

play football with him oh no I can't do

that I'm too old to do that

what's this telephone number it slipped

my memory I know it but I can't think of

it neither can i well it will come back

to me in a minute

what's that girl's name do you mean the

one in the blue coat

oh yes that's the one let me see it'll

come back to me in a moment don't tell

me you've forgotten it it's just slipped

my mind

think hard will you it's just on the tip

of my tongue

you must remember I've got it at last



do you come to school by bus yes because

I live a long way from school and you oh

I always walk to school I live nearby

what luck running into you how are you

getting on Thanks everything's alright

I'm quite well you see I was ill last

week what was the matter with you I had

a cold I temperature and a headache for

you you had an awful time I should think

you're right

the weather is fine today isn't it yes

it is the sun shining brightly in the

blue sky is it warm in the street I

wonder I shouldn't think so it's

November now so I put a coat on as you

like are you afraid of catching cold

certainly all right

do you like going to the pictures not

specially I prefer the theater do you

often go to the theater yes I do

how often once or twice a month it

depends not so bad I think

I'm going to have a party on Sunday can

you come yes thank you for the

invitation what time shall I come it's

it's the clock please

okay that suits me

how long so we have to wait for him I'm

afraid I have no idea well I hope he

won't be too long I hope so too

how about ringing him up that's a good



how do we get to the theater by bus or

train either but the Tran takes much

longer look there's a number three bus

over there hurry up oh no I simply can

let's catch the next one

what bus are you catching number two to

the stadium sorry to trouble you but

should I catch the same bus for the post

office yes you can catch any bus to get


can I get to the museum by bus let me

see y-yes

what bus shall I take first you get a

number five bus and then then you you

want the rest of the way how long will

it take me to get there do you think

about 20 minutes

excuse me what is it can you tell me how

to get to the circus certainly you need

a number for trolley bus or a number 11

bus which is the best way to get there

by trolley bus I think thanks a lot

excuse me please let me by are you

getting off at the next stop

I've got to get off at Fleet Street but

that's the next stop but one I think

sorry I didn't know that

where to the railway station you're

going the wrong way you're going away

from it

oh dear what will I do then get off of

the next stop cross the road and take

the same tram going the other way

Thanks do I have to change no not for

the railway station

I bought the tickets have you really

splendid how did you manage it

with the help of a friend of mine well

done it's a good thing you were able to

how much is an ice-cream well what's

their device opinion do you want this

one a tuck ice 15 pence please I'll have

one please

here you are Thanks

could you give me some money how much do

you want I wonder

sixpence if you can spare it all right

when do you want straight away please

here you are Thanks

order what you like I'll pay a couple of

cheese sandwiches please and what about

a cup of coffee as you please anything


Thanks I don't think I'll have anything


can I get a cup of coffee I'm so cold

and tired just a moment sorry there's no

coffee can I have a glass of milk then

there's no milk either that you can have

a cup of tea with pleasure if it's hot

what does that sign say can you read

English why would I ask if I could shall

I read it to you that's what I want you

to do

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