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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPhones - A Year Without A Case or Screen Protector Durability

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and many of you have asked me how my

phones have held up over the years without using a phone case or screen

protector since many of you either think I'm crazy for doing that or you can

relate many of you have actually asked how they've held up and hopefully this

gives you a good idea so I've got four different phones here I've got a 6 Plus

a 6s plus an 8 Plus and a XS Max and also an iPhone X now the iPhone X the

6 plus and 6s plus have been used for a full year

in fact the 6s plus has been years used for two years fully without a screen

protector one of those years without a case and then these have been used the 8

plus is probably used the least since the X came out and then the XS Max has

been used since it was new so let me show you each one of these and how

they've held up and to do that what I'm going to do is change the lighting so

that it's super bright it's not going to look correct on camera but it will allow

me to show you the scratches under sunlight and the sunlight is way

brighter than you would normally see in fact I don't see scratches at all except

for on the 6s plus there's a little gouge here otherwise you can't see it so

let me brighten it up quite a bit here we'll turn the light down a little bit

there and then point it straight down and you'll see it's completely too

bright here but let me bring up this phone and the iPhone X was used for a

full year without a case and you'll see it looks pretty clear I don't see a

single scratch on it under this light maybe no I thought maybe right there I

don't see a scratch here let's check this side I'm not really seeing anything

so this one's held up really well again it was used since the day it came out

until the XS Max came out now if we take a look at the six plus the screen

looks pretty good it was used for a year like I said if we flip it over though

this one has a skin on it and you can see somewhere here it's not sponsored I

just have a D brand skin on it from many years ago when they first came out

you'll see there's some wear marks down here and that's just from setting it

down and picking it up it's also worn around the camera you'll see it looks

polished it's actually worn off coating the

used to be anodized to match this space gray color here on the top so it's just

more and off over the time but this one's held up well also now if we take a

look at the 6s Plus this one has the most amount of wear on the back it's

actually two-tone here I don't know if you can see it but it gets lighter right

here that's where it didn't have the case there was a case around it but for

a year it didn't have a case at all and again it's worn out here and has some

wear marks here but the screen is where it's really scratched so under this very

bright sunlight you can see all the scratches there's a ton of scratches

here you can actually feel these with your fingernail

it's a gouge here and down here let's see if we can wipe that off a little bit

you can feel all of those scratches so this one is heavily scratched although

in regular light you don't see many of these scratches if at all especially

when this screen is on right here there's a little gouge you can feel that

but otherwise this one's held up pretty well considering it's never had a screen

protector and it's probably the most heavily used out of these two years

without a screen protector now the 8 plus I don't really see anything on

actually there's some light scratches under the oleophobic coating maybe right

in here you can see them right in there so that did get a little scratched along

the side here too maybe a little bit but you can't see any of these under normal

light only in the brightest of sunlight can you see it and down here you can see

some as well so right down there that's just from setting it down over and over

there's no scratches on any of the camera lenses on any of these phones

though so that part's nice and then on the XS Max I don't see anything on the

back on the front there's some light scratches up here those are kind of

weird you can't really see them see if I can get them into the view here it's

hard to see them but there are some very very light scratches that you're not

going to see normally unless you're under really weird light like this super

bright there's a scratch right there that goes around and if this gets

shattered for example I have AppleCare plus this gets shattered I can bring

to Apple and for $30 to just swap the displays so I'm not really too concerned

I don't drop phones in fact I've never broken an iPhone so right here though

along the stainless steel you can see there's somewhere so that's going to

concern you again it takes bright light to show this you don't really see it

under normal light and you could polish this since it's stainless steel with

polish four stainless steel so I think they've held up pretty well

considering they haven't been used with a case mostly except for the skin of

course but overall they've held up really well I have had no issues and of

course of your clumsy get a case if you think you're going to scratch I never

put it in with keys I'm very careful but if you're not careful with it of course

get a case get a screen protector sometimes I do use one on and off from

time to time but most of the time I don't ever use one and that's really hid

so hopefully that gives you an idea of how they'll hold up over the years and

what they're like to use I think that's a much better experience without the

case on but again if you're clumsy pick one up for sure I'll link a new

wallpaper for you though in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already

though please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron

I'll see you next time

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